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8 Common Security Issues in Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the top cloud players in the market. With cloud adoption, cloud security has been the main concern among users. A number of security issues are found to be associated with every cloud platform. So, Microsoft Azure security issues have been a matter of discussion. This occurs in a scenario where customers are growingly transferring the work pressure to the comparatively budget-friendly options.

At the same time, Microsoft has developed a completely distinct customer base. This, however, has brought up with a fresh set of Azure security issues for Microsoft. There are various kinds of malware available in modern times, increasing Microsoft azure security issues. Specifically, these do target the identification tools of Azure.

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List of Most Common Microsoft Azure Security Issues

Microsoft seems to be more focussed on applications over the architecture. The goal looks apparent; it is indeed to get several customers and thus grow business. In this context, presented below are eight basic Azure security issues that one must know. So, the azure security checklist can be handy from user perspectives, as well as from business perspectives. Let’s have a look into the most common Microsoft Azure security issues first!

  • More Focussed towards Applications

Microsoft is indeed greater focussed on Azure applications than Microsoft Azure security infrastructure. It has alerted the communication to be rather focussed on Saas and APIs. However, there is no detail on how to develop architecture or to migrate. Executions of Azure indeed have a certain level of native security.

It also enables the customers to move towards the third parties for greater security improvement. At the same time, it is also true that Microsoft has its security for migration to Office 365. This security of Microsoft can be accompanied by doing sandboxing. Otherwise, it can also be complemented through scans of emails through an external SaaS or API service.

In the present scenario, it seems like the role of Azure security issues has made the focus shifting more towards Office 365. It is equally focussed towards Windows suite and forming application into a complete protective package. Overall, the aim is to boost Microsoft Azure security infrastructure.

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  • Hackers are Much More Interested in Azure Blob Storage

Azure remaining under the target of hackers is not something astonishing. In comparison with AWS, it is indeed more targeted. More importantly, Azure security issues under the threat of hackers are expected to continue. One of the primary reasons cited behind this is because of the familiarity with the Microsoft processes.

There are various tools available through which malware attacks to challenge Azure security best practices. Specifically, the malware attacks are increasingly being done through the corrupted links. Also, abandoned Office 365 accounts are also being used to do the hacks. One must note here is that the strategies based around Azure blob storage are considerably cost-effective. It is quite effective as well.

Moreover, it is hugely trusted. This makes things easier for the attackers. After all, attackers are well versed with the Microsoft system.  On the other hand, Azure blob storage is not the kind of IP to be easily considered. Anything executed in the native ecosystem of the user doesn’t entirely trust Azure. They prefer solid azure security checklist.

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  • Well-known being Characteristically Proprietary

It is an open secret that Microsoft is characteristically proprietary. This develops an extra bunch of organizations interested in open source tools. They are also interested in working with Microsoft. It is said that by adopting Kubernetes things can be addressed. Not just anything specific, all types of containerization technologies can be taken in to account. Things have worked for Microsoft this way. Companies that have gone through the way of Microsoft are quite established today.

However, altering cloud provider can indeed be challenging. It can be explicitly challenging under the traditional environment, creating common azure security issues. It can be expensive as well. Ultimately, cloud providers are essential to be comparatively more cautious than ever. This would at least restrict the level of vulnerability to quite a great extent. Everything has to be done by a proper workload management strategy.

  • Azure Applications Look More Focussed on IT; Rather than Being Cloud Focused

Upon taking a look, it can be evident that a great range of service segments or applications of Azure is IT focussed. These are indeed not entirely cloud focus. This is primarily due to the traditional business network of Microsoft. This naturally makes the information in most cases with Azure to be private or exclusive. These are comparatively least accessible through the web as well.

All these aspects make attacks over the network comparatively less prone to Azure security issues. Rather, there are certain segments of Azure database service the hackers highly target those. This happens mostly because these are more apparent towards the web.    

Simply distinguishing the usual computing models can indeed provide greater level security. However, the distinction of exclusive data can get missed in Azure. Loss of data may also happen unintentionally. Trades are getting more and more prone to security threats than it is imagined thus.

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  • More Prone towards the Malware Attack

Malware has been a major concern for Windows indeed. The primary reason is that it’s an explicit way to have strong hilt over a device. This has made Microsoft getting targeted frequently. It is here to note that Microsoft has its anti-malware product. These anti-malware things combine with Azure Security Centre for Azure Security issues. Other outer anti-malware products can also address these issues. This is rather considered as common azure security issues. There is no doubt about the fact that Microsoft has grown as a development based organization. It is also coming with different security offers.

Windows is a completely different OS having security domains that operated and should be accompanied in different ways. Similar is the case about Linux as well. Both can be distinguished from each other. As far as accompanying Windows is concerned, Azure indeed has greater benefits over other cloud service providers.

  • Some of the Comparatively less Secure Ports

There is a spec in Azure Security Centre known as ‘Just-in-Time.’ This feature closes down the ports, at the same time making the virtual machines active.  The prime advantage of Just-In-Time is the added protective layer it comes with on virtual devices. This feature is expected to lessen the burden on the Security Operations Centre about enhancing the tools. This can help target the probable threats of more numbers.

This feature strongly minimizes the chances of threats or attacks towards Azure. Specifically, the threats of remote desktop protocol attacks get minimized. This makes an authorized user get access through only a certain IP address. The access is provided only for a couple to three hours. All in all, the comparatively less secure ports are essential to be addressed well. This would help in boosting reliability regarding Azure security issues.

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  • Most Prominent Security Concerns

It is evident about Microsoft Azure that Load balancers are formed in a way to allow clear text communications. This is indeed a security concern about Azure. At the same time, missing security upgrades of Linux is also one of the prime security threats that Microsoft Azure comes with. It can also be noted that missing Microsoft update is a concern. At the same time, it is very much evident that Microsoft Azure is missing the third party patches to a great extent.

It can also turn out to be a major security concern. However, it is here to note that Azure AD Federation Services has forwarded security for authentication specs not being configured protectively. At the same time, pros also highlight the fact that the security groups are configured without any regulation. Moreover, SSL and Tinfoil being not enabled on application services are also identified as Azure security issues.   

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  • Fundamental User-level Security Concern

One of the fundamental Microsoft Azure security issues is that here the only administrators can execute the anti-virus. At the same time, here the application gateways are made without any kind of web application firewall. Threat detection and audit features are disabled on databases. Additionally, Azure Active Directory or Azure AD identity security is also disabled. Noteworthy here is to mention that Azure AD Federation Service claims are not thoroughly provided the encryption here. The storage accounts also do lack encryption being disabled for the same. The available lock-out feature is also not properly configured.

Additionally, it is very much evident that hosted devices are given configuration without back-up. Also, the hosted machines do come without full disk encryption. It is true about Azure that here SQL server encryption is not enabled. The access provided for the users here are provided with single layer authentication; not multilayer.     

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Bottom Line

There is nothing to deny about the fact that Azure at present is the most swiftly growing business of Microsoft. It’s a great step towards the company’s chant of ‘cloud-first.’ Keeping the strong hilt of Microsoft in the industry, Azure’s position looks quite established. Specifically, it has a great grip over the enterprise segments of the businesses. However, data being the prime resource of cloud technology, it is highly important for Azure security issues to be thoroughly addressed.

Starting from Artificial Intelligence to high-end analytics, everything is going to be functional around data retrieval model. In such occasions, all-in-one platform Azure security best practices are expected soon. From future perspectives, it is very well positioned. It is speculated to be the major influencers of data-based technology and AI. Ultimately, going with Microsoft Azure would be a brilliant decision.

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