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Cloud Computing Blogs You Should Read in 2024 [Updated]

Searching for some good Cloud Computing blogs to update your cloud knowledge? Here we’ve created a list of the best Cloud Computing blogs for you.

Initiating with an introduction, Cloud Computing refers to the on-demand delivery of computer services, such as servers, database, storage, networking and even software, over the Internet with a charge on usage. The origin of cloud computing might not date more than a decade back, but the cloud technology involved has only seen new solutions and benefits to the users.

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Shifting the traditional way of thinking of businesses about IT resources, the cloud helps to cut off on capital expenses in acquiring hardware and software, provides increased speed and agility due to availability of new IT resources on a single click, allows easy deploying of applications to multiple locations in the world at a time, and easy data backup with disaster recovery opportunities, making it one of the most popular way of computer-related services pooling.

List of Top Cloud Computing Blogs

With this rapid growth of cloud services in all parts of the world, one needs to stay up-to-date with the important news with the latest trends and the dos and donts. There are numerous cloud computing blogs as a solution.

But what blog will suit your kind of cloud and provide all the details you must not miss?

Here is a perfect list of top cloud computing blogs written by amazing writers and podcasters who have their eyes and ears open to the best advice and experiments.

1. All Things Distributed

Undoubtedly, the most popular cloud computing blog, All Things Distributed (ATD) is a must-read blog for anyone who uses AWS. And if you are using the cloud, there are very rare chances that you are using Amazon Web Services (AWS) for their services, and ATD, written by world-famous Amazon CTO Werner Vogels, is a boon with up-to-date, well-maintained, daily-oriented and accessible posts about Amazon analytics, business development, and startup. 

2. Infoworld

Written by David Linthicum, a consultant at Cloud Technology Partners and an industry expert, Infoworld is an outstanding cloud computing blog solely devoted to cloud computing and is updated on a daily basis. David picks up unique topics like the recent post on how enterprises look for strategy instead of features at the time of cloud services. The blog is popular for its posts on business technology, IT news, product reviews and enterprise IT strategies, and considered for its regularity of posts, which is around 6 posts a week. 

3. CloudTweaks

CloudTweaks is a one-stop shopping blog with all about the cloud. It is known for providing very informative content on the Internet with a number of cloud experts. Their traditionally long, detailed descriptions of posts, infographics, statistics, event updates, and even comics (yes, they do that!). The blog is perfect for readers who wish to dig more and more about cloud compliance, the best and trending cloud applications and business data analytics tips, and sometimes funny content, in the most thoughtful and innovative way possible with unbelievably 14 posts a week. 

4. The Cloudcast

One of the most popular cloud computing blogs on the Internet, The Cloudcast is known for its unique cloud blogosphere consisting of audio content instead of long, boring articles. These podcasts are created by two experts, Brain Gracely, who is working at RedHat Openshift as a technology expert, and Aaron Delp, working at NetApp SolidFire as the director of solutions. 

5. CloudTech

CloudTech is a leading blog and news website dedicated to cloud computing strategy and technology. IBMs Sebastian Krause, Cloudonomics author Joe Weinman and Ian Moyse from the Cloud Industry Forum are some of the authors who write hundreds of blogs about various cloud-related topics to reach a thrilling community of 320,000 cloud computing professionals. The team takes its best industry research and put its own spin on it to report from the frontline of cloud computing news and feature contributions from different companies. 

New in the Cloud Computing world? Get started with a quick Introduction to Cloud Computing.

6. Cloudscaling

One of the highly insightful cloud computing blogs, Cloudscaling is written by Randy Bias, the genius mind behind the VP of Technology at Dell EMC and a Director at the OpenStack Foundation. The blog deals with various aspects of cloud computing, with approximately one post a month, covering all the important details and events from technical to industry-related topics. 

7. Google Cloud

Google Cloud, the new domain for Google Cloud Platform, actually dates back to the year 2008. It is a vast blog run by Google Cloud experts discussing the technical specifications, services, and products of the Google cloud. The GCP blog contains a number of articles that are updated at an impressive frequency of about 8 posts a week and range from the overview of products and services to the elaborated technical details. Their most unexplored tips and tricks are one of the major factors of their reputation and following reach. 

8. BriefingsDirect

A veteran cloud computing and IT analyst, Dana Gardner delves into the meatiest topics of cloud computing from his own point of view as well as the voices of hands-on experts from all over the industry in both his writings and podcasts. His in-depth analysis of cloud trends, strategies, products, interviews, and case studies related to enterprise IT transformation is a good treat for those who prefer digging into the cloud deeper and deeper.

9. Microsoft Azure Blog

From the creators of the worlds most widely used operating system, come Azure; a platform which has a plethora of services when it comes to cloud computing. Apart from several other services, this site also supports a highly informative blog. This should rank high when it comes to referring to reliable sources of Cloud Computing Blogs. The authors of the posts on this blog are the ones who have intense hands-on experience in cloud technologies, and thus, are the perfect ones to guide you on the same. 

10. IBM Cloud Computing

One cannot speak of technology without including one of the pioneers of innovation; IBM. One of the popular destinations for the CIOs, this blog has almost everything that one needs when it comes to cloud brokers, machine learning, cloud storage, and a number of other cloud-related topics. This Cloud Computing Blog is a must visit if you are looking for highly detailed cloud analysis or reports on the same. 

Cloud Computing comes up with a number of trends with time. Read our previous blog on top Cloud Computing Trends for 2024.

11. AWS Blog

If you have been spending some time reading about cloud computing, you would have come across Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the leading providers of this domain. There is a lot to learn when it comes to AWS and the internet is flooded with shallow articles which shed much light upon the subject, AWS official blog is on the top of the list. There are authors like Jeff Barr, who is one of the evangelists of AWS and knows the nitty-gritty of AWS. 

12. Cloud Source

Written by Christian Verstraete, working as a Chief Cloud Technologist at HP, this blog comprises a number if cloud computing posts. You will find insightful content on the practical approach to cloud computing, cloud computing challenges, and the real solutions. Christian also discusses that cloud applications have enough potential to go beyond what these are up to now.

13. Talkin’ Cloud

One of the well-known Cloud computing blogs that have been in highlights due to the article on the annual report on the top 100 cloud computing service providers. With the aim of covering multiple subjects like technology, strategy, growth, financing, leadership, this blog has been turned into the new name – Channel Features. The section “Talkin’ Cloud’ is still concentrated on the Cloud Computing. This cloud computing blog is a hub of blogs, news, webcasts, slide shares, and the special reports on cloud computing. What this blog provides, make it worth a signup for the weekly newsletters. 

14. Cloud Cruiser

Are you working in a hybrid cloud ecosystem? If yes, this blog will be a one-stop destination for you. Cloud Cruiser, one of the great Cloud Computing blogs for those who are eager to read about the financial terms of the hybrid cloud. This blog is known for its actual, values, and non-promotional content on the hybrid cloud insights to know how anyone can get the most out of the hybrid cloud. Cloud Cruiser is an HP Enterprise blog where you can find a big number of Cloud computing articles, news, and insights on this blog.

15. Diversity Limited

Authored by Ben Kepes, the Diversity limited is one of the worth-read Cloud Computing blogs. This blog is mainly for the technology lovers, business advisors, commentators, and investors who have a passion for reading. On this blog, you will find a great analytics of recent news on Cloud and the latest business software. Run by a single man, this blog includes hundreds of posts, that are sometimes updated even multiple times a day.  

Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud are the top three players in the Cloud market. Let’s have a comparison AWS vs Azure vs Google to find which cloud service provider you should adopt.

Final Verdict

These are the top 15 Cloud Computing Blogs (as a treat with laugh-out-loud cloud computing comics) on the Internet that can serve any type of reading urges, with the practical tips in getting most out of the cloud. These Cloud Computing blogs will help those who are curious about a particular cloud computing subcategory or looking forward to joining a community with about a million other cloud.

Read on, discover, get inspired and follow these most popular Cloud Computing blogs because each one covers something unique you should be following. These writers (including several podcasters) stay awake at all new and interesting information that is driving cloud computing. They do a grand job of explaining, with clarity and insightful nuance, what you need to know.

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Wish you the best for your Cloud Computing career!

Have any questions about Cloud Computing? Ask in the comment below or submit in Whizlabs helpdesk, we’ll get back to you!

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