Cloud Playgrounds

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AWS Generative AI Sandbox

Get your hands cloudy with AWS Gen AI Sandbox Console and master your skills.

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AWS Sandbox

Get your hands cloudy with Amazon Web Services Sandbox Console and master your skills.

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GCP Sandbox

Access Google Cloud Platform and try out things on your own.

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Azure Sandbox

This playground is intended for anyone interested in learning Azure in depth.

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Power BI Sandbox

Comes up with real-time connectivity with Microsoft Power BI & MS-office apps.

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Code Sandbox

Play area for programmers to experiment and play with code

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Jupyter Sandbox

Try out Jupyter notebooks tool for interactive data analysis and coding

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Zero Environment Setup

Whizlabs Playground offers instant access to Cloud Environments with just a few clicks - without sharing your Credit card info.

Test your Ideas & Innovations

Sandbox environment is a place to learn, explore, develop and test your ideas and innovations safely without the risk of affecting your production environment.

Secure Environment

Launch a Cloud Environment which is completely isolated from other users.

Zero Infrastructure Cost

Avoid the extra cost that you have to pay for using cloud resources in your personal account.

Cloud Sandbox Troubleshooting FAQ!