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Java SE 11 is in the market for some time, and the demand for Java SE 11 certification has been increasing continuously. Therefore, the demand for Java 11 certification books is also at an all-time high. Candidates preparing for the Java SE 11 Developer certification and following the Java certification path would need comprehensive Java SE 11 books. However, it is also very difficult to find a Java 11 certification book because it’s new in the market.

Presently, the Java SE 11 Developer certification is one of the toughest Java certification exams and candidates find it harder than previous Java certification exams. So, if you are preparing for the SE 11 Java certification exam, then you should have the right tools at your disposal. With a relevant and reliable Java 11 certification book, you can cover major topics in the exam syllabus with ease. The following discussion would outline some of the top Java 11 books that you should read during your Java 11 certification preparation.

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Introduction to Java 11 Certification 

Before moving ahead towards our discussion on Java 11 certification books, let us find out details about the exams. With the new Java SE 11, you have to qualify two exams for achieving Java SE 11 developer certificate. Now, you don’t have the opportunity to achieve an associate-level certification in Java SE 11 Developer certification.

Therefore, candidates have to pass both Java SE 11 Programmer I 1Z0-815 exam and Java SE 11 Programmer II 1Z0-816 exam to become Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Developer. Also, you should note that the Java SE 11 certification path includes another exam for an upgrade. The upgrade exam is suitable for Java professionals with previous certifications in Java 6, 7, or 8.

The Upgrade OCP Java 6, 7 & 8 to Java SE 11 Developer exam is ideal for upgrading your certification. Now, with all these exams, the difficulty is not going any lower. Therefore, candidates need the ideal Java 11 certification book to prepare for these exams.

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Finding the Best Java 11 Certification Book

When looking for the best Java 11 certification book, you should note the exam topics. The syllabus for Java SE 11 certification is very similar to the Java SE 8 certification exam. Therefore, you need to have a strong grasp of concepts in Java 8 as well as in Java 9, Java 10, and Java 11.

The Java 11 certification book you choose shall have the capability to cover the broad range of topics. So, you need to have books that can teach basic concepts as well as ones that could help you practice the concepts. Let us take a look at some of the proven Java 11 certification books that you can purchase for the Java 11 certification preparation.

1. OCP Java SE 11 Programmer I Exam Fundamentals by Hanumant Deshmukh

The first entrant among the best Java SE 11 books is “OCP Java SE 11 Programmer I Exam Fundamentals” by Hanumant Deshmukh. This was probably the first one of the books to become a certified Java 11 Developer. In the initial stages when Java SE 11 had just been launched, this book was the only guide for students. Java professionals with experience in earning Java SE 11 certification have commended this study guide on many occasions.

The importance of this study guide and the efforts put by author Hanumant Deshmukh in compiling this guide are striking. The most important highlight of this Java SE 11 book is the alignment of its content with exam topics. Also, this book makes dedicated efforts in providing an in-depth explanation of each exam topic.

Interestingly, the book does not stop at the in-depth explanation of exam topics only. If needed, this Java 11 certification book also focuses on exploring other related concepts for providing clarity to readers. Another interesting thing in this book is the facility of different quizzes and exercises along with color-coding for different topics. Color-coding can provide ease of reading the book and accessing the desired learning outcomes.

The quizzes and exercises also help candidates maintain their knowledge about recently learned topics. One of the traits in this book makes it the best Java 11 certification book. The author, Hanumant Deshmukh, provides helpful exam tips and tricks for candidates. Some of the interesting tips in the book include ways for eliminating answers, which can help considerably with multiple-choice questions. Candidates could top up this book with the support of online certification courses from reliable providers such as Whizlabs or Udemy.

Furthermore, you can also get the best out of this ideal Java SE 11 book by taking Whizlabs practice tests. The practice tests for Java SE 11 on Whizlabs contain over 600 questions that help candidates clear their doubts. The practice tests could evaluate a candidate’s accuracy and speed for ensuring success in the exam with the first attempt.

2. Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Developer Complete Study Guide by Jeanne Boyarsky and Scott Selikoff

The second popular mention among top Java 11 certification books is the “Java SE 11 Certification Study Guide” by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarsky. Both of the authors are known as best-sellers when it comes to the domain of the Oracle Java certification. The book would be available on November 26, 2019, which is pretty soon. However, the study guides which the two authors publish on their blog clearly show the potential expected from this book.

Interestingly, you will find distinct books for Java SE 11 Programmer I 1Z0-815 exam and Java SE Programmer II 1Z0-816. However, you will find the study guide for the latter exam as a part of a complete set. You can access these books on Amazon paper as well as in e-book formats. These books to become a certified Java 11 developer provide custom practice exams to test your knowledge.

Each book in the complete set has around 200 electronic flashcards to make your studies interesting. The facility of searchable key term glossary also makes these books better than any Java 11 certification book. Most important of all, these books are now a standard part of any Java SE 11 certification kit. Even if the books provide custom practice tests, you should go for Whizlabs practice tests on Java SE 11. It’s better to verify your capabilities thoroughly before the exam, isn’t it?

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3. The Java Module System by Nicolai Parlog

The next entry among top Java 11 books is “The Java Module System” by Nicolai Parlog. This Java 11 certification book is ideal for candidates who aspire to score better in Java SE 11 certification. Also, this book helps in learning more about Java modularity. The different types of examples and migration strategies for applications involving modules in this book indicate its comprehensiveness.

You should note that modules would be the topic of many questions in Java SE 11 certification exams. Therefore, candidates for Java SE 11 certification should not undermine the importance of this book. The most interesting highlight of this book is that one of the authors of the previous book on this list, i.e., Jeanne Boyarsky, read this book for passing her OCP Java SE 11 certification. That surely points towards credibility, doesn’t it? Furthermore, this book is a recommended read for any Java developer due to its explicit focus on modules.

4. Java 9 Modularity by Sander Mak

You should never miss out on “Java 9 Modularity” by Sander Mak for your Java SE 11 Developer certification preparations. This book is known for its credibility due to its author, Sander Mak. Sander is an instructor for the best Java courses on Pluralsight and is also renowned as a Java champion. You can find many similarities between this book and the previous book in this list. However, the interesting factor about this book is the ease of reading this book.

Candidates could find a preview of this book on Amazon and decide whether it suits their learning style before purchasing. The potential benefit of this book is the facility for taking support from training courses by Sander Mak on Java 11. If candidates face any difficulties in understanding this book, they can always opt for Sander Mak’s course on Pluralsight known as “Java 9 Modularity: First Look”. It’s a lot better to grasp concepts by going through a course rather than reading a book. Practice helps, doesn’t it?

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5. What’s New in Java 11 by Sander Mak

Another popular mention among the top Java 11 books is “What’s New in Java 11 course” by Sander Mak. Candidates should not confuse this for an official book as it is more like a brief course on Java 11. You can use this course along with other courses of Sander such as “What’s New in Java 8”, “What’s New in Java 9,” and “What’s New in Java 10”. These courses help you cover all the updates introduced in Java releases. Going through these different courses could help you gain a better understanding of important Java 11 features and concepts.

Final Words

So, now you must have figured out the ideal Java 11 certification book for you, haven’t you? The Java SE 11 certification path is not an easy one to tread, albeit with the promise of a rewarding career. The complexity of the exams and diverse assortment of books on Java SE 11 can make it difficult for choosing the right book.

However, candidates should always focus on the exam topics and understand them well before choosing a book. Furthermore, students should also consider their learning style for choosing the right book for their exam preparations. Most important of all, candidates should also anticipate the importance of training courses and practice tests to make the most of these books! 

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