Agile and Scrum

Top Agile Scrum Interview Questions

Top 40+ Agile Scrum Interview Questions (Updated)

Searching out for the frequently asked agile scrum interview questions that could help you ace the interview? You’re at the right place as here we’ve covered top agile scrum interview questions and answers. Agile Scrum is the best methodology to meet today’s demand for accurate projects. Agile is used in almost the majority of the organizations by now. Each member of the agile and scrum team is responsible to play an important role in the organization. For this, the interviewer seeks candidates with some good knowledge of Agile and Scrum concepts. So, it becomes essential to prepare yourself for some […]

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Professional Scrum Master Certification

Free Questions on Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I Certification Training Course

In this article, you will be learning about the Professional Scrum Master Certification exam questions and answers with detailed explanations. These newly updated free questions fasten up your exam preparation and help you build more confidence in facing the actual exam. Our certified experts crafted these PSM 1 exam questions and answers for free to help you in passing the exam on the first attempt. Let us start learning! Q1 : What are the advantages of the Scrum Framework? A. Fine-grained requirements are only defined when they are really needed. B. All activities to design, build and testing certain functionality

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Top Agile Influencers

Top 10 Agile Thought Leaders You Should Follow

As a social media and internet user, you must have come across terms such as ‘thought leaders’ and ‘influencers’. Almost every business in the present time relies on the involvement of thought leaders and influencers. The large-scale rise in the popularity of agile project management has also brought many agile thought leaders to the centerstage. Their contributions to the improvement of the overall agile landscape validate their knowledge in agile project management. However, agile project management professionals should know the specific agile influencers to follow. Following the top thought leaders in agile project management can support the skill improvement of

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Agile Project Management

Understanding the Basics of Agile Project Management

The importance of project management is very crucial in the present times, considering the changing dynamics of the business landscape. However, project management is essential for addressing the requirements of time, budget, and scope of a project. With the increasing importance of project management, many project management approaches became popular over the years. One of the notable project management approaches is agile project management. The agile methods for project management provide solutions to many inherent issues in modern software development. The following discussion will serve as an introductory guide for agile software development. Furthermore, the discussion would also reflect on

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Agile Books

Top 10 Agile Books for Project Managers

The importance of project management had long remained undiscovered until now. Presently, every organization relies on project management for effective execution of their business operations with effective use of resources. Also, project management has become the foundation for drawing attention to safety and risk management in different projects. As the project management landscape grows in scale, it has also been associated with the inclusion of new concepts and methodologies for project management. However, recently, the demand for agile books has increased, and this is not something that has been brought out of the blue. So, shall we discuss what is

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Best PMI-ACP Books

What are the Good Books for PMI-ACP Certification Preparation?

If you are preparing for PMI ACP certification, you should know that the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner exam cannot be written according to just one PMI ACP book. Therefore, one has to go through and analyze a number of PMI-ACP books in order to be successful in the examination. It is so because PMI doesn’t endorse any particular references, specific review courses, resources or extraneous materials for the PMI-ACP exam preparation. The PMI ACP certification exam is based on competency as it examines the integrated set of skills, abilities, and knowledge as acquired from both practical and theoretical experiences. The

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Agile Software Development vs. Waterfall Software Development

Are you in your mid-career as a senior associate or project manager in software development? Then you must have faced the most hurdle step of decision making which is nothing but how to choose an approach for the development? And here comes the big debate over selecting among the two software development approaches agile vs waterfall. Though agile has made a storm over the decade, which development method should win over the game – agile vs waterfall that depends very much on many factors.  We all know that mass adoption of the agile process is a common scenario in enterprises

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Agile Values and Principles

Best Way to Embed Agile Values and Principles in Team Culture

Agile innovation has undergone a rapid and huge change than any other business area and revolutionized the software industry over the past 17 years. Now it is ready to transform nearly every other functional areas in every industry. But, do you know the most challenging part of executing an agile project? It’s the mindset of a team that should be aligned with agile values and principles. It’s true that many of us have an agile methodology overview and nowadays agile practices are in commonplace for developing software. But agile values and principles are yet to be adopted as a part

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PMI-ACP Certification Preparation

Steps to Achieve the PMI-ACP Certification

As the agile methodologies have shown a whole new way of IT project management, the certified agile practitioner has gained significant importance for running successful projects. There comes the craze for PMI-ACP certification preparation which is the most recognized agile project management certification across the globe. This cross-domain agile certification has correctly matched the need of standardization of agile process which the agile community was longing for some time. Not only project managers, but also for agile developers the PMI-ACP exam preparation is a giant leap towards successful agile implementation. However, the PMI prescribed course outline is vast and effective

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Flexibility of Agile

What Makes Agile So Flexible?

Do you know what makes Agile so popular in project management? As per statistics, it is the flexibility of agile that makes it 37% faster and 16% more productive than the conventional project development model. Agile does not follow the sequential execution mode of SDLC, neither it delivers the final product at the end of the project. Agile works on small deliverables, thus rolling back from an unexpected fault or adding new changes on the go is easy in this mode. And this is the real flavor of agile of flexible working! But is it so easy to make an agile so

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