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How to Prepare for Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] Exam?

Previously we covered the comprehensive guide for 1Z0-815 exam preparation for those who are aspired to get the Java SE 11 Developer certification from Oracle. If you’ve passed the 1Z0-815 exam, it’s time to prepare for the 1Z0-816 exam. Start your preparation with this comprehensive 1Z0-816 exam preparation guide.

The Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer certification is reputed within the technological industry primarily as one of the most trustworthy evidence for a candidates’ skills. The OCP: Java Developer certification has attained its current reputation owing to the fact that candidates’ have to prove themselves against a rigorous testing environment.

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To be titled with the Oracle Certified Professional tag, a candidate has to pass two examinations – the Java SE 11 Programmer I | 1Z0-815 and the Java SE 11 Programmer II | 1Z0-816. So here, to prepare you to get the Java SE 11 developer certification, here we’ll cover the detail of the 1Z0-816 examination along with the preparation guide that you should know to pass the exam.

Basics of Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816]

 To achieve the certification of Java SE 11 Developer, one needs to pass two certification exams; the first one is Java SE 11 Developer I 1Z0-815 exam while the second one is Java SE 11 Developer II 1Z0-816 exam. So, the second examination to attain the OCP certification is officially titled as the Java SE 11 Programmer II and is associated with the 1Z0-816 exam number. Now we’ll first have the basic details of the exam such as exam information, exam objectives, etc, and then will move to the 1Z0-816 exam preparation guide.

Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] Exam Information

The aforementioned examination strictly follows a multiple choice question framework and comprises of 80 MCQs for the candidate to answer. The completion duration for this exam is 3 hours i.e. 180 minutes with the passing bar set at 63% score.

This essentially means that a candidate needs to answer at least 52 questions correctly in order to pass the examination. The Java SE 11 Programmer II is firmly validated with the concepts of Java 11 SE build of the programming language. 

  Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] Exam Information

Exam Title Java SE 11 Programmer II
Exam Number 1Z0-816
Associated Certification Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer
Validated Against Java 11
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Number of Questions 80
Exam Duration 180 Minutes
Passing Score 63%
Exam Fee US$ 245


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Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] Exam Objectives

To optimally prepare for the examination, it is crucial that you create your schedule around the objective guidelines provided by Oracle. The following enlists the primary examination objectives that you need to focus on to pass the examination.

Fundamentals of Java

  • Creating and using final classes
  • Creating and using nested, inner, and anonymous classes
  • Creating and using enumerations

Interfaces of Java

  • Creating and using interfaces with the default methods
  • Creating and using interfaces with private methods

Lambda Expressions and Functional Interfaces

  • Defining and writing functional interfaces
  • Creating and using lambda expressions with statement lambdas and lambda parameters

Built-in Functional Interfaces

  • Using interfaces from the java.util.function package
  • Using the core functional interfaces including Consumer, Predicate, Supplier, and Function
  • Using binary and primitive variations of the base interfaces of the java.util.function package.

Migrating to Modular Applications

  • Running modular applications on the modulepath and classpath
  • Using jdeps for identifying ways to address the cyclic dependencies and for determining dependencies
  • Migrating a Java-developed application with bottom-up and top-down migration approach


  • Writing a thread-safe code
  • Identifying threading-related problems such as livelocks and deadlocks.

I/O (NIO2 and Fundamentals)

  • Writing the console and file data using the I/O streams
  • Using the I/O streams to write and read files
  • Using the path interface for operating on the directory and file paths
  • Using the Stream APIs with the files
  • Using the Files class for copying, checking, and deleting a directory or file
  • Writing and reading objects using serialization

Database Applications with JDBC

  • Connecting to the databases using the DriverManager and JDBC URLs.
  • Using PreparedStatement for performing CRUD operations
  • Using CallableStatement and PreparedStatement APIs for performing database operations.


  • Describing the purpose of typical usage patterns and annotations
  • Applying the annotations to methods and classes
  • Declaring custom annotations

Exception Handling and Assertations

  • Using the try-with-resources construct
  • Creating and using custom exception classes
  • Testing invariants by using assertations

The above-mentioned are some of the primary examination topics that you should be creating your preparation schedule around. However, there are other examination topics other than the ones described above which can be found here.

Definitive Guide for 1Z0-816 Exam Preparation

It is recommended to follow the right preparation path to pass the 1Z0-816 certification exam. If you get the right preparation guide, it means you’ve chosen the right path for success. Only with a definitive guide, you can create a perfect schedule for the exam preparation and follow that to prepare and pass the exam.

So, here we bring this comprehensive 1Z0-816 exam preparation guide that will get you ready to pass the certification exam on the first attempt. The followings are the detailed important steps that you should consider while creating your 1Z0-815 exam preparation schedule.

  • Go through the Official Certification Link

To create the ideal preparation schedule, it is critical that you are aware of all the important aspects of the certification exam. Regardless of how detailed some online guides might be, you should always rely on the information provided on the official certification page for the 1Z0-816 exam. The official page will enable you to create the perfect outline for what you need to prepare in order to attain the certification.

  • Join 1Z0-816 Exam Training

Like the priorly discussed 1Z0-815 examination, the Java SE 11 Programmer II also has a dedicated training module created by Oracle. It is recommended that you consider taking the aforementioned 1Z0-816 exam training by Oracle mainly because it is curated specifically to walk the enrolled candidates through the essential concepts that are asked within the examination. You can either choose from the ‘Training on Demand’ or ‘Live Virtual Classroom’ as your preferred training format.

  • Read Relevant Referential Guides

The Java SE 11 Programmer II is relatively new and is, therefore, lacking in an array of dedicated referential guides. Fortunately, the exam primarily involves the main Java 11 concepts, you can choose from a number of reliable referential books. To properly prepare for the examination, it is suggested that refer multiple books based on Java SE 11 to effectively understand the involved concepts.

  • Join Study Groups and Discussion Forums

While preparing for the examination, there are inevitably going to be roadblocks that might hinder your understanding of the concepts. Therefore, to be confident that you can properly overcome said roadblocks, it is suggested that you join discussion forums and study groups. Owing to the same, you can take the aid of other candidates who are attempting the examination to adopt more efficient preparation methods. As an added perk, there is also the potential that you might discover more reliable tips for preparing.

  • Take Practice Tests

Regardless of your preparation efforts, if you are unable to adapt to the specific examination format, the assessment might prove as something difficult for you. To better adapt to the framework of the certification exam, the correct method is to take regular practice tests from a reliable source. Additionally, through the practice tests, you can also acquaint yourself with the frequently asked questions for the examination.

  • Schedule Your Exam

To attempt the examination, you have to schedule the same. To assure that there is an added sense of convenience, you should schedule your examination with your preparation schedule in mind. This will allow you to choose the most comfortable date for the examination without compromising on your preparation schedule.

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Expert Advice for 1Z0-816 Exam Preparation

There are always minor details that are not mentioned on the Oracle’s certification page. These minuscule pieces of information can, at times, prove to be critical for creating the ideal preparation path. The ideal source for attaining to the aforementioned information is the Java developers who have priorly attempted the 1Z0-816 certification exam or have managed to clear the same. 

Knowing More About the 1Z0-816 Examination

The Java 11 SE Programmer II examination loosely follows the OCP 8 1Z0-809 assessment format. However, it is worth noting that the 1Z0-816 is not identical to the OCP 8 1Z0-809 assessment. The Java SE 11 Programmer II examination merely takes inspiration for the framework and the outline of the OCP 8 1Z0-809 assessment. The weight of the involved examination topics differs drastically from the OCP 8 1Z0-809 examination. Therefore, it is recommended that you don’t entirely create your preparation schedule to be identical to the OCP 8 1Z0-809 schedule.

How Difficult is the 1Z0-816 Examination?

The Java SE 11 Programmer II can be described to have a similar format with the OCP 9 1Z0-809 examination. Added to the difficulty, the concepts involved are relatively more in-depth compared to the OCP 8 1Z0-809 examination. Therefore, it is required that you have a remarkable understanding of the concepts related to the Java 11 SE build of the coding language.

Can You Use the OCP 8 1Z0-809 Referential Books for 1Z0-816 Exam Preparation?

If you’re planning to entirely depend on the OCP 8 1Z0-809 referential guides for the Java SE 11 Programmer II 1Z0-816 exam examination, you’d be wiser to consider other relevant books along with the same. The same is suggested mainly because of the fact that the 1Z0-816 examination is only loosely based on the priorly-mentioned examination. Considering the same, it is crucial that you refer to other Java 11-based guides to properly prepare for the 1Z0-816 exam preparation.

What are the differences between OCP 8 1Z0-809 and 1Z0-816 Examination?

The Java SE 11 Programmer II adds several other Java 11-based concepts within its assessment course. Additional to the examination topics, the 1Z0-816 certification examination also discusses the specified concepts in extreme detail. Therefore, it is required for attempting candidates to practice their Java skills within a reliable and practical environment to gain a better understanding of the involved concepts.

Final Words

The Oracle Certified Professional: Java 11 Developer certification is renowned within the community and is certain to smooth your path to a brighter career. However, it also demands that you put in a respectable amount of efforts in polishing your pre-existing coding skill set. Provided that you pass both the Java SE 11 Programmer I and Java SE 11 Programmer II to attain the certification, you can optimally secure your future within the coding domain.

So, if you’re the one who has passed the 1Z0-815 exam, start your preparation for the 1Z0-816 exam. If you haven’t yet passed the 1Z0-815 exam, follow the comprehensive 1Z0-815 exam preparation guide and start your preparation to become an OCP Java SE 11 Developer.

Wish you the best!

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