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Exam DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution – Preparation Guide

Have you successfully passed the DP-203(earlier named as DP-200) exam and now heading to DP-201 to become a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate? Here’s the comprehensive guide for your DP-201 exam preparation.

Data is the formidable driver of success for businesses in the present time. The cloud storage has made data collection very easier at cost-effective prices. Microsoft Azure is one of the most widely used cloud service providers in the cloud market. Therefore, the demand for skilled professionals in data engineering for applications and services hosted on Azure increases every day.

So, how can you ensure a profitable career as an Azure data engineer? Microsoft Azure has recently added certifications DP-203(earlier named as DP-200) and DP-201 for the Azure Data Engineer Associate role in the list of Azure certifications. We’ve previously covered the DP-203 exam preparation guide and the following discussion will give you an answer to this question alongside an outline of the DP-201 certification preparation guide. 

If you are aspired to validate your data engineering skills on the Azure platform, Microsoft Azure data engineer certification preparation should be on your mind. Let’s get ahead with an overview of the Azure Data Engineer Associate certification and then we’ll move to the DP-201 exam preparation.

Latest Update: The exam DP-200 & DP-201 has been expired on August 31, 2021 and the name changed to DP-203.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer Associate

Before we proceed ahead with this discussion on DP-201 exam preparation, let us reflect on the details first! As you all know, data is the elixir that keeps an organization running with its top performance at all times. An Azure data engineer is responsible for the management of organizational data and ensuring optimal performance alongside privacy.

The Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate certification is ideal for candidates who want to become azure data engineers. However, the azure data engineer associate certification exam has two constituent exams such as the DP-203 and DP-201 exams. A candidate has to qualify both the exams for obtaining the Azure data engineer associate certification from Microsoft. So, every DP-201 certification preparation guide should provide basic information about the DP-203 exam also!

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DP-203: Implementing an Azure Data Solution

The exam DP-203 has the title ‘Implementing an Azure Data Solution.’ This exam forms one important half of your preparation for Azure data engineer associate certification. The DP-203 exam tests the abilities of candidates in the following domains.

  • Implementation of data storage solutions.
  • Management and developing data processing.
  • Monitoring and optimization of data solutions.

Candidates have to cross DP-203 as a major prerequisite to start their DP-201 exam preparation. The registration fee for the DP-203 exam is USD 165 as of the time of writing this guide. The exam is available in four different languages, such as English, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. Now, let us move towards the focus of attention in this discussion, i.e., the DP-201 exam.

DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution

Microsoft came up with the two new exams, i.e., DP-203 and DP-201 on January 31, 2019 for the Azure data engineer role. The Exam DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution is ideal for any IT professional with a desire to start a career in data analytics. Candidates with previous experience in following job roles can also consider the importance of the DP-201 exam for their career.

  • Data engineers.
  • Data architects.
  • Data analysts.
  • Data scientists.

You do not have to obtain any mandatory certification i.e. DP-203 to appear for DP-201. The exam is an associate-level certification exam and is related to the DP-203 exam. The basic prerequisites, however, are imperative for every candidate’s success in the exam. Candidates should have fluency in programming fundamentals as well as the SQL syntax for commencing their DP-201 exam preparation. The preferable option for candidates is to qualify the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam. Candidates should note that this exam is not a mandatory prerequisite but can validate your in-depth knowledge of Azure basics. 

DP-200 Exam Preparation

DP-201 Exam Information

The DP-201 exam is available in four different languages, such as English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese. Candidates can register and schedule for the exam through Microsoft’s official website. The registration fee for Exam DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution is USD 165. The total time given for the examination is 210 minutes, i.e., 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Out of the total duration, candidates would get 180 minutes, i.e., 3 hours to answer the questions. Candidates should use the remaining 30 minutes for reading instructions, signing the Non-Disclosure Agreement, and providing feedback after the exam. The general format for Microsoft exams involves 40 to 60 questions, although the exact number of questions in the DP-201 exam is unknown.

The types of questions in the DP-201 exam also serve as important highlights for candidates to improve their preparation effectiveness. The questions in the DP-201 certification exam could be a single choice, multiple-choice questions or case study-based questions. Also, you can receive questions with repeated answer choices, drag-and-drop actions, drop-down lists, and build lists.

Check out the below table to have a quick look at the Microsoft Azure DP-201 exam information:

Exam DP-201: Designing an Azure Data Solution

Exam Title Designing an Azure Data Solution
Exam Code DP-201
Associated Certification Azure Data Engineer Associate
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Exam Duration 180 Minutes (Total 210 Minutes)
Number of Questions 40-60
Exam Fee US$ 165
Exam Languages English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese

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Domains Covered in DP-201 Exam

Now, let us proceed with our discussion on DP-201 exam preparation with an outline of the different exam domains. Every DP-201 study guide draws its foundation from the important domains in the exam. A closer look at different domains in the DP-201 exam can help candidates find out the target topics for preparation. The DP-201 certification exam tests the ability of candidates in different technical tasks.

The abilities refer to designing Azure data storage solutions, data processing solutions, and designing for data security and compliance. The review of domains in the DP-201 exam provides an advantage to candidates by narrowing the range of topics to cover. So, let us dive right into the following DP-201 study guide to support your exam preparations.

  • Designing Azure data storage solutions (40-45%)

The first domain in the study guide refers to designing Azure data storage solutions. This domain includes around 40 to 45 percent of questions in the DP-201 exam. The subtopics in this domain include the following.

  • Recommending an Azure Data solution according to requirements.
  • Designing relational and non-relational cloud data stores.
  • Designing data processing solutions (25-30%)

The next important domain for your DP-201 exam preparation deals with designing data processing solutions. This domain can be the basis of around 25 to 30% of the questions you find in the DP-201 exam. The subtopics in this domain are as follows.

  • Design batch processing solutions.
  • Design real-time processing solutions.
  • Designing data processing solutions (25-30%)

The third domain in the DP-201 exam deals with designing for data security and compliance. Candidates can expect around 25 to 30% of questions in the DP-201 exam from this domain. The different subtopics in this domain include the following.

  • Designing security for source data access.
  • Designing security for data policies and standards.

Candidates have to go through a comprehensive evaluation of each subtopic and the important concepts in each domain. Most important of all, attention to the weight of each domain in the DP-201 exam can help candidates. With this information, candidates could distribute their efforts accordingly to prepare for the different domains.

Steps to be Followed for the DP-201 Exam Preparation

You must have known a lot about the DP-201 exam by now! However, knowing the exam in detail and clearing it are completely different things. The essential instrument for the candidates to ensure success is a DP-201 exam preparation guide. Let us take a look at the different steps to prepare effectively for the DP-201 exam alongside some expert tips.

  • Visit Official Certification Page

The official website of Microsoft is the first place that candidates should visit for their DP-201 exam preparation. The DP-201 exam official page can help you learn the exam objectives. It can also provide info about the exam format and the types of questions. Furthermore, you can also find detailed inputs on any revisions in the exam domains from the official site. For example, recently, the domain area of the design of data storage solutions was reorganized into two broad categories. Staying updated with the exam information is the foremost step in a candidate’s preparation.

  • AZ-400 Practice Tests

    Enroll for Online Training Courses

The next important step in this DP-201 exam preparation guide refers to online training courses. The best source for online training is Microsoft Learn. The different course delivery modes for exam training can suit the learning needs of any candidate. Also, you have the option to choose from reliable online certification training providers for your AZ-201 exam preparation. These platforms give flexible access to learning materials and classes by professionals and experts in Azure data engineering.

  • Read Some Recommended Books

You should not undermine the importance of recommended books for the DP-201 exam. Presently, you can find difficulties in identifying the apt recommended books and reading for the DP-201 exam. It is new in the market, and you may have to depend on Azure Docs for your preparations. You can also opt for readings on Microsoft Learning Paths for Azure Data Engineers and Azure Solution Architectures.

  • Leverage the Benefit of Practice

The final yet most dominant step in every certification exam preparation refers to practice tests. Practice tests help a candidate to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in different domains of DP-201. Most important of all, candidates can use practice tests to improve acquaintance with the exam format.

Candidates could learn about the type of questions they can expect in the actual DP-201 exam from practice tests. Also, candidates could gain knowledge on new concepts from challenging questions in the practice tests. Candidates could also learn new ways of approaching questions and solving them correctly faster.

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Final Words

On a closing note, the journey of DP-201 exam preparation could be easy on the basis of the dedication candidates invest. The process of applying for the DP-201 exam is very simple. Candidates could start their preparations right away with the information in this exam Azure DP-201 preparation guide. However, candidates have to take note of many other factors for ensuring profitable results in the DP-201 exam.

Experts’ tips for exam preparation always come in handy for you to secure better scores. For instance, stressing too much about the exam will only hamper your mental and physical health. Therefore, you should not overthink the exam outcomes and focus on the natural flow of their preparation. Most important of all, make sure that there is someone to support you through the journey. 

So, follow this definitive guide for your DP-201 exam preparation to get fully ready for the exam. It is also advisable to take DP-201 practice tests before sitting in the real exam as they boost your confidence and prepare you to pass the DP-201 exam in the first attempt.        

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