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Top Benefits

Scale & Optimise your application with AWS Services

Easy to Administer

AWS offers you a reliable platform where you can perform project conception to deployment, and database launch to application connection in an instance.

Fast and Secure

AWS delivers consistently fast performance at any scale for all the applications. Also, you get end-to-end encryption and easy database access to the cloud.

Improved Performance

The cutting-edge services and resources of AWS helps you manage your infrastructure and database on the AWS platform for better quality and performance.

Maximized ROI

The pay-as-you-go model of AWS resources and services makes it more cost-effective as you need to pay for what you use, thus you maximize your ROI.

Why Choose Whizlabs?

We’re registered Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services

We are a team of highly experienced and certified AWS experts intended to help you in your cloud transformation journey. We help you leverage and embrace AWS services for better quality, performance, and security. We handle all your server-related workloads with 24/7/365 expert support, thus helping you stay focused to increase productivity and maximize ROI.

StandardTechnology Partner

We Hold Expertise InAWS Cloud Services

Amazon EC2

AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is used for operating Virtual Machines in different AWS environments. We help you in establishing and configuring your EC2 infrastructure for highly secure and resizable compute capabilities in the cloud.


AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is used for launching AWS resources into a predefined virtual network. We provide reliable support to help you access an assortment of shared computing resources with scalability and ease of configuration.

AWS Elasticache

AWS Elasticache is the in-memory data store and cache, providing scalability and management for AWS services. We help you in building an app as per data with the improvement of performance for existing apps by leveraging Elasticache.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda provides a serverless computing platform for the execution of code through provisioning, management, and payment for servers. We support you to execute the codes in response to events with the management of computing resources.

AWS CloudFront

AWS CloudFront facilitates a global, faster and secure Content Delivery Network service through the delivery of apps, APIs, and videos. We help you increase your website speed by speeding up downloads from Amazon S3 via CloudFront.

Amazon RDS

AWS RDS is a relational database service which supports set up, operations and scaling of a relational database on the AWS cloud. We help you in ensuring considerable savings of resources, time and cost in setting up the relational databases.


AWS Elastic Container Service is a reliable container orchestration service with higher levels of performance and scalability. It provides comprehensive support for Docker containers. We help you with operations and scaling of containerized apps with AWS ECS.

Amazon s3

AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) provides an object storage service that delivers higher performance, security, data availability and security. We as AWS consulting partner, facilitate reliable object storage through a web service interface with AWS S3.

Amazon EBS

AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS) is a block-level storage service in which you get storage volumes that you can use with EC2 instances. We help you in making the optimal use of AWS EBS to handle applications for higher transaction and throughput inputs.

AWS DynamoDB

AWS DynamoDB provides a managed NoSQL database service with fully managed services supporting documents as well as key-value data structures. We help you with better performance in single-digit milliseconds at any scale with AWS DynamoDB.

AWS CodeDeploy

AWS CodeDeploy automates the deployment process for various compute services like AWS EC2, AWS Lambda and others. We as an AWS consulting company provide you with effective deployment of different application content with CodeDeploy.

AWS Code Commit

AWS Code Commit is a source control, fully-managed service that hosts highly secure Git-based repositories. We help you improve team collaboration in coding in a secure and scalable environment without the need for your own source control system.

AWS CodeBuild

AWS CodeBuild provides a fully managed service, ideal for continuous integration capable of producing ready-to-deploy software packages. We support you in software development without the need for provisioning, manning, and scalability for your build servers.


AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) helps users to manage secure access to AWS resources and services. We provide competent services for the creation and management of AWS users and groups as well as use permissions with AWS.

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation supports modelling and provisioning AWS and other third party resources with a general language. As an AWS consulting company, we help in modelling and setting up AWS resources alongside reliable resource management.

AWS Redshift

AWS Redshift facilitates a cloud data warehouse product with the support of AWS fully managed services, eligible for storage and analysis for large scale data sets. We support you in performing efficient large scale data storage, migration, and analysis.


AWS Simple Email Services (SES) facilitates a cloud-based email service developed on the highly reliable and scalable AWS infrastructure. We offer a reliable, cost-effective solution with AWS SES to send emails and interact with your customers.


AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) provides a completely managed publisher/subscriber messaging service. We provide you with reliable messaging service solutions with higher availability, durability and security by leveraging AWS SNS.

AWS Inspector

AWS Inspector is a reliable security evaluation service for compliance and security for AWS-based apps. We, as your AWS consulting partner, help you in efficient management of security vulnerabilities throughout the development and deployment process.


AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) can help you develop ideal infrastructures for safeguarding your web applications from various cybersecurity threats. We offer credible services for protecting your web applications from threats.

AWS CloudWatch

AWS CloudWatch provides a monitoring service tailored to AWS cloud applications and resources. We offer services for monitoring AWS resources and applications, setting alarms, monitoring, and storage of logs and custom metrics with CloudWatch.

AWS Config

AWS Config enables users for reviewing, auditing and then evaluating the configurations of various AWS resources. We provide reliable support for using AWS Config to ensure efficient monitoring and recording your AWS resource configuration.

AWS Cert Manager

AWS Cert Manager ensures provisioning, deployment, and management of private and public security certifications for AWS services and resources. We, as AWS consulting company, help you in extracting the optimum potential from AWS Cert Manager.

Process we follow

01. Evaluation

We evaluate your organizational challenges and requirements through a deep analysis of several factors.

02. Design

We assess all the aspects of your organization and come up with the best design as per your requirements.

03. Implement

We translate designing vision into product implementation for the best, to achieve the sustainable goal.

04. Manage

We help you throughout your cloud journey to foster the adoption, implementation, and management.

Tailor‐made AWS solutions

Managed AWS

AWS Managed Services help in accelerating the process of cloud adoption. We provide you reliable support for deployment, management, and monitoring, so you could focus on your core business.

Cloud Migration

You need a proper strategy to migrate to AWS cloud infrastructure. We make cloud migration easier by managing your compute, storage, and hosting workloads with security, privacy, and flexibility.

Cloud Planning

Planning to move to cloud? We’ll be there with you in your cloud transformation journey from the cloud planning phase, where we’ll help you in choosing cloud resources as per your requirements.

Some Awesome Words By Our Clients

Highly responsive, friendly as well as professional support. Whizlabs is simply the best! Provide best quality services and are always ready for help and support in a professional manner. Thanks!

Abhishek Manuja

Wonderful consulting services by Whizlabs. I really appreciate the prompt response and extended support to solve my issues. You really deserve more than 5 stars. Thanks a lot, guys.


Experienced team with quick and reliable support. Whizlabs AWS consulting services are strongly recommendable to everyone who is planning for cloud adoption or migration. Thanks team, you’re doing a great job.

Jimmy Nelson

Whizlabs is one of the best AWS consulting services providers. They have a very good technical support team that helped me to resolve the website downtime issue. Good job Whizlabs, thanks.

Jeff Oswald

I contacted Whizlabs after seeing the positive reviews and now I can say that they are giving very good services. I recommend Whizlabs to others as what else would anyone need rather than a good server with 24/7 technical support.

Brian Felix

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does AWS Managed Services cost?

No, there is no pre-requisite for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam. You can directly appear for this amazon certification exam.

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