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Whizlabs Affiliate Program

Welcome to Whizlabs Affiliate Program

It is very simple to become Whizlabs affiliate. Sign up and apply for the Whizlabs affiliate program. Once your application gets approved, you can begin promotion of our products and earn up to 30% commission on each sale you refer. You will earn commission for the referrals who become Whizlabs customer.

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The FUTURE of the WORLD is in EDUCATION only!

Whizlabs, the pioneer in online certification training is a globally-recognized name. We provide online certification training in various disciplines such as Java, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Agile and Scrum, Project Management, Networking, Linux, and Digital Marketing. In the 17+ years of success, we have trained 3 Million+ professionals over 100+ countries and thus helped them to have a bright career!

Why Join the Whizlabs Affiliate Program?

  • High commission rates
  • No hidden affiliate fee
  • No minimum sale requirements
  • High converting products
  • Premium affiliate support
  • Promotional material

How Does Whizlabs Affiliate Program Work?

Sign up to Whizlabs Affiliate Program -> Promote our products on your website/blog -> Drive Sales to our website with your affiliate links -> Get paid with 30% commission on every successful sale

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Frequently Asked Questions

Affiliate Marketing

1. What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn by promoting the products of others [individual or company].

2. What is the Whizlabs Affiliate Program?

3. Why should I join the Whizlabs Affiliate Program?

With the Whizlabs Affiliate Program, you get a chance to earn a 20% commission on every sale. You can promote as many products as you want on multiple blogs or websites

4. What is the fee to join the Whizlabs Affiliate program?

Whizlabs Affiliate program is absolutely free, you don’t need to pay anything to sign up for Whizlabs Affiliate program.

5. What is the procedure to join the Whizlabs Affiliate program?

It is very simple to join our affiliate program. You can apply by filling and submitting sign up form. Once your application gets approved, you will get a confirmation mail with the unique username and password.

6. What types of websites/blogs are eligible for Whizlabs Affiliate program?

The technical websites/blogs dealing with following domains are eligible to enter into Whizlabs Affiliate program – Java, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Project Management, Agile & Scrum, Linux, Networking, and Digital Marketing.


1. What promotional method can I use to promote Whizlabs products?

There are various promotional methods to promote our products such as you can place a promotional banner or link. Also, you can write reviews for Whizlabs products and publish on your blog or website. You will receive customized links i.e. affiliate links for all the promotions that will help us to track the sales. You will get paid for every sale made through your affiliate links.

2. How will I get promotional resources?

3. What types of promotional resources do you provide to your affiliates?

We provide banners, links, and coupons to the affiliates as promotional resources. We provide promotional banners in different sizes, you can choose as convenient.

4. Except for promotional resources, what are the other ways to promote your products?

There are many other White Hat SEO techniques for product promotion. You can opt to write SEO blog articles, post product reviews, and conduct email marketing campaigns.

5. What kind of promotion is not allowed?

The promotion through the techniques like article spinning, spamdexing, and social media spamming with links are not allowed at all.

6. Where should I place links on my website/blog?

You should place the affiliate links on your website/blog where the visitors pay more attention. These areas on a webpage are – left/right sidebars, above/below the top navigation bar or below the blog post.

7. Can I promote Whizlabs products on multiple blogs and websites?

Of course! You can promote our products on a number of blogs and websites. The only requirement is that the blog/website should be related to our courses. If you promote our products on multiple blogs/websites, it will drive more visitors to our site which may result in more conversions and thus you will earn more!.


1. How will I get paid for Whizlabs Affiliate program?

We use various payment methods like PayPal, cheque, and online transfer you can choose one as per your convenience.

2. When will I get paid under the Whizlabs Affiliate program?

3. How much will I be paid for a sale?

You will get 30% commission on every sale made through your affiliate link.

If your question is not listed here, contact us on [email protected] and we will get in touch with you in no time.

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