Top Cloud Management Tools

Top 15 Cloud Management Tools

Cloud computing has gained momentum in recent years. With the evolution of cloud computing, the need for cloud management tools is increasing. These tools help in the effective management of the private, public, as well as hybrid cloud environments. The software tools help in facilitating access to the software and hardware resources, processing power, and accessing the storage facilities.

The cloud management and monitoring tools enable the management of a multi-cloud platform from a single reference point. Most organizations are opting for the cloud management platform for optimizing the cloud usage and managing the overall costs on clouds.

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Top 15 Cloud Management Tools 

There are currently a number of cloud management and monitoring tools in the market that could help you with the management and monitoring of your cloud applications. These tools may be different from one another in terms of features and capabilities. So, it is not easy to choose one that could prove best for your cloud infrastructure. So, to help you out here we bring the list of top cloud management tools to get the best.

1. RackWare

RackWare is one of the top cloud management tools. It offers a hybrid cloud management platform that provides flexibility to the IT users of different enterprises. Mobility and elasticity are the two main components of RackWare. The platform of RackWare is specially designed to manage the workloads of the complex applications and automate the movements. It is effective in reducing the cost of the IT solutions as well as minimizing the cloud expenditures. It is a useful tool for cloud migration, disaster recovery, and other computer services across the physical as well as a virtual cloud environment.

2. Apptio

Apptio is another cloud management tool that helps in rationalizing the spending of the cloud environment. With the use of several software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools, Apptio offers access to many dashboards and tools. This helps in monitoring different IT resources in the complex cloud environment. Apptio provides vendor insights, cloud cost management, and IT financial management. Apptio is a tool that specializes in technology business management.

3. Snow Software

Snow Software is among the popular cloud management tools that help in the efficient management of cloud resources. The software platform is widely used by organizations and offers an option of ‘snow for clod resource’ for effective management. The management tool offers a solution for consumption tracking, cloud discovery, and inventory. Snow software offers detailed insight into the SaaS applications and IaaS resources. The software also provides the IT professionals the ability to view the on-premise as well as cloud assets in a single place.

4. IBM Cloud Orchestrator

IBM Cloud Orchestrator provides cloud management for the private, public, and cloud environments. The platform allows the provisioning, configuration, integration, as well as addition of service management. With the use of policy-based tools, it helps in automating the provisions of the clod services.

The cloud management platform reduces the provisioning times and enhances as well as accelerates the service delivery times. The platform offers a self-service interface for monitoring, managing, and securing the cloud environments within minutes. It ensures the automation of the manual workloads that are prone to error. The customizable and advanced functionality features help in the simplified management of cloud services.

5. OneOps

OneOps is an open-source cloud management platform. It was released in the year 2016 by the retail giant of the US, Walmart for general cloud management. It can function well across all the different popular public cloud options. The platform offers visibility to the users to view all the applications across the cloud environments. This helps in monitoring, repairing, as well as scaling of the different networks. OneOps also enables the movement of applications from one cloud environment to another to enhance its performance or cut down the costs.

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6. Metricly

Metricly is one of the best cloud management tools to cut costs. It helps the organizations in monitoring the cloud usages and integrating the infrastructure and applications. It also helps in the monitoring of the overall public cloud costs. The platform offers excellent webinars, tutorials, and online support for enhanced cloud management.

Metricly is one of the cloud management tools that are perfect for modern businesses. The flexible dashboard of Metricly enables the users to add specific monitoring as per their choice. It offers three plans that include machine learning monitoring, AWS cost optimization, and cost and monitoring bundle. The machine learning monitoring plan helps in highlighting the anomalies of the public cloud environment.

7. DataDog

DataDog is one of the top cloud management tools that offer monitoring services for the management of cloud cost as well as cloud usage. It is ideal for being used in hybrid cloud environments. The cloud management software is capable of collecting metrics from more than 200 companies. The platform enables the easy creation of readable data for storage and cloud usage. The simple dashboard of DataDog helps in displaying real-time, accurate data. Simply dragging and dropping the required metrics helps the users to monitor all they want.

8. DivvyCloud

DivvyCloud is one of the cloud management tools that focus on cloud compliance, security, and governance. The intelligent systems of the platform help in delivering real-time insights about the cloud deployments and offers programmatic controls for the users to take action. DivvyCloud offers users the ability to work with major cloud providers like Google, AWS, and Azure. The platforms provide an analysis of cloud spending and enforce policies to manage cloud costs. It ensures optimum compliance with all the cloud standards and regulations.

9. HP Helion Cloud Suite

HP Helion Cloud suite is another open-source cloud management platform that offers control for the services hosted in the public, private, and managed cloud. It helps in reducing costs and simplifying the operations of the entire infrastructure. The centralized dashboard of the HP Helion Cloud Suite helps in controlling the resources of the different business infrastructures within the whole organization.

The platform ensures improved performance, compliance, availability, and data protection for enterprises. HPE Helion can operate in a multi-cloud platform as well as in the hybrid cloud platform. It also assists in automating manual tasks, managing performance, improving efficiencies, modernizing IT delivery, and enhancing security.

10. BMC

BMC is a popularly known best cloud management tools to cut costs. ‘Truesight capacity optimization’ is a cloud cost management service that helps in ensuring cost optimization and cost-effectiveness. It offers faster IT delivers and reliable cloud services. It is one of the cloud management tools that provide better control and visibility to the users to optimize resource usage, enhance performance, and reduce costs. The dashboard of BMC software offers a report that helps the users to track the post transactions and monitor costs.

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11. Cisco CloudCenter

Cisco CloudCenter is one of the best cloud management software. It is a multi-cloud management tool that helps in managing the multiple data centers, public as well as private cloud environments. The use of the Cisco CloudCenter helps the users to select the most suitable cloud environment depending on the performance and price of the tools.

12. Cloudyn

Cloudyn is one of the widely used cloud optimization tools. The software of Cloudyn helps in monitoring the various cloud resources and offers practical suggestions to optimize cloud usage. It offers a solution for multi-cloud optimization and monitoring. It is one of the cloud management tools that support Google, Azure, and AWS Cloud with accountability as well as full visibility. The software platform also offers cloud trends to the users to help business organizations avoid paying more. All the required information of the users is made available through the email alerts and the dashboard of Cloudyn.

13. Cloudability

Cloudability is one of the best cloud management software. The software offers data-driven cloud cost management. It uses detailed metrics and offers business organizations information and insights about their cloud spending. The software helps in monitoring the cloud usage of the business. It also generates budget alerts to inform the business of financial spending on the cloud environment and reducing the costs in possible ways. The software also offers daily email reports to help business organizations stay informed about their cloud spending.

14. HPE Hybrid Cloud Management

HPE hybrid cloud management is one of the popular cloud optimization tools. The tool offers devops-driven management solutions for multi-cloud environments and hybrid cloud environments. The tools help in enhancing the responsiveness and efficiency, and assists in improving the IT agility. The cloud management tool allows users to enhance their ROI through proper management.

15. Cloud Management Suite

Cloud management suite is known to offer advanced and predictive IT management inside and outside of your network. You can access and use it through the web browser so there is no need to download. Its patch management helps to keep the desktop, laptop, and remote users up-to-date and managed with the latest updates in Microsoft as well as third-party software. The cloud management suite ensures higher security with two-factor authentication.

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Final Words

The cloud management and monitoring tools help in monitoring the different applications in the cloud environment and enable performance optimization and enhancement. The automation and management of repetitive manual tasks is another feature of management tools. The tools also allow easy customization and offer flexibility to the users for effective control. Cost management is an important aspect of cloud management platforms.

Optimizing the cloud is the ultimate aim of the cloud management platform. With the Cloud management tools, productivity, and efficiency of the organizations are sure to increase. Thus, to have a successful career as a cloud professional, it is important to know about these cloud management tools. To get one step ahead in your cloud career, you can also validate your skills with a cloud certification. 

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