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Avoid project failure

Project Management Techniques to Avoid Project Failure

  Neeru Jain   -     Feb 23rd, 2018   -     Project Management   -     0 Comments

In the world of projects, there are always equal chances of success and failure. So, it becomes important how to avoid project failure and how to overcome it. Failure always tends to be more public than success. Daily we hear news of many projects that had huge loss or project is not completed within given […]

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification

How to prepare for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification?

  Amit Verma   -     Feb 22nd, 2018   -     AWS Certifications   -     0 Comments

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud service provided by Amazon. These services are in the form of building blocks and these blocks are then used to operate and organize an application in the cloud. These services are outlined to work together and, applications thus created are more advanced and escalade. AWS Certifications are among […]

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cloudera and hadoop

How Does Cloudera Take Hadoop to The Next Level?

  Amit Verma   -     Feb 21st, 2018   -     Big Data   -     0 Comments

Hadoop is the world’s first unified open source platform for big data and Cloudera is today an enterprise analytic big data management platform powered by Apache Hadoop™. Indeed Cloudera and Hadoop complement each other. Cloudera and Hadoop together offer enterprises one single place for data management and data analysis. You can evaluate the data and […]

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project failure

Top 10 Reasons for Project Failure

  Neeru Jain   -        -     Project Management   -     0 Comments

A project is assumed under failure if it has not delivered its basic required expectations. Projects are generally started to meet a business ambition but it must also meet the stakeholder presumptions. If the project can meet both the business ambitions and all stakeholder presumptions, then it can be considered as a success. However, the […]

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HortonWorks certification books

Best Books for Hortonworks Certification

  Neeru Jain   -     Feb 20th, 2018   -     Big Data   -     0 Comments

Big Data is a new emerging technology in the IT world. Engineers and IT administrators are looking for Job opportunities in Big Data field. With more and more companies investing in Big Data, there is a huge demand for workforce in this field. Not only the demand but this field provides hefty packages for the professionals. […]

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Cloudera Administrator

How to Prepare for Cloudera Administrator Exam?

  Amit Verma   -     Feb 19th, 2018   -     Big Data   -     0 Comments

The era of Big Data is here officially. The knowledge of big data and Hadoop is in huge demand in the industry. This includes the demand for Data scientists, Data analysts, and Data Administrators.  There is a need to learn and develop specialized skills regarding the functioning of the whole Hadoop system and applications. Once […]

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best cloud certification

Top 5 Cloud Certifications in 2018

  Neeru Jain   -     Feb 16th, 2018   -     Cloud Computing Certifications   -     0 Comments

Looking for career development in today’s IT market? Decide to benchmark your cloud computing skills with a highly recommended and the best cloud certification.  Cloud is growing as the critical part of the IT market which, in turn, increasing the demand for cloud professionals. But due to the large competition in the job market, it […]

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CCA Administrator Certification

Is CCA Administrator Certification worth investment?

  Supriya Meshram   -        -     Big Data   -     0 Comments

Advancement of data sciences has shifted the focus of technology geeks from search engines to Data. It includes analysis and use of huge amounts of data collected by different online platforms. This has given way to the technology of the day – Big Data. Big Data is the most demanded skill today, and the employers […]

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PMP Formulas

12 PMP Formulas to Pass the PMP Certification Exam

  Neeru Jain   -     Feb 15th, 2018   -     Project Management   -     0 Comments

Are you preparing for PMP certification exam? If yes, there are some significant subject areas you should focus upon. PMP formulas are very important to pass PMP certification exam. Although there is no specific blueprint on the number of questions based on PMP formulas you can’t ignore these formulas during your preparation. You may find […]

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Hadoop vs SQL database

Comparing SQL Databases and Hadoop

  Amit Verma   -        -     Big Data   -     0 Comments

RDBMS is in the data processing dictionary for a long time and is the basis of SQL. RDBMS is a strong database that maintains bulk data and manipulated it efficiently using SQL. SQL stands for Structured Query Language, it is a standard language to manipulate, retrieve and store a significant amount of data in a […]

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