1Z0-817 Exam Preparation

OCP Java 11 Upgrade: 1Z0-817 Exam Preparation

Want to upgrade your OCP Java 6, 7 or 8 certifications to Java 11 Developer certification? Here we bring the definitive guide for 1Z0-817 exam preparation that will help you pass the 1Z0-817 exam; thus upgrade your OCP Java 6, 7 or 8 certifications to Java 11 Developer certification.

The Oracle Certified Professional certification is renowned within the technological community. It is primarily the ideal evidence of candidate’s Java-based coding knowledge i.e. Java developer skills. However, Java is a constantly updating coding platform. So, it is required that the candidates, who priorly held the OCP: Java Developer certification, consistently update their knowledge about the theoretical concepts of Java with the latest build of the programming language.

With the recent release of the Java SE 11 Developer certification, individuals who previously held the Java 6, Java 7 or Java 8 OCP certification can simply attempt and pass the OCP Java 11 Upgrade exam i.e. 1Z0-817 exam to upgrade both their certification and skillset to Java 11 standards.

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Basics of OCP Upgrade Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-817 Certification Exam

Unlike the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 examinations, the 1Z0-817 Upgrade OCP examination requires you to have a prior Java-related OCP certification. The Upgrade Java 11 OCP exam is associated with 1Z0-817 as its official examination code. The examination is officially titled as the Upgrade OCP 6, 7, & 8 to Java SE 11 Developer. For ease of understanding, we’ll be referring to the same as the Upgrade Java 11 OCP exam for the rest of the guide.

Upgrade Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-817 Exam Information

However, much like their initial counterparts, the Upgrade Java 11 OCP examination follows a Multiple Choice Question-based format within the examination. The aforementioned certification exam consists of 58 MCQ questions. To pass the examination, a candidate has to secure at least 61% of the total available marks. This basically equates to the candidate needing to answer a minimum of 36 questions correctly in order to pass the certification examination. The standard cost for participating in the Upgrade Java 11 OCP examination is US$150 as of the publishing date of this guide.

Check out the table below to have a quick look at the 1Z0-817 exam information:

Java SE 11 Developer Upgrade [1Z0-817] Exam Information

Exam Title Upgrade OCP Java 6, 7 & 8 to Java SE 11 Developer
Exam Number 1Z0-817
Associated Certification Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer Upgrade
Validated Against Java 11
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Number of Questions 80
Exam Duration 180 Minutes
Passing Score 61%
Exam Fee US$ 150

Upgrade Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-817 Exam Objectives

To upgrade your OCP 6, 7 and 8 Java certification and prepare well for the 1Z0-817 certification exam, it is highly important to understand the exam objectives. By knowing the list of topics and subtopics covered in the exam, you can focus your study on those topics covering every single detail and give your preparation a new edge. So, here is the list of domains covered in the Upgrade Java 11 OCP 1Z0-817 exam. You can also go through Java 11 features before you go ahead.

Understanding the Java Modules

  • Describing the Modular JDK
  • Declaring the modules and enabling access between related modules
  • Describing the functioning of a modular project

Services in Modular Applications

  • Describing the components of Java Services including directives
  • Designing a Service, loading the services using the ServiceLoader, checking for dependencies for the services including the provider and consumer module

Java Interfaces

  • Creating and using the method in Java interfaces
  • Defining and writing functional interfaces

Lambda Operation on the Streams

  • Extracting the stream data using the peek, map, and flatMap method
  • Searching the stream data using search methods findAny, anyMatch, allMatch, findFirst, and noneMatch method.
  • Using the optional classes
  • Performing calculations using max, count, min, average, and sum stream operations
  • Sorting a Java collection using the Lambda Expressions
  • Using the collectors with Java streams including the partitioningBy and groupingBy operation

Java File I/O

  • Using the Path Interface to operate on a file and directory paths
  • Implementing the Files class to delete, check, move, or copy a file or directory
  • Using the Stream API with Files

Migrating to a Modular Application

  • Migrating a Java-developed application through bottom-up and top-down migration techniques.
  • Using jdpeps to determine Java dependencies and for identifying a way for addressing the cyclic dependencies

Local-Variable Type Inference

  • Using local-variable type inference
  • Creating and using lambda expressions with the local-variable type inferred parameters

Lambda Expressions

  • Creating and using lambda expressions
  • Using method references and lambda expressions
  • Implementing the built-in functional interfaces including Consumer, Predicate, Supplier, and Function.
  • Using binary and primitive variations of the base interfaces of java.util.function package

Parallel Streams

  • Developing the code to use parallel streams
  • Implementing reduction and decomposition with streams

Language Enhancements

  • Using try-with-resources construct
  • Developing the code for handling multiple exception types in a single catch block

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Comprehensive Guide for the 1Z0-817 Exam Preparation

For creating the ideal preparation schedule, gathering the relevant intel about the examination is crucial. Added to that, diligently following the reliable 1Z0-817 exam preparation guide can aid in enhancing the efficiency of the overall process. To enable you to do the same, the following details a few of the critical steps that you should consider for developing an ideal schedule for your 1Z0-817 exam preparation.

  • Visit the Official Certification Page

For the optimal start, while preparing for the Upgrade Java 11 OCP examination, your initial step should be to acquaint yourself with the basic details for the Upgrade Java 11 OCP certification assessment. The most reliable and ideal place for getting information about the examination is the 1Z0-817 official certification page. Since the page is curated by Oracle itself, the same serves as the perfect source of information related to the Upgrade examination during your preparation.

  • Take the Recommended Training Course

Oracle has also created a training course that is intended to bestow the relevant theoretical understanding of Java 11-based concepts. The same is considered to be relevant to the examination primarily because of the fact it is specifically created and recommended by Oracle. Taking this course can be helpful in your 1Z0-817 exam preparation and to achieve the Upgrade OCP Java 11 Examination.

There are two formats of the training course that you can choose from – Training on Demand and Live Virtual Classroom. With Training on Demand format, you’re provided with 90 days of unrestricted access to the related training content so that you can learn at your own pace. With the Live Virtual Classroom, you’ll be attending virtual classes hosted by industry-experts to effectively learn the concepts related to Java 11. Both of these modes will make you familiar with the concepts of Java 11 and give your 1Z0-817 certification preparation a new edge.

  • Read Relevant Books

The Upgrade Java 11 OCP exam is relatively new, so there are not many dedicated referential guides for the same. However, since the examination only covers the newly added concepts of Java 11, you can depend on any reliable Java 11-based referential guide to prepare ideally for your examination. With the same, it is also suggested that you avoid being dependent on a single guide. To optimally understand the recently added concepts of Java 11 for your 1Z0-817 exam preparation, we would suggest that you read multiple books based on the recent build of the programming language.

  • Join Discussion Forums and Study Groups

Owing to your priorly-attained OCP certification, it’d be comparatively easier for you to grasp the concepts of Java SE 11. However, while learning something new, obstacles are almost virtually impossible to avoid. Therefore, to ensure that the hindrances don’t affect the effectiveness of your 1Z0-817 certification preparation schedule, we’d suggest that you join reliable discussion forums and study groups.

Owing to the same, you’d be able to swiftly overcome any issues that you might have while reading on the Java 11-related concepts. Added to that, these discussion groups might also aid you in integrating your preparation schedule with more efficient tips through the aid of aspirants within the forums.

  • 1Z0-816 Practice Tests

    Take Practice Tests

With consistent preparation, there is also another aspect of acing the examination – proper time scheduling. Much like any other examinations, the Upgrade Java 11 OCP assessment provides the enrolled candidate a limited duration for completing the examination. Considering the depth of the questions asked in the examination, it is important that you adapt yourself to the restrictions that the assessment places on you. The most effective method for doing the same is to regularly take the relevant practice tests.

These practice tests can not only help you to adapt to the specific framework of the 1Z0-817 examination but can also aid you in with scheduling your provided completion duration. As an added benefits, taking a practice test from reliable sources can also enlighten you about the frequently asked questions within the exam, giving your 1Z0-817 exam preparation a new edge.

  • Schedule Your Exam

Since the Upgrade Java 11 OCP examination is known to dive deep with the Java 11-related concepts, having a considerable preparatory duration between registrations and attempting the examination is important. Oracle gives you the choice to schedule your examination based on your convenience and preferences. Therefore, it is suggested that you prioritize scheduling your examination according to your preparation plan to ensure that you are given a justifiable duration for developing an understanding of the newly added concepts in Java 11 SE.

While preparing for the Upgrade exam to become Java SE 11 Developer, it is important to understand what’s new in Java 11. Check out our previous blog to understand all about the Java 11 Features.

Frequently Asked Questions on Java SE 11 Developer Upgrade Exam

There are always minor details about the examination that are rarely ever mentioned on the official certification website. Added to that, these minuscule bits of information have the potential of drastically altering your preparation schedule.

Considering its significance, these supposedly minor details should be gathered and the most reliable source for the same is candidates who have attempted or already cleared the examination. To ease the task of seeking the same, we’ve compiled a detailed list of frequently asked questions related to the 1Z0-817 examination.

What is the difference between 1Z0-817 and 1Z0-815/1Z0-816 examinations?

The Upgrade Java 11 OCP examination is designed for those candidates who have attained a prior Java-based OCP certification. The Java 6, Java 7, and Java 8 OCP certification holders aren’t required to take the Java SE 11 Programmer I and Java SE 11 Programmer II examination to attain the OCP: Java 11 SE Developer certification. Instead, they can directly take the Java SE 11 Developer Upgrade Exam and become an OCP Java SE 11 Developer.

How difficult is the 1Z0-817 examination?

Considering the pre-existing certification that you already possess, the exam should be justifiably on the medium range when it comes to difficulty. That is, however, after assuming that you’ve effectively absorbed the newly added Java 11 concepts. The Upgrade Java 11 OCP examination is known to be incredibly in-depth while asking candidates question about the added Java 11 concepts. Therefore, it is suggested that you brush up on your prior Java knowledge.

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Final Thoughts

Java SE 11 Developer Upgrade exam is intended to Upgrade SE 6, 7 & 8 OCP Java certification by those who have already taken these prior OCP Java certifications. For a Java developer, it is highly recommended to validate his skills on the latest standard editions of Java. So, if you have already taken Java 6, 7 or 8 OCP certification, it’s time to upgrade it with the Java SE 11 Developer Upgrade 1Z0-817 certification exam.

Follow the above-mentioned preparation guide for 1Z0-817 exam preparation and get ready for the exam. As stated in the preparation guide, practice tests help the candidates to get familiar with the real exam. We recommend you to take 1Z0-817 practice tests to boost your confidence level before sitting in the real exam.

So, wish you the best for the 1Z0-817 exam!

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