Java SE 11 Programmer I 1Z0-815 Exam Preparation

How to Prepare for Java SE 11 Programmer I [1Z0-815] Exam?

Want to become an Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer? Follow this 1Z0-815 exam preparation guide and take the first step to achieve your goal.

Newly launched Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer certification comes with great importance in this technology world. Owing to its rigorous and extensive coverage of the essentially advanced concepts of Java (Standard Edition) 11, possessor of this certification is deemed as the ideal professional for Java-based programming and application development.

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To gain the Oracle Certified Professional title, you require to attempt and pass both Java SE 11 Programmer I [1ZO-815] and Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] examinations. If you’ve already passed the [1ZO-815] exam, you should start the [1Z0-816] exam preparation.

If you’re an aspiring candidate who wishes to ace the Oracle’s Java SE 11 Developer Certification, you need to take Java SE 11 Programmer I (1ZO-815) exam as the first step. The following Java SE 11 Programmer I, 1Z0-815 exam preparation guide will provide you with insightful details to achieve the same.

Introduction to Java SE 11 Programmer I [1Z0-815] Exam

The certification above is officially referred to as Oracle Certified Professional (OCP): Java SE 11 Developer certification. There are two certification exams associated with this credential titled as, Java SE 11 Programmer | 1Z0-815 examination and Java SE 11 Programmer | 1Z0-816 examination. It is also worth noting that the 1Z0-815 examination is the first certification exam for this credential.

The 1Z0-815 exam is created solely for the certification and hence, is known to cover a wide range of essential concepts related to Java SE 11 build of the programming language. The same has been thoroughly validated with the Java 11 to justify its involvement in the certification.

Java SE 11 Programmer I 1Z0-815 Exam Information

The Java SE 11 Programmer 1Z0-815 exam involves the candidate answering a total of 80 multiple choice-based questions within the duration of 180 minutes (3 hours). To pass the examination and gain the certification, the participating candidate needs to score at least 63% of the total marks. This means that out of the 80 questions, to pass the examination, a candidate has to answer 51 questions correctly at a minimum. The registration fee for the 1Z0-815 certification exam is US$150 currently. You can refer to the table below to have instant insight into the Java SE 11 Programmer 1Z0-815 exam information:

  Java SE 11 Programmer 1Z0-815 Exam Information

Exam Title Java SE 11 Programmer I
Exam Number 1Z0-815
Associated Certification Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer
Validated Against Java 11
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Number of Questions 80
Exam Duration 180 Minutes
Passing Score 63%
Exam Fee US$ 150

Have Passed Java SE 11 Programmer I [1Z0-815] exam? Take the next move and start your preparation for the Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] exam with this comprehensive 1Z0-816 exam preparation guide.

Java SE 11 Programmer I 1Z0-815 Exam Objectives

As mentioned above, the Java SE 11 | 1Z0-815 examination is created to cover a wide range of available Java 11 concepts and Java 11 features from the most basic to the most advanced level. To aid you in creating an efficient 1Z0-815 exam preparation schedule, here we enlist the topics and sub-topics that the examination covers.

  • Understanding Java Technology and Environment
    • Describing Java Technology and Developer Environment
    • Identifying Main Features of Java Language
  • Creation of Basic Java Program
    • Creating a functional Java program with the Main Class
    • Compiling and Running a Java Application through the Command Line
    • Creating and Importing Packages
  • Working with Java String APIs and Primitive Data Types
    • Declaring and Initializing Variables
    • Identifying the Scopes of Variables
    • Using Interference of Local Type Variables
    • Creating and Manipulating Strings
    • Manipulating the data through the StringBuilder Class and Related Methods
  • Using Java Arrays
    • Declaring, Instantiating, Initializing a 1D Array
    • Declaring, Instantiating, Initializing a 2D Array
  • Using and Creating Methods
    • Creating Constructors and Methods with Arguments and Returning Values
    • Invoking and Creating Overloaded Methods
    • Applying Static Keyword to other Fields and Methods
  • Re-Utilizing Implementations Via Inheritance
    • Creating Superclasses and Subclasses
    • Creating And Extending Abstract Classes
    • Enabling Polymorphism by Overriding Methods
    • Using Polymorphism for Casting and Calling Methods
    • Differentiating between Overloading, Hiding, and Overriding
  • Handling Exceptions
    • Advantages of Exceptions Handling and Differentiating between Checked, Unchecked Exceptions, and Errors
    • Creating Try-Catch Block and Learning How Exceptions Alter Program Flow
    • Creating and Invoking a Method that throws Exceptions
  • Utilizing Operators and Constructs for Decisions
    • Using Java Operators Including Parenthesis for Overriding Operator Precedence
    • Using Java Control Statements Including if, if/else, and switch
    • Creating do/while, while, for, and for each loop with nested loops inclusion.
  • Describing Classes and Objects
    • Declaring Java Objects and explaining Objects’ Lifecycle
    • Defining Structure of Java Classes
    • Reading or Writing to Object Fields
  • Applying Encapsulation
    • Applying Access Modifiers
    • Applying Encapsulation Principles to a Class
  • Programming Abstractly Through Interfaces
    • Creating and Implementing Interfaces
    • Differing Class Inheritance from Interface Inheritance
    • Declaring and Using ArrayList and List Instances
    • Understanding Lambda Expressions
  • Understanding Modules
    • Describing Modular JDK
    • Declaring Modules and Enabling Access Between Modules
    • Describing How Modular Projects are Combined

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A Comprehensive Guide for 1Z0-815 Exam Preparation

To ensure that you’re effectively preparing for the 1Z0-815 certification exam, it is crucial that you create an effective preparation schedule and follow a comprehensive preparation guide for 1Z0-815 exam. To do the same, there are few pointers that one should consider. The followings are the detailed important steps that you should be taking into account before creating the ideal preparation guide for 1Z0-815 exam.

  • Visit the Official Certification Page

To ideally prepare for the examination, the initial requirement is to acquaint yourself with the framework and outline of the examination. Knowing the common format, types of questions and the duration for completion will help in adapting to the ideal preparation schedule for the examination. To know more about the examination, the optimal method is to visit the official certification page where you can find all the insightful details i.e. from basic information to exam objectives about the certification examination.

  • Take the 1Z0-815 Examination Training

To introduce yourself to the concepts covered in the examination, it is suggested that you take the 1Z0-815 Training Course enlisted on the official Certification Website. The training course walks you through attaining all the necessary skills required to attempt the examination. Added to that, you can choose your preferred training format as Training on Demand or Live Virtual Classes. With Training on Demand, you’ll get 90 days access to the relevant course guides and assessments whereas, with the Virtual Classes, you’ll get five days of virtual classroom experience which are curated by industry experts.

  • Refer to the Relevant Guides

    Since the Java SE 11 Programmer | 1Z0-815 Examination is relatively new; there are no dedicated course guides for the same. Fortunately, there are innumerable referential books available both online and as physical softcopies for preparation. Since the examination covers the essential concepts of Java 11-based programming, any reliable Java 11 guidebook can aid you to prepare for the examination effectively. Therefore, it is recommended that you incorporate the relevant Java 11-based guides into your preparation schedule for efficient learning.

  • Gain Some Hands-on Experience

To effectively learn about the Java 11-based concepts, theoretical understanding alone will never prove to be enough. Therefore, it is recommended that you practically attempt to implement all the concepts on a physical system to ensure that you’ve attained a respectable grasp over the specified concepts. This will also aid you to discover exceptions and anomalies which might not be described in the referential guides.

  • Join Discussion Forums and Study Groups

The ideal way to prepare and learn the essential concepts for the examination is to collaborate with other candidates going through the 1Z0-815 exam preparation. The most efficient way to do so is joining discussion forums and other reliable study groups online. This is recommended mainly because it can aid you in answering any doubts you might have during your 1Z0-815 certification preparation. The additional perk of joining study groups and discussion forums online is the fact that you can discover new and more efficient tips to prepare for the examination owing to the contributions of other participating candidates. You can join the Whizlabs discussion forum to start a discussion with the industry experts.

  • Take Practice Tests

It is extremely important that you assess your attained knowledge regularly to gauge how much more you need to prepare for passing the examination. The ideal way to do so is by attempting reliable practice tests consistently. Practice tests can acquaint you with the most commonly asked questions within the examination while also helping you to adapt to the question types and the duration of the examination. As an added benefit, practice tests can also aid you in scheduling your examination to ensure that you answer the maximum questions within the set time limit. It is always recommended to take those practice tests that offer a few free questions, and Whizlabs is the one.

So, these are the steps that constitute the comprehensive Java SE 11 Programmer 1Z0-815 study guide. Just follow these steps and prepare well, and you will be all ready to take and pass the Java SE 11 Programmer 1Z0-815 exam.

Expert Advice to be Followed during 1Z0-815 Exam Preparation

There will always be a few insights characteristics of the examination that will not be defined anywhere on the official website. These aspects include the frequently asked questions or the depth of the involved questions. These minuscule details can have a significant impact on your preparation schedule and hence, are recommended to be taken into account as a defining factor for your schedule. The most reliable source to attain these insights are the candidates who have either appeared in the examination or have successfully cleared it. To ease the task of seeking the same, the following is a compiled list of all the expert advice that you should consider before taking the examination.

  • Things to Note

The Java 11 SE Programmer | 1Z0-815 examination might appear to be similar to the OCA 8 1Z0-808 certification exam. However, you’ll be wise to realize that it is only loosely based on the examination above. Some of the covered concepts to overlap in both of the examinations. But the 1Z0-815 examination is considerably more detailed and in-depth when compared to the 1Z0-808 examination.

The newly created 1Z0-815 examination takes the concepts of the OCA 8 1Z0-808 assessment, dials the difficulty, and adds new concepts related to the Java 11 version. Therefore, using OCA 8 referential books alone wouldn’t be the wisest choice while preparing for the new 1Z0-815 certification examination. Also, to gain the Certified Professional title, you require to attempt and pass both Programmers I (1ZO-815) and Programmer II (1Z0-816) examinations.

  • Added Concepts

One of the new concepts added to the 1Z0-815 exam objectives is Modules. Initially, one would think that, since it is a newly added concept, the weight wouldn’t be that significant for the same. You’d be entirely wrong if you go to attempt the examination with that mindset. The 1Z0-815 examination is brimming with questions related to Modules. Added to that, the questions are also in-depth in their level of complexity. Therefore, it is recommended that you prioritize the newly added concept within your 1Z0-815 exam preparation schedule to increase your chances of passing the examination.

  • Reference Guides

The most frequently asked question about the 1Z0-815 examination is if individuals can use the OCA 8 reference books to prepare for the 1Z0-815 certification examination. The answer is NO. Using the prior OCA 8 book alone as your preparatory guide won’t be sufficient for passing the examination since several additional concepts need to be prepared. However, using the OCA 8 guides in tandem with other reliable Java 11 course guides could prove to be enough resource for the examination.

If you’re looking for a recommendation on the ideal reference guide, the “Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer I Study Guide: Exam 1Z0-808″ book written by Jeanne Boyarsky, and Scott Selikoff could serve as the reliable book of choice to prepare for the examination.

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To Conclude

The 1Z0-815 exam preparation guide above can effectively aid you in preparing for the 1Z0-815 certification exam. Following this comprehensive guide preparing through good preparation resources will lead you to the path of passing the 1Z0-815 exam. To gain more insights about the examination, you can visit the Whizlabs discussion forum and participate in the conversation with those who have recently attempted or passed the examination. Added to that, you can scout the market for other relevant referential guides for the examination.

With the aim of helping developers in getting certified, we bring Java SE 11 Developer [1Z0-815] Practice Tests. So, join us now and get ready to become Oracle Certified Profes

Have any questions? Just write in the comment section below or write to us at Whizlabs Helpdesk, we’ll get back to you in no time!

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