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Top 20 Cloud Monitoring Tools in 2020

Cloud services are presently one of the promising technologies in the highest demand. Conventional IT monitoring primarily refers to watching over servers and infrastructure. Many organizations realizing the value of shifting their operations to the cloud also look for cloud monitoring tools. Cloud computing gives the power for processing massive workloads along with the advantage of improved collaboration and mobility. However, the demand for best cloud monitoring tools continues to rise due to the lack of transparency regarding performance in cloud environments.

Furthermore, cloud monitoring tools are also a mandatory requirement for promoting analysis. Furthermore, the tools can also provide support for the management and optimization of data-processing workloads. The following discussion aims at outlining the twenty top cloud monitoring tools. However, let us start our discussion by reflecting on the need for cloud monitoring services.

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Need for Cloud Monitoring Tools

The increasing adoption of cloud computing services is one of the prominent trends in the IT sector today. As a result, the cloud landscape is all set for the introduction of a lot of complexities in the future. Therefore, cloud monitoring tools become imperative for ensuring optimal performance of all components in your cloud infrastructure.

The latest cloud monitoring solutions have come with interesting features that appeal to the needs of almost any type of business. First of all, you can get facilities for easy and faster installations. Another important factor that promotes the adoption of cloud monitoring tools is the availability of tools for various business sizes.

Also, tools for cloud monitoring are ideal instruments for finding out any improvements in cloud performance. Device compatibility is another prominent reason for considering the adoption of tools for cloud monitoring. The tools can be ideal for use on laptops, phones, tablets, and desktops. Based on these reasons, you can estimate the sheer popularity of many top cloud monitoring tools.

Monitoring cloud infrastructure also helps in preparing decisions about scaling the network or introducing additional components for performance. As a result, a business can find cost-effective approaches for managing their cloud infrastructure along with the assurance of better performance. Cloud monitoring tools help system administrators observe the status of cloud resources.

Most important of all, you can find proactive approaches for identifying and dealing with issues with cloud monitoring. Another interesting factor about cloud monitoring is the limited disruptive influence of tools for cloud monitoring. Despite the numerous benefits of cloud monitoring, organizations can face doubts regarding the appropriate tool for cloud monitoring.


List of 20 Best Cloud Monitoring Tools

Now that you have understood the importance of cloud monitoring tools, let’s move to the main section of our discussion. Here is a clear outline of the twenty best cloud monitoring tools. It is important to go through the features of cloud monitoring tools and choose the one ore more that suit your needs.

1. Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch is a prominent mention among AWS monitoring tools. The CloudWatch monitoring resource is ideal for developers, site reliability engineers, system operators, and IT managers. You can find features such as cross-visibility across applications, infrastructure, and services. Also, you can find CloudWatch features implying the requirement for a comprehensive understanding of AWS resources.

2. Microsoft Cloud Monitoring

Microsoft Cloud monitoring is one of the notable azure monitoring tools. This tool can help in obtaining quick and responsive insights throughout the workload. Microsoft cloud monitoring reviews applications and log files alongside identifying security threats. The built-in cloud monitoring resources in Microsoft cloud monitoring provide easy setup facilities.

3. AppDynamics

APM is an application intelligence firm which provides exceptional cloud monitoring services. You can find Application Performance Management tools with this tool apart from the support for monitoring business transactions. Also, AppDynamics helps in automatically mapping applications and provides better injection for complications.

4. Apache CloudStack

Apache CloudStack is one of the popular open source cloud monitoring tools. Initially, it was considered as an open-source IaaS cloud platform. Now, it offers network as a service, user and account management, compute orchestration, security, and resource editing. CloudStack is an ideal starting point for businesses which want a DIY approach for cloud monitoring based on a private cloud.

5. New Relic

New Relic is a prolific mention among the latest cloud monitoring solutions. This tool is ideal for complex and dynamic cloud applications and infrastructure. The New Relic tool helps in understanding the operations of cloud applications and cloud servers in real-time. You can monitor application from a single place through viewing page load, list of running servers, error rates, and slow transactions. Furthermore, New Relic helps in monitoring database performance by executing an SQL statement.

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6. CloudMonix

CloudMonix is one of the entries among Azure monitoring tools. It provides improved cloud monitoring and automation for the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The live monitoring dashboard in CloudMonix helps Azure cloud administrator to understand cloud resources. They can also organize automatic backup and restoration activities.

7. Unified Infrastructure Management

CA Technologies provides Unified Infrastructure Management as one of the top cloud monitoring tools for enterprise-level, full-stack monitoring solution. This cloud monitoring tool allows you to monitor user experiences on a web app for security and scalability of your operations. The focus of the system on cost reduction and quality improvement is another promising benefit of this tool.

8. Hyperic

Hyperic by VMware is one of the best cloud monitoring tools in the present market. This tool can be the ideal choice for monitoring applications on the cloud as well as operating systems, networks, and middleware. You can use Hyperic for obtaining a comprehensive impression of infrastructure as well as monitor performance. Also, Hyperic helps in tracking logs and modifications in different layers of the server virtualization stack.

9. Slack

Slack is also one of the top cloud monitoring tools open source in nature. With Slack, users can achieve application integration benefits and improve cloud monitoring through communications. Slack presents an API distribution alongside features for real-time messaging and archiving. The Slack API helps in the transcription of custom integration alongside the automatic response to posts.

10. Solarwinds

Solarwinds is also one of the reliable tools for cloud monitoring presently in the market. The virtualization performance manager of Solarwinds helps in monitoring resource usage, hardware issues, and application performance in a virtual environment. The single real-time dashboard helps in centralized management alongside benefits for problem configuration, capacity planning, and enforcement supervision.

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11. Cloudify

Cloudify is also one of the prominent open source cloud monitoring tools. The open-source, model-based cloud management instrument supports multi-cloud orchestration as well as abstraction and automation. Cloudify uses the TOSCA (Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications) specifications for its cloud management approaches.

12. Retrace

Retrace is one of the reliable entries among top cloud monitoring solutions. The Retrace cloud monitoring solution is ideal for the developer’s perspective. The facility of code-level application monitoring insights helps in easier tracking of app execution, app & server metrics, and errors. Developers could find code anomalies easily and at a faster rate.

13. Bitnami Stacksmith

Another one of the reliable mentions among AWS monitoring tools is Bitnami Stacksmith. Bitnami cloud resources are ideal for monitoring Amazon and Windows Cloud. The automatic server holdups, easy installations with a single clock, and easy deployment of apps in this tool prove beneficial.

14. Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic is one of the all-rounders which also qualifies among google cloud monitoring tools and for other platforms. The facility of real-time insights on cloud applications and security make it a reliable choice for google cloud monitoring.

15. ManageIQ

ManageIQ is a sure entrant among top cloud monitoring tools open source in nature. The open-source monitoring platform is ideal for hybrid clouds and could management small and large environments effectively. Furthermore, this tool can also provide support for multiple technologies such as containers, virtual machines, and public clouds.

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16. Unigma

Unigma is one of the reliable cloud monitoring instruments with capabilities for other public clouds such as AWS and Azure. The simple and interactive dashboards with the facility of automated reporting help in achieving optimal cloud performance levels. Unigma also supports effective optimization of cloud costs and billing, especially for resellers.

17. Zabbix

Zabbix is also a reliable entry among open source tools for cloud monitoring. The prominent features of this cloud monitoring solution include high scalability, performance, ease of use, and lower pricing. Zabbix also includes features for advanced error recognition and intellectual warning.

18. Stack Driver

Stack Driver is a comprehensive player among other Google cloud monitoring tools with applications for AWS cloud also. The facility of assessment, logging, and diagnostic services for applications running on Google cloud make it an ideal choice. The variety of metrics, logs, alerts, data from cloud accounts, and traces in this tool provide vital insights.

19. PagerDuty

PagerDuty is also one of the popular cloud monitoring solutions in the present. The tool provides comprehensive insights regarding diverse aspects of customer experience. You can find enterprise-level incident management and reporting tool with PagerDuty for a faster and effective response to issues.

20. Logic Cloud Monitor

Logic Cloud Monitor is another noticeable entry among cloud monitoring solutions. After receiving ‘Best Network Monitoring Tool’ by PC magazine for two years in a row in 2016 and 2017, it’s worthy of your attention! You can find pre-configured and customizable screening solutions with this tool. Furthermore, Logic cloud monitor also supports the discovery, integration, and supervision of all components in a network infrastructure.

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Final Words

Apart from the top cloud monitoring tools in this discussion, there are many other options in the market at your disposal. Many of the new cloud monitoring solutions focus on cross-platform and cross-device compatibility. Some innovative cloud monitoring solutions also refer to the importance of focusing on communication. Another important trend that we can notice in the present cloud monitoring landscape is the focus on open source.

Open source cloud monitoring solutions can provide better control over insights and performance data. Furthermore, cloud monitoring solutions providing insights in real-time with better control prospects can improve cloud monitoring applications. So, the future of cloud monitoring would focus largely on control and real-time updates.

So, if you are into cloud administration, you must know about the best cloud monitoring tools. To get ahead in your career, it is always recommended to validate your skills with a certification. So, check out our cloud certifications training courses and lean towards becoming a certified cloud professional.

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