Six Sigma

Top Reasons to get Six Sigma Certified

The value of six application step let’s talk about this because there’s a difference between learning six sigma and getting certified if you just want to go under certification thing you could probably go to the cheapest provider out there and attend the class has the task you will have a certification that you can then hang on long. But if you really want to get the value out of this let me give you a few tips. What to look for and what first of all understand six sigma is kind of like the Wild West it really is […]

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What is Lean Software Development?

Lean Software Development : The boom in the automotive industry in Japan in 1980s alarmed the need to follow the lean product development approach for better productivity at a lesser cost. Lean software development originated from a popular book by Tom and Mary Poppenieck that translates lean manufacturing principles to software development. The principles behind lean software development follow the principles of ‘Just in Time production’ launched by Toyota. The lean software development might be considered a subset of lean product development; certainly the principles that define lean product development are the same principles that form the basis of lean software development. These have

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What is Kanban?

In today’s Agile world where waterfall becomes complete, not for many customers, Kanban is a very common term. Many of us assume from the word itself that it’s a board which is managed to work in agile environment. Though it’s not wrong to say Kanban is a board or informational card, there are more bites to it. This concept has been publicized by Toyota by introducing and implementing successful Just in Time concepts. Just In Time concept emphasizes on no/minimal inventories, which did wonders when implemented across organizations in terms of cost savings. As it’s clear from JIT concept, Kanban

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Whizlabs Announces Six Sigma Black Belt Online Course

With carrying over 14 years of experience in the Technology and Project Management fraternity, Whizlabs is a renowned global leader that offers online courses and certification programmes to more than 2 million users till now. The mission statement of Whizlabs clearly states: ‘To get everyone certified nobody left out’. Since its existence from over a decade and a half ago, every possible effort is being made to offer certification programme in several domains viz. Oracle Java, Project Management, Big Data and Apache Hadoop Online Course along with Six Sigma certifications. Amongst the aforesaid, Whizlabs has launched a certification programme in

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