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A passionate IT professional, Sparsh Goyal boasts of 4.3+ years of experience. He has worked for various projects under AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Spring Boot, Python, Microservices, RESTful, RESTFUL APIs/SOAP, Scripting, Shell and JAVA. He is also working towards gaining proficiency in Oracle Cloud PaaS, DevOps, SaaS and Docker/Kubernetes. His primary and secondary skills validate his relentless pursuits of expanding his horizon and developing more as an IT person. He boasts of the following certifications: *Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer. *AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Associate. *Oracle certified JAVA programmer.

What are Scrum roles and why it’s needed?

Scrum, being the most used form of agile is famous in market. Even if organizations not using scrum in its true sense, few of scrum roles are used globally. Slowly market is trending towards calling Scrum roles as roles required in agile way of working. The problem with scrum knowledge these days is, there is too much information available and no guarantee what is right and what is wrong. In that scenario, knowing basics of Scrum roles and why it’s needed will give a good kick start for aspirants working or planning to start work in Scrum teams. PMI ACP […]

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Stakeholder Analysis – Is it required?  

One of the major work a project manager does is stakeholder’s management. There are multiple individuals involved in a project and Project manager being the integrator and centre of project, has to satisfy all the stakeholders within the boundaries of the project. This is the reason stakeholder’s management and analysing the critical stakeholders in a project is very important for the success of the project. In this article I shall touch upon basics of Stakeholder’s analysis and the reasons, why it’s required. PMP Certification Exam Simulator for PMP Who is a stakeholder? As per PMBOK® version 5 An individual, group,

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Project Manager – An integrator, how?

Project Manager is considered as core of the projects. S/he is the one accountable for the success and failure of the project. That’s why project manager is considered as back bone of the project. There are many misconceptions about this role and many feel that it’s a very easy job. The reason behind this misconception is people think this role only does monitoring and the actual work is done by technical people. However there is a gap in understanding where people don’t understand that overall work a project manager do. In this article, we shall discuss on the multifaceted role

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Different PMI Certifications – Which one to choose?

Project Management Institute is well known institute in the field of certifications. PMI is founded in 1969 and since then evolved like anything in the field of Project Management as well as Agile and Business Analysis. PMI not only helping professionals in their career advancement by offering so many certifications but also provides globally recognised standards, resources, tools, academic research, publications, professional development courses and networking opportunities for the benefits of professionals. Professional stay in touch with the subject as well as explore new trends in the area. In this article we shall look at different PMI certifications and also

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What is the importance of Change Management in Project Management?

The one thing constant in life is change. For something so inevitable, it is better to be aware of its importance, how to deal with and how to emerge as a winner from this whole process of change management. The same is true for the projects we work as well. It’s important to both understand why change is inevitable and its importance. In this article, we shall touch upon these things so that we ready to accept the change and understand its importance to deal better with it. ULTIMATE GUIDE for Preparing PMP® Certification Exam PMP® Self Study Training –

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Build career with agile

What’s important to know to build a career in Agile?

Agile is hot in the market and so are the career opportunities in agile. As it becomes more and more important to understand and work in agile environment, the basics of agile and understanding of it has also become important. It will be very difficult for an individual to start working in a completely different environment if agile if basic know how is not gained. These basics will act as triggers to start the career move towards agile or Scrum. Scrum is mentioned as it’s the most used form of agile in organization and it is expected from aspirant, moving

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Agile Basics, Manifesto & Principles

Market dynamics are making this mandatory for professionals to have knowledge of agile. There is penalty of data and knowledge available on the internet especially for agile and confusion is where to start. Another challenge we are facing is skip the basics and jumping to the advance discussions of agile or its flavours with half cooked information. This creates lot of gaps in understanding as well as create gaps in foundation for agile as knowledge. In this article we shall be focusing on building the base for agile understanding. Many of the agile practitioners have this gap of not knowing

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Scrum – Is it mandatory to learn in today’s IT market?

Agile & Scrum has been used in market as synonyms. Majority of the time when agile is referred it is meant scrum. Agile has transitioned from an optional knowledge to mandatory knowledge in today’s IT market and that’s the reason it is very important to know agile and for that matter Scrum. In this article we shall try to understand why it has become mandatory to know Scrum in today’s IT market PMI ACP Certification Exam preparation with agile practices Top 5 Agile certifications Scrum Practice Test What is Agile? Agile is set of values and principles defined as part of

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Top 6 reasons why Agile should be a good career option

Agile demand has increased over the years, this is the reason why aspirants are keen to acquire agile skill set. Due to multiple reasons, which we shall be discussing in this article, agile has become one of the most required career move among professional. The percentage of organization moving towards agile way of working from traditional ways is increasing and that’s why agile is in demand professionals understand it very well. Any new skill in market is niche till the supply of that skill is not reached equal or more than its demand. For agile, this is still niche. Let’s

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What is Acceptance Criteria vs Success Criteria in PMP Certification?

Let’s first focus on understanding what are acceptance and success criteria from a project perspective and then delve into its differences. Clear communication plays the key role in defining both acceptance and success criteria. As per PMBOK5 “Acceptance criteria are a set of conditions that is required to be met before deliverables are accepted”. Success Criteria on the other hand is more of project management practice where success factors like cost, schedule, customer satisfaction, cost benefit analysis, ROI etc. are evaluated. Top 10 Project Management Certifications in 2017 1200 Practice Questions on PMP® Exam Simulator Acceptance Criteria Acceptance criteria are

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