Nginx tutorial for beginners

NGINX Tutorial for Beginners (NEW) – Learn for FREE !

If you are preparing for any of the Linux Certification training, or Cloud computing certification training, you will be seeing this term ‘Nginx’ in your exam objectives. What exactly is Nginx? and What it does – We are going to explore more in this topic now. This Nginx tutorial for beginners, helps you to understand the features of this web-server and how to use them in Ubuntu Operating system. This can be used in any popular operating system and servers. Let’s start ! What is Nginx? Nginx is one of the most widely used opensource webserver. A Web server is […]

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Top 5 Linux Certifications in 2024

Tech pros, definitely, understand the importance of Linux certifications in the IT industry. After all, this is what will help you grow, be it in terms of payout or position. And, especially, if you are looking for a better position in the Linux field, attaining certain certifications is a must. With the arrival of the year 2023, every Linux professional should gain knowledge of all the certifications that they might want for a better career. In 2023, Linux continues to dominate the IT landscape, powering a vast array of servers, devices, and applications worldwide. As the demand for Linux expertise

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All Bash If Statements

Looking for a Bash scripting tutorial to learn various bash statements? Here’s the detailed tutorial on Bash If statements, let’s dive in! Bash If statements are quite useful to help you adapt the ways using which you can automate specific tasks. Bash If and Bash if-else statements allow people to make decisions within the bash scripts. Those statements put up a decision of whether to run a code or not based upon the condition set upon the statements. The Bash If statements are often combined with certain loops to help you prepare complex scripts for solving large tasks. Even though their

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Bash Scripting Tutorial

Want to learn Bash Scripting to enhance your Shell Scripting knowledge? Here’s the detailed Bash Scripting tutorial that will help you learn about Bash scripting from the scratch! Bash is stated as a superfast and robust scripting language for file and data manipulation. It is a crucial skill for the building of analytic pipelines within the cloud. It is a very concise scripting language that is favored by Linux users for working seamlessly with data stored across multiple files. Therefore, if you are interested in understanding the concept of bash scripting, then this Bash Scripting tutorial will help you to

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Linux command line tips

Top 15 Linux Command Line Tips and Tricks

As a Linux programmer, you need to know some tips that could help you complete the complex tasks in less time with the simple commands. So, here are the top Linux command line tips and tricks that will save your time! Productivity is one of the key requirements of the hour in almost every sector. If you are a Linux programmer, you must have had terrible encounters with various issues in your code. As a result, you would have ended up taking more time. On the other hand, you see your colleague achieving complex tasks with very simple commands. Check

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ubuntu server administartion for beginners training course

Ubuntu Server Administration for Beginners Training Course Launched

Recently, our revered community had many requests for a better and comprehensive training course in Ubuntu Server administration. So, we have come up with the Ubuntu Server administration for beginners training course for every aspiring Ubuntu learner. The functionalities of Ubuntu Server as a server operating system and its compatibility with almost any type of hardware or virtualization platform are its foremost strengths. Furthermore, Ubuntu Server is also open source and draws contributions from many open-source programmers worldwide. Enroll Now: Ubuntu Server Administration Training Course Learning Ubuntu Administration can be a perfect alternative for getting started with Linux. So, we

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basic Linux commands

Top 20 Basic Linux Commands You Should Know

Are you a beginner, aspiring to start a career in Linux? Check out these most common basic Linux commands that will help you get started with Linux. The world of IT is more vibrant than ever, with many new tools and uniquely diverse development environments emerging every day. Among the many foundational aspects of the IT world, Linux always holds a formidable place. The open-source operating system framework has helped many applications and servers come to life. Most of the enterprises and technology enthusiasts use Linux as their first preference while many of us are still using Windows on our

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Red Hat Linux System Administrator interview questions

Top 30 Red Hat Linux System Administrator Interview Questions   

Before exploring the Red Hat Linux System Administrator interview questions and their answers, let us give you the necessary details of the Red Hat Linux System Administrator.  He/she is the one who has the ability to handle the system administration works required in Red Hat Enterprise. The demand for a certified systems administrator is now increasing, especially for those who have a Linux certification for their skills. Besides, the average salary of an administration can go up to USD 82,000 per year. So, this is the best time for you to get into this field.  However, to get a job,

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Linux vs Unix

Difference between Linux and Unix – Linux vs Unix

Before the invention of Windows and Linux, Unix had a heavy influence in the computing world. In fact, the Linux operating system is a clone of the Unix operating system. With the latest Linux trends, the growth and demand for the Linux operating system have increased a lot. So, in this article, we will see how Linux is different from Unix i.e. Linux vs Unix. Also, we’ll compare Linux and Unix on various grounds. It all began in 1969 when AT&T developed the first portable operating system UNIX. The Unix OS was completely written in C language allowing instant modification,

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Ubuntu - the best os for programming

7 Reasons Why Ubuntu is the Best OS for Programming

Open source is the buzzword in the present IT industry. Linux is the forerunner of the open-source technologies that we use today, with Linux certification being one of the top IT certifications. Ubuntu is one of the top Linux distributions which is presently the highest used distribution. Ubuntu is the best OS for programming due to many reasons. The following discussion would outline seven distinct reasons for validating this fact. Ubuntu is available in three different editions such as Desktop, Core, and Server versions. The Core edition is for IoT devices and robots. The developer of Ubuntu is Canonical and

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