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Cloud Certification Training Courses

The days have gone when you have to save files to the hard drives. Now, companies and individuals prefer Cloud to store information. Many of us don’t even realize our dependency on this technology. If you are curious to know, let you less knowledge, and more curiosity grows into a career in Cloud Computing. Become a Cloud certified now and build a dynamic career preparing with Whizlabs.

Our online courses and exam simulators enable you to get prepared for the certifications and establish a career in Cloud Computing. Whether you are aimed to make a career in Cloud services or want to enhance your IT skills, Whizlabs’ cloud computing training courses help you stand out from the crowd. So, if you are determined to become a Cloud expert, your future will be as vast as Cloud itself.

Why Build a Career in Cloud Computing?

According to Gartner, soon the Cloud will be as compulsory as the Internet. This progress and usage of Cloud will result in the more demand for Cloud Computing professionals. So, gain considerable knowledge in Cloud services with our AWS, Azure, Cloud Security and Salesforce courses to succeed in your career

Cloud Certifications

Cloud computing has been changed a lot over a period. The cloud services have been divided into three categories, namely, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). There are many Cloud Service providers that offer certifications in different categories. The most popular public cloud service providers are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Salesforce, Google Cloud Platform, and IBM. We at Whizlabs help you to get certified in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and Salesforce. Start your preparation with us now, and become a Cloud expert.

Our Courses

Millions of cloud professionals have enhanced their career with Whizlabs Cloud Computing Certifications training courses and practice tests. Check now!

AWS Certification Training Courses
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner AWS Cloud Practitioner certification demonstrates and validates your knowledge on the...
  • Duration of Videos 09:20:22
  • No. of Questions 360
  • No. of Labs 21
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate This AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam training is designed to help yo...
  • Duration of Videos 17:47:50
  • No. of Questions 760
  • No. of Labs 46
AWS Certified Developer Associate This AWS Certified Developer Associate certification exam validates your proficiency ...
  • Duration of Videos 21:21:56
  • No. of Questions 954
  • No. of Labs 59
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate AWS SysOps Administrator Associate certification demonstrates and validates your know...
  • Duration of Videos 16:02:05
  • No. of Questions 805
  • No. of Labs 44
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Demonstrate your knowledge of designing distributed systems and applications on AWS p...
  • Duration of Videos 09:35:49
  • No. of Questions 535
  • No. of Labs 12
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Validate your knowledge in operating, provisioning, and managing distributed systems ...
  • Duration of Videos 13:39:16
  • No. of Questions 480
  • No. of Labs 43
AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (Expired on July 1, 2020) AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty exam (Available from April 13, 2020) is the ne...
  • No. of Questions 418
AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty AWS Advanced Networking Specialty certification advances your skills to design and im...
  • No. of Questions 665
  • No. of Labs 3
AWS Certified Security - Specialty AWS Security Specialty certification helps cloud security professionals to advance th...
  • Duration of Videos 07:03:07
  • No. of Questions 315
AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Validate your ability to build, test, and publish Amazon Alexa skills with the AWS Ce...
  • Duration of Videos 07:46:56
  • No. of Questions 175
AWS Lambda and API Gateway Learn how to create, deploy, and manage Lambda functions; how to create API's with La...
  • Duration of Videos 03:00:13
AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty Prepare for the AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty exam and validate your ski...
  • Duration of Videos 09:01:31
  • No. of Questions 186
  • No. of Labs 3
Database Migration to AWS Master Class Do you want to migrate your database workloads to AWS cloud? Do you want to learn how...
  • Duration of Videos 02:43:17
AWS DynamoDB Deep Dive - Beginner to Intermediate Get started with AWS DynamoDB and learn the fundamental concepts to design a database...
  • Duration of Videos 07:12:10
AWS CI/CD Pipeline - Master Class Get started with AWS CI/CD Pipeline MasterClass and learn how to build a complete Dev...
  • Duration of Videos 06:11:30
AWS Certified Database - Specialty Prepare for the AWS Certified Database - Specialty exam and validate your knowledge o...
  • No. of Questions 155
AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty Enhance your skills of building, designing, maintaining, and securing AWS-based analy...
  • Duration of Videos 16:26:08
  • No. of Questions 215
Fullstack Serverless Application on AWS - Master Class Learn how to build a multi-service, fully production ready application on AWS with th...
  • Duration of Videos 06:08:08
Deploying Amazon Managed Containers Using Amazon EKS Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) makes it easy to run Kubernetes on AWS. Learn...
  • Duration of Videos 02:46:03
Cost Optimization in AWS AWS Cost optimization is a great challenge while working on AWS platform. Enroll into...
  • Duration of Videos 05:13:54
AWS Monitoring and Auditing Learn how to monitor and audit your AWS infrastructure with the AWS services. Enroll ...
  • Duration of Videos 04:48:52
Building a Data Lake on AWS Learn how to build a data lake on AWS using AWS services with Building a Data Lake on...
  • Duration of Videos 05:04:45
Getting Started with AWS IoT Core - Hands-On Get started with AWS IoT Core training course and learn about the components and arch...
  • Duration of Videos 02:25:02
Automating AWS with Python and Boto3 Learn how to automate AWS with Python scripts, manage AWS resources with Boto3 librar...
  • Duration of Videos 03:36:15
Amazon Comprehend deep dive with Case Study on Sentiment Analysis Amazon Comprehend is a fully managed, NLP tool for extracting insights from unstructu...
  • Duration of Videos 03:37:18
AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning Learn how to provision a device to connect it to the AWS IoT with the AWS IoT Core De...
  • Duration of Videos 02:06:44
Working with AWS IoT Core Rules and Jobs Gain the basic and advanced knowledge of AWS IoT Rules, AWS IoT Jobs, and how to perf...
  • Duration of Videos 02:33:47
Microsoft Azure Certifications
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-900 Certification Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals checks and validates your fundamental knowl...
  • Duration of Videos 07:25:26
  • No. of Questions 440
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-203 Certification (Expired on Sep 1, 2020) Exam AZ-204 : Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure is the replacement of Exam AZ-...
  • Duration of Videos 09:21:36
  • No. of Questions 290
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification (Expired on Sep 1, 2020) Microsft Azure AZ-104 is the new Microsoft Azure Administrator certification. We've a...
  • Duration of Videos 11:07:10
  • No. of Questions 290
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-300 Certification (Expired on Sep 30, 2020) Microsoft Azure AZ-303 is the new Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies certificatio...
  • Duration of Videos 13:00:41
  • No. of Questions 290
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-301 Certification (Expired on Sep 30, 2020) Microsoft Azure AZ-304 is the new Microsoft Azure Architect Design certification exam...
  • No. of Questions 290
Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400) Exam AZ-400: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions is intended for the DevOps professional...
  • Duration of Videos 07:55:01
  • No. of Questions 360
Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) exam is intended for Microsoft Azure S...
  • Duration of Videos 08:35:39
  • No. of Questions 235
Implementing an Azure Data Solution (DP-200) Implementing an Azure Data Solution certification (DP-200) is intended for Azure data...
  • Duration of Videos 05:04:42
  • No. of Questions 211
Designing an Azure Data Solution (DP-201) Designing an Azure Data Solution certification (DP-201) is intended for Azure data en...
  • Duration of Videos 04:07:32
  • No. of Questions 180
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-104 Certification Exam AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification is to validate the skills of ...
  • Duration of Videos 09:03:19
  • No. of Questions 235
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-204 Certification Exam AZ-204: Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure is intended for developers to v...
  • Duration of Videos 08:58:31
  • No. of Questions 265
Microsoft Azure Exam AI-100 Certification AI-100: Designing and implementing an Azure AI Solution exam is intended for the Azur...
  • Duration of Videos 04:12:42
  • No. of Questions 125
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-303 Certification AZ-303: Azure Architect Technologies exam is intended for the Solution Architects. Pr...
  • Duration of Videos 10:20:20
  • No. of Questions 200
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-304 Certification AZ-304: Azure Architect Design exam is intended for the Solution Architects. Prepare ...
  • Duration of Videos 06:35:14
  • No. of Questions 180
Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-120 Certification AZ-120: Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads exam is intended...
  • Duration of Videos 05:33:11
Microsoft Azure Exam DP-900 Certification Exam DP-900: Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals is intended for the beginners who work...
  • Duration of Videos 04:39:00
  • No. of Questions 20
Deploying Microservices to Kubernetes using Azure DevOps Learn how to deploy microservices to Kubernetes and master Azure DevOps with Deployin...
  • Duration of Videos 06:43:32
Getting started with Microsoft Azure Explore the basics of Microsoft Azure, its services, and learning path with the Getti...
  • Duration of Videos 02:57:22
Traffic Routing services in Azure Learn the basic and advanced concepts of Azure traffic manager and traffic routing in...
  • Duration of Videos 03:19:44
Microsoft Azure Exam AI-900 Certification AI-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam is intended for beginners in Machine Learni...
  • No. of Questions 125
Google Cloud Certifications
Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect Demonstrate your knowledge of designing, developing, and managing secure, robust, and...
  • Duration of Videos 10:52:48
  • No. of Questions 305
Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Validate your skills of making data-driven decisions by collecting, visualizing, and ...
  • Duration of Videos 07:08:40
  • No. of Questions 201
Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Demonstrate your knowledge of deploying applications, monitoring operations, and mana...
  • Duration of Videos 07:53:58
  • No. of Questions 185
Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer Validate your skills to design, build, test, deploy, integrate, and manage highly ava...
  • No. of Questions 120
Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer Validate your skills to design and implement a secure infrastructure on Google Cloud ...
  • Duration of Videos 08:29:09
Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer Validate your skills of implementing and managing network architectures on Google Clo...
  • Duration of Videos 08:10:21
  • No. of Questions 170
Google Cloud SQL Deep Dive Learn how to create and manage instances connecting to a cloud SQL instance replicati...
  • Duration of Videos 03:04:15
Cloud Security Certifications
Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge V.4 Demonstrate your skills to implement cloud security practices and maintain cloud secu...
  • No. of Questions 190
Salesforce Certifications
Salesforce Administrator Certification Salesforce Admin certification is for the Salesforce administrators to validate their...
  • No. of Questions 191
Alibaba Cloud Certifications
Grow your skills with our team of certified professionals, expert support, and unique methods
Certified Professionals
Certified Professionals

Our team of certified professionals knows the minors of exam and creates courses to get you fully prepared for the certification exam.

Uniq Method
Unique Method

Unique methods along with exam-orientation helps us to create easy to learn online training content that is perfect for self-study.

Expert Support
Expert Support

Our subject matter experts ensure their 24/7 availability to resolve all the queries you have during certification exam preparation.

Why Choose Us?

We at Whizlabs are the team of experts, with the mission of helping professionals to prepare efficiently and pass the exam with the confidence. Our focus and efforts are directed toward improving every bit of content that is created for certification preparation. The aspirants should choose us for the preparation of cloud certifications because -

  • A detailed explanation for every question for the correct and incorrect answer
  • The questions prepared by certified experts looking into the world of Cloud
  • Practice questions and training content are frequently updated with the latest updates
  • The queries resolved by the subject matter experts with the aim to boost confidence
  • Detailed reports on the performance and the weak areas to improve

Importance of Cloud Computing Certifications

Cloud Computing has become the future of the enterprise IT.  As the shift to the cloud is accelerating at a fast speed, the demand for the cloud professionals is increasing continuously. The demand is even higher for the certified cloud professionals. Cloud certifications, nowadays, has become important because they -

  • Validates candidate’s expertise on the cloud technologies and platform
  • Demonstrate the skills of the individual to design, develop, manage, and deploy the cloud applications
  • Provides you a global recognition as the certified cloud professional
  • Add a credential to your resume and differentiate you from your colleagues and peers
  • Help you get better job opportunities as well as higher salary
Market Demand for Cloud Computing

One of the most common questions that may arise in your mind is that are cloud certifications worth investing time and money. According to Gartner, soon the Cloud will be as compulsory as the Internet.

According to IDC, the total spending on the public cloud all over the world will increase from $67B in 2015 to $162B in 2020 at a compound annual growth rate of 19%.

This progress and usage of Cloud will result in more demand for certified cloud professionals. Cloud professionals on various roles earn a healthy income.

As per the SimplyHired report, the average salary of cloud professionals varies from $78,000 to $173,719 per annum at various roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. About AWS Certifications?

Amazon Web Services certifications are focused on the technical knowledge of the AWS platform. Amazon offers a range of AWS certifications for candidates working at a different level in different roles i.e., Associate, Professional, and Specialty.

The Associate certifications cover the roles – Solutions Architect, Developer, and SysOps Administrator. Once certified in any of the Associate level certification, one can take a Professional (DevOps Engineering or Solutions Architect) or Specialty (Big Data or Networking) certification.

Whizlabs offers Online Course as well as Exam Simulator for AWS Certifications. So, if you the one, who wants to build a career in AWS services, we can help you in your preparation. We also provide 100% Unconditional Money-back Guarantee against Passing Certification Exam in a single attempt.

Check here: Which AWS Certification Should I Choose?

2. About Microsoft Azure Certifications?

If you want to develop Microsoft Azure skills to build a career in Cloud services, there are multiple options for you. Regardless of, whether you are pre-skilled in Cloud or new to it, Azure certifications help you to get more opportunities for your career growth.

There is a huge demand for the professional with Azure knowledge and experience. The Microsoft certification is a primary requirement if you want to become an Azure professional. Microsoft offers three levels of certifications i.e. Cloud Platform Associate, Linux Associate, and Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Solutions Expert.

Whizlabs offers Free Test and Exam Simulator for the Cloud Associate Certifications. These certifications are Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions (Exam 70-532), Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions (Exam 70-533), and Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions (Exam 70-534) certifications. So, get ready with us to take full control of your career.

Check: New Microsoft Azure Certifications Path

3. About Google Cloud Certifications?

Google Cloud certifications validate and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise on Google Cloud Platform. It helps professionals to develop the skills in designing, development, administration, and management of the application infrastructure and data solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

Google is currently offering 3 certifications for cloud engineers, cloud architects, and data engineers that are Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer, Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect, and Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer respectively.

Whizlabs offers free test as well as practice tests for Google Cloud certifications. If you are an aspirant who wants to grow the career as a google cloud professional, we will help you to get certified. So, start your preparation with us and become a certified Google cloud professional.

4. About Cloud Security Certifications?

With the importance of Cloud Computing, Cloud Security has become equally important. Cloud Security certification demonstrates your knowledge of the cloud security issues and industry best practices.

Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) is the gold standard for the expertise in cloud security. It validates one’s knowledge and skills to handle cloud security issues by implementing security practices.

If you are an IT professional working on any of the cloud platform, getting this cloud security certification will bring your career one level up. Whizlabs practice test for CCSK exam will help you get prepared for the exam and pass it in the first attempt.

5. About Salesforce Certifications?

Salesforce certifications are the credentials that help you demonstrate your skills and knowledge to the employers. Salesforce certifications validate your capability to play an important role in the development of companies with the application of your skills to face and solve the business challenges. Nowadays, the Salesforce certifications are not only in huge demand but they are also being mandatory.

There are a number of Salesforce certifications, almost for every field and domain. So, whatever is your current role, there is a Salesforce certification for you. Salesforce certifications are made for Administrators, App builders, Developers, Architects, Marketers, Consultants, Pardot experts, and Specialists.

If you are planning to become a certified Salesforce professional and develop your career in Cloud Computing, we can help you. We are offering an online course for Salesforce Administrator Certification. So, prepare through our study material and give your career a boost.

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6. About Alibaba Cloud Certifications?

Alibaba cloud certifications are the credentials that give a valid recognition to your cloud expertise on Alibaba cloud platform. These certifications validate your skills in the various cloud domains such as fundamentals of cloud computing, big data, and cloud security.

Alibaba cloud certifications are the standards to check your knowledge of working on Alibaba cloud platform. Alibaba is currently offering associate-level, professional-level, and expert-level cloud certifications in cloud computing, big data, and cloud security domains within the cloud.

If you are aspired to build a career on Alibaba cloud platform, then Whizlabs online courses and practice tests will help you prepare for the certification exams. Once you become a certified professional, there will be much more job opportunities for you. So, start your preparation now and get ready to build a successful career in Alibaba cloud.

Check: List of Alibaba Cloud Big Data Certifications

7. What's the Future Perspectives of a Cloud Professional?

No doubt, whether predicted or not, the future of the Cloud professionals is bright. There will be a huge demand for the Cloud experts, and more opportunities will be there for the certified ones. Let’s have an eye over the predictions about Cloud Computing made by Cloud experts.

“Cloud computing salaries are positioned from 100K to 150K a year.” -Forbes

“Jobs in Cloud Computing are a hot prospect right now”. – Monster

“The worldwide public cloud services market will grow by 18% in 2017 to $246.8B, up from $209.2B IN 2016.” – Gartner

“The move to the public cloud will increase apace, and a shortage of skills in cloud technologies will be an increasing problem.” – John Easton

“The cloud services companies of all sizes… The cloud is for everyone. The cloud is a democracy”. – Marc Benioff

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