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Aditi Malhotra is the Content Marketing Manager at Whizlabs. Having a Master in Journalism and Mass Communication, she helps businesses stop playing around with Content Marketing and start seeing tangible ROI. A writer by day and a reader by night, she is a fine blend of both reality and fantasy. Apart from her professional commitments, she is also endearing to publish a book authored by her very soon.

Java Interview Questions for Freshers

Top 45 Fresher Java Interview Questions

As a continuation in our series of Java Interview Questions, here we cover the top 30+ Java Interview Questions for Freshers that will help you start your career in Java. Java was developed as an open-source and platform-independent programming language by Sun Microsystems in the year of 1995. From that, it has stayed relevant and showed no sign of decline in its popularity and for that reason, it is still one of the most popular programming languages. Most of the developers choose it up as their first programming language because its syntax is simple and reasonably easy to learn. Candidates […]

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Pro Cloud Architect

25 Free Practice Questions – GCP Certified Professional Cloud Architect

A Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect enables organisations to leverage Google Cloud Technologies.They possess a thorough understanding of Google Cloud, its architecture and are capable of designing and developing robust, secure and scalable dynamic solutions to drive business objectives. What does a professional cloud architect do? Google cloud professional cloud architect understands the cloud environment and google technology and enables companies to make use of google cloud services. The role of the cloud architect is as follows: He designs cloud solutions according to the client’s needs. Once the solution is designed he implements the cloud solutions Develop secure, scalable,

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Google Cloud Digital Leader Free Test

30 Free Questions – Google Cloud Certified Digital Leader Certification Exam

Google Cloud Certified Digital Leader Certification Exam requires good knowledge on cloud technology in general and all the GCP products and services. If you are already an experienced Google cloud professional, then you might find it easy to pass the exam. It’s always recommended to go through a very good practice exams / practice questions to make yourself familiar with the real exam pattern. Whizlabs offers the best GCP digital leader practice questions for this certification exam (You can also try Whizlabs free test). Here is the sample of 30 questions that might help you to understand the exam pattern.

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4 Types of Google Cloud Support Options for You

With 7% market share and growing, Google cloud is a dominant player in the cloud technology market. As a dedicated Google cloud professional, you should be aware of various support options available with Google Cloud. In this guide, we compared the various support options that Google provides. This comprehensive Google support guide is designed to help you find the best support option while signing up on Google cloud.  If you are preparing for the Google Cloud Certified Cloud Digital Leader Exam, then Google Cloud support options will be tested in the certification. What you will be asked is to pick the

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Introduction to Apatche Storm

APACHE STORM (2.2.0) – A Complete Guide

Apache Storm is a free and open source distributed real-time computation system. It makes everything simple to process unbounded streams of data in a reliable manner. It is easy to use and works with any programming language. Written mainly in the ‘Clojure’ and ‘Java’ programming languages, it makes use of ‘Spouts’ and ‘Bolts’ to run application-specific logic. The latest stable version is ‘2.2.0’ which is a June 2020 release. Originally created by ‘Nathan Marz’ and team at ‘Backtype’, it was open sourced after being acquired by Twitter. It is scalable, fast, fault-tolerant, guarantees that the data is processed and easy to set up

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Data Mining Vs Big Data – Find out the Best Differences

Want to learn how data mining and big data are different from each other? Here’s the detailed guide on the difference between big data and data mining i.e. data mining vs. big data. Big Data and Data Mining are two different things and serve different purposes. Even though they both use datasets for handling data to serve diverse purposes, the scope of operations is different from one another.  Big Data refers to the collection of humongous datasets, such as the datasets within excel sheets, that are too large for easy handling. On the other hand, data mining refers to the

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Understanding MapReduce in Hadoop – Know how to get started

MapReduce is the core component of processing in a Hadoop Ecosystem as it provides logic of processing the data . MapReduce is a software framework that is used for processing large datasets in parallel across computer clusters so that the output results are obtained efficiently. The following article provides an understanding of MapReduce in Hadoop. What is MapReduce in Hadoop? One of the main components of Hadoop is MapReduce. MapReduce is a massively parallel data processing framework that processes faster, scalable and fault-tolerant data of a distributed environment. MapReduce can process a large volume of data in parallel, by dividing

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data visualisation

What is Data Visualization?

Many of us are visual learners, and the monotonous injections of boring verbal information do not stay for long with us. As professionals primarily involved in various data science processes, people have to deal with overwhelming data and interpret information from them. Data visualization is translating data or information into visual form to make it easily understandable. The main goal of this technique is to make it easy to identify trends, patterns, and outliers in large volumes of data. The data collected is represented using various visual elements like graphs and charts to get quick insights about making a real-time

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Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate – Your Complete Guide

Whether you are a business user or an IT professional, it becomes imperative for you to create proficient automated processes to increase productivity using Microsoft Power Automate. It is a no or low code platform. Thus, there are no pre-requirements to understanding the use of Power Automate.  Microsoft Power Automate is an enterprise that empowers you to integrate all data analysis and applications efficiently. Further, it simplifies automated processes to have a functional flow. Other functions of this tool involve: Automating tasks from a local device. Supporting data from API. Sending reminders about the existing functions. Power Automate is ideal

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Explore new realms, says Patrick O’ Connor who aced 11 certifications in 5 months

While certifications may not seem equivalent to competence always, they are helpful every time you want to upgrade yourself in your field of work. An AWS certification can always ensure a higher salary and lucrative career opportunities. If you are thinking, how to leverage AWS certifications, let’s talk to a pro. Patrick O’Connor is a cloud application developer at Amazon Web Services and takes the credit of having completed 11 certifications at a go. In this blog, he talks at length about the sequence he had followed to finish off with the certifications, the strategies employed, and the goal set

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