150+ Cloud Thought Leaders and Next Generation Leaders of 2021

150+ Top Global Cloud Thought Leaders and Next Generation Leaders of 2024

It is loud and clear that Cloud Computing is fundamental to the new wave of digital transformation. In the year of 2020, with everyone working from home, better cloud storage and computing strategies have helped many organizations to grow higher while some were struggling to adapt to the changes. This is where the Cloud Thought Leaders and Next Generation Leaders stepped in. With immense presence in social media and public forums, many of the leaders have shared their views, the struggles they have faced and the ways they have overcome professionally as well as personally.

Whizlabs Global Thought Leader - The Evaluation CriteriaHere is the list of top 150+ Global Cloud Thought Leaders who have shown their excellence and have taken Cloud Computing strategies to the next level.

Note: The list given below is a general list irrespective of any ranking or order. All the Thought Leaders and Next Generation Leaders present in the list have impacted the Cloud Computing domain significantly and influenced many in their own way!

Rick Blaisdell – Chief Technology Officer at Motus, LLC, Cloud Expert 

Rick BlaisdellRick is a well experienced CTO who can offer cloud computing strategies and services to reduce IT operational costs and thus improve the efficiency. He has over 20 years of experience in product and business development, and high tech experience with Fortune 500 companies. His blog Rick’s Cloud recently celebrated 10 years of cloud computing. “When we look back, it’s quite interesting to see how technology has developed over the past decade, and Rick’s Cloud is a testimony of all these changes” –  He said in his blog post named Rick’s Cloud – 10 years of Cloud Computing. Currently he works as a CTO at Motus, LLC.

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David Linthicum – Chief Cloud Strategy officer at Deloitte Consulting

David LinthicumTitles suitable for David are endless. His success was first recognized 7 years ago when he was named as one of the top 9 Cloud Pioneers in Information week. He started off his cloud journey back in the eighties, and now he is a Cloud Thought Leader, Executive, Author, Speaker and a Consultant. In his 35 years long career, he had worked as CTO five times and CEO two times for both public and private companies. David is also a contributor to IEEE Cloud Computing and has published countless number of articles and books over the years. His technical concepts including Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and advanced distributed computing architectures are still in use as a foundational concept in many organizations. Currently he is working as a Chief Cloud Strategy officer at Deloitte Consulting.

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Duncan Epping – Chief Technologist for Cloud Platforms at VMware

Duncan EppingDuncan is a VMware Certified Design Expert, and surprisingly he is amongst the first few people to get certified in VCDX007. He is currently VMware’s Senior Director and Chief Technologist for Cloud Platforms. During his 13+ years of journey in the field, he has become an answer to the questions regarding Storage, Availability, Virtualization and Cloud to many. In an interview with us, he has shared that a successful career starts and ends with communication. He is a regular keynote speaker at IP EXPO, Partner Exchange and VMUG User conferences globally. His personal blog Yellow Bricks is all about VMware related virtualization. He says “Yellow Bricks, building blocks for virtualization are solid, but flexible at the same time because you can virtually build anything.” He chose the name of the blog from the Arctic Monkeys song, Old Yellow Bricks, and is a must read for anyone who is planning on expanding their career in cloud computing or virtualization.

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Vanessa Alvarez – Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, Co-Founder of Nexme

Vanessa AlvarezVanessa has been featured in Forbes and Huffington Post as one of the Top Women in Cloud Computing and she is without a doubt one of the Top Cloud Computing Experts. She believes that to succeed in Tech, everyone should be willing to do hard things. She created a brand for herself as the first step towards her successful career. She co-founded Nexme, a real estate marketplace in Washington state. She has worked at Amazon, Forrester and in a few emerging startups in Silicon Valley. Currently she works at Microsoft and concentrates mainly on cloud computing, edge computing, distributed systems and architecture, and a little bit of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Ian Moyse – Chief Revenue Officer at OneUp Sales, Technology Sales Leader, Cloud Social Influencer, Keynote Speaker and Blogger

Ian MoyseHis passion for computing started at the age of 14 and he realized that his skills are at best used in the sales field. From there to management role and now he is a chief revenue officer at OneUp Sales. He guest blogs at Oracle, IBM, HP, SAP, SAGE, Huawei, Commvault, Equinix, Cloudtech. Maximiser, Miller Heiman and more. He is indeed a wave in LinkedIn as we have got more mentions of his name in our LinkedIn post by his followers when we were searching for Cloud Thought Leaders of 2021. Some of his must read write-ups are 5 Pillars of Innovation, The 20/20 Vision of Cloud, and Making Smart Cloud Choices in Uncertain Times.


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Lori MacVittie – Principal Technical Evangelist, Office of the CTO at F5 Networks

Lori MacVittieLori’s specialties range from application development to application integration, application infrastructure, application delivery, application security, cloud, SDN, and DevOps. Over the last 14 years, she has been working with F5 Networks where she focuses on the applicability of emerging technologies to the change in the target market and industry at large. Lori’s must read blogs are The Third Wave of Cloud is Cresting, The Fourth Wave of Cloud is Imminent and Will the Emerging Edge Fix My Digital Gaming Experience?.


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Drew Houston – Founder and CEO at Dropbox, Board of Director at Facebook

Drew HoustonDrew started off his career as a Software Engineer. Later worked in a few companies named other startups which include Bit9, Accolade and HubSpot. He founded Dropbox in 2007 and now he is currently working as a CEO. He recently joined the board of directors of Facebook.


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Dana Gardner – President and Principal Analyst at Interarbor Solutions, Cloud Expert, AI & IT Strategist, IT Trend Influencer

Dana GardnerDana started his career as a journalist and editor in global technology industry news and over the years, he has developed his interest in Cloud Computing and in turn became an IT Trend Influencer. In 2005, he founded a project-based media concern Interarbor Solutions pioneered in a sponsored multimedia content development business model. His blog helps IT planners and users to gain value and vetted insights in terms of production, hosting, distribution and much more. Dana’s BriefingsDirect is a must read blog for anyone who is planning to grow their career in Cloud Computing.

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Bernard Golden – Executive Technical Advisor at VMware and Technology Visionary

Bernard GoldenBernard was named as one of the top ten most influential people in Cloud Computing by Wired,com. He has said in his blog Bernard Golden that the core truth of our times is that technology is central to our way of living and it’s changing faster and faster with each day. Individuals and businesses must adopt new technologies or risk being left behind. 30+ years of experience has led him from Software Engineer to CEO, Vice President and currently he works at VMware.

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Marc Weaver – Founder of Databasable, AWS Cloud Migration Expert, Top Ranked AWS Consultant and Solution Architect

Marc WeaverMarc has started his career as an in-house IT consultant for large investment banks in New York, London and Sydney. Now, he is the top ranked certified AWS Solutions Architect specializing in business, application and data center migrations to the AWS cloud. In 2015, he founded Databasable as an IT consultancy that specializes in all things AWS. He mainly focuses on creating secure, highly available and cost efficient environments in the AWS cloud that meet all modern compliance standards including SOC2, HIPAA, and PCI.


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Brandon Butler – Senior Research Analyst at IDC

Brandon ButlerBrandon Butler works as a Senior Research Analyst at IDC’s Network Infrastructure group covering Enterprise Networks. He has served as a founding member of IDG’s Tech Talk Video podcast, and is a frequent guest speaker at trade and industry shows. He has provided expert opinion across several media channels regarding technology and market trends, forecasts and competitive analysis in Ethernet switching, routing, wireless LAN, and adjacent emerging segments such as SDN and SD-WAN. His research and analytical reports that are available at IDC profile page are a must read for anyone who is interested in Cloud and Networks.

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Gordon Davey – Cloud Services Global Business Owner at SoftwareONE

Gordon DaveyGordon is expert in raising awareness of what cloud computing can do for enterprises, and help them adopt the right Cloud solutions for their business. Even though he is pretty direct and straightforward, his simplification of cloud computing methods have made him a thought leader without a doubt. His 20+ years of experience has made him an expert in Cloud Computing Strategy & Governance, Cloud Centre of Excellence leadership, Cloud Migration, IaaS/PaaS and Public/Hybrid Cloud.

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Jeff Barr – Vice President & Chief Evangelist at Amazon Web Services

Jeff BarrJeff is a believer in continuous learning and education. He started his career while he was in high school as a part-time employee at a computer store and then he worked at a variety of small to large organizations, served as VP of Engineering for startups, worked at Microsoft, Amazon, and worked on his own. He has hit 3000 blog posts for the AWS blog in 2018. His remarkable capability to distill complex technical ideology into crisp and clear form resonates with AWS customers. My First 12 Years at Amazon.com is a must read for anyone who’s searching for inspiration for Cloud Computing journey.

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Werner Vogels – Chief Technical Officer at Amazon, Scientist, Programmer, Executive, Engineer, Investor, Mentor, Advisor

Werner VogelsWerner started off with Amazon as a Director of Systems Research and now he is the vice president and CTO and has been working there for over 16 years. Before Amazon, he was a Research Scientist at Cornell University. His blog “All Things Distributed” is a must read for anyone who is interested in scalable and robust distributed systems. 

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Scott Guthrie – Executive Vice President at Microsoft

Scott GuthrieScott started his career at Microsoft as a General Manager. From there, he has grown his career and now he is the Executive Vice President. As the Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Cloud and AI Group, Scott is responsible for Microsoft’s Cloud, Server, AI, Database, Business Apps, Security, Management and Development Tools. The engineering team he leads is responsible for building and maintaining Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, Windows/Windows Server, HoloLens, Visual Studio/Visual Studio Code, GitHub, SQL Server, and Power BI. 

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Tristan Nitot – Entrepreneur, Author and Podcaster

Tristan NitotHe has started off his career as a computer engineer. He has built his career in technologies that empower people and building communities. He addresses his audiences about technology, its possibilities and limits and a speaker at technology conferences. Over his 20+ years of experience, he had promoted the Web, Open Source, Digital Sovereignty, Digital Privacy and now he mainly emphasis on Sustainable & Green IT in conferences


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Meet the CEOs - Cloud Thought Leaders 2021


Adrian Cockcroft – VP Amazon Sustainability Architecture at Amazon

Adrian CockcroftWhat happens next fascinates Adrian. He is currently developing best practices for sustainable product architecture. His career took a trip from Software Engineer to Cloud Expert and now as a Vice President in organizations like EBay, Netflix, CNCF and Amazon. He concentrates on helping AWS customers understand how to apply sustainability practices to their business. He is also building a team to coordinate and manage the many ways AWS interacts with the Amazon Worldwide Sustainability organization.

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Wendy Nather – Head of Advisory CiSOs, Cisco

Wendy NatherHaving 40+ years of experience, Wendy’s specialities range from Security Program Management, Threat Intelligence, Risk Analysis, Identity and Access Management, Security Operations and Incident Response, Application Security, Security Services.

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Lydia Leong – VP Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research, Cloud Computing Expert

Lydia LeongLydia is a seeker of input through information, opinions and experiences. Her keen interest has made her understand the links between business strategy and information technology and now live at the intersection of business and technology. Lydia is a well known Cloud Computing Expert in the industry and can be safely called as a Cloud Pandit. Her blog post about An Analyst Day in the Life: Plague Year Edition is a must read for anyone interested in the job role of an analyst. She is currently working as a VP Distinguished Analyst in Gartner Research. 

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Michelle Bailey – GVP/GM & IDC Research Fellow at IDC, Speaker at Leading Industry Events

Michelle BaileyMichelle has more than 20 years of experience in the field of research in statistics, data analytics, consulting and market research. She is a frequent speaker at Leading Industry Events. As a GVP at IDC, she leads Buyerview portfolio which mainly focuses on customer insights for transformational technologies such Cloud, AI & Security. Also, leads technology for Social Impact (TSI) research spanning the climate & environment, diversity & inclusion, communities at risk. Before IDC, she was a WITI advisory board member advocating for women in technology internationally. She later founded IDC’s Women in Technology research program.

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Lauren E Nelson – VP, Research Director at Forrester, Cloud Analyst, MIT Ultimate Coach

Lauren NelsonHer life is all about research! She started as a research assistant and now she is Vice President and Research Director at Forrester. As a Research Director for the Infrastructure & Operations team at Forrester, she is responsible for gathering client requirements and analyse insight to develop the team’s overarching cloud, HPC, and operations research themes across our 12-month research agenda. She also oversees the development of individual research plans, report outlines, research methodology, drafts and graphics; editing each research report for quality and excellence. She oversees the development and delivery of team and individual advisory and consulting offerings for cloud, HPC, and operations. Also providing Forrester’s coverage of open source, cloud strategy, and diversity & inclusivity (D&I) practices. Her Research Recap — Cloud And Tech Operations articles are a must read for anyone who’s interested in her research. February recap is attached here.

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Manjula Talreja – Chief Customer Officer PagerDuty, Board Member, Analyst, Cloud Expert, Ex-Salesforce, Ex-Cisco

Manjula TalrejaOver the 18+ years of experience in the industry, Manjula has identified the power of customers and he has an exceptional skill in transforming the journey of companies in order to create world-class customer experiences and success. As a Chief Customer Officer, she is expert in cloud-based subscription models, automation and data analytics to drive customer adoption of software and reduce churn.

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George Anadiotis – Founder, Researcher, Writer at Linked Data Orchestration, Analyst, Consultant, Engineer, Journalist

George AnadiotisGeorge’s brand is Linked Data Orchestration and its motto is “Got tech, data, and media, and not afraid to use them.” He enjoys researching and writing about cutting-edge concepts and developing and applying technology. He has served Fortune 500, several startups and NGOs as a consultant. He also works with top-tier organizations as an independent analyst.

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Mark Lynd – Cloud Thought Leader and Keynote Speaker for Cybersecurity, AI & IoT, Head of Digital Business CISSP, ISSAP & ISSMP

Mark LyndMark has always been an active practitioner of security and AI with the experience of leading numerous AI roadmaps, security assessments and compliance and governance efforts including GDPR, CCPA, SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, NERC/FERC/CIP and FISMA. He is a driven executive and a military veteran who helps in casting innovative digital transformation for companies and measurably builds on it. His specialities include CyberSecurity, IoT, Blockchain, Crypto, Artificial Intelligence, Private Equity, Venture, Cloud, Big Data, Mobile, Social, 5G, CIO, Governance, Due-diligence, STEM, Data Centers.

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David Skok – General Partner at Matrix Partners, Founder of Four Companies, Board Member of Many Organization

David SkokA five time serial-entrepreneur turned vice president, David is best known for his blog For Entrepreneurs. The blog has been rated #1 by Inc. magazine and #2 by Forbes as the website for entrepreneurs. It covers topics ranging from SaaS business model, metrics to repeatable, scalable, and profitable growth. He founded four companies named Skok Systems, Corporate Software Europe, Watermark Software, and SilverStream Software. He has said in his blog that during his initial days in business, he has faced failure and that’s what motivated him to start the blog as a helping hand to all new entrepreneurs.

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Kevin L. Jackson – Author, Business Adviser, Technologist, Social Influencer, ex-CEO, Ex-COO

Kevin L JacksonKevin explains Cloud Computing as a business strategy. He has mentioned several times that Technology Education is his passion and that’s what motivated him to start his company GovCloud Network. He uses his platform to write about business technology through white papers or simple write ups. GovCloud Network is a must read for anyone who’s looking for revolutionary business models.

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Jason Bloomberg – President at Intellyx, Keynote speaker, Forbes contributor, Digital Transformation Influencer, DevOps Influencer, Author

Jason BloombergJason is the founder and president of Intellyx where he finds his time to write, advise and speak on a variety of topics including Digital Transformation, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, Big Data, and etc. He has written 200+ articles in Forbes and has had a readership of more than a hundred thousand. Jason is the author or coauthor of four books – The Agile Architecture Revolution (Wiley, 2013), Service Orient or Be Doomed! How Service Orientation Will Change Your Business (Wiley, 2006), XML and Web Services Unleashed (SAMS Publishing, 2002), and Web Page Scripting Techniques (Hayden Books, 1996). He is currently working on his next book – Agile Digital Transformation.

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David Friend – President and CEO at Wasabi Technologies, Philanthropist, Co-Founded 7 companies, Board Member to many organizations

David FriendWasabi is a revolutionary cloud storage company that was co-founded by David. He is the best example of a serial entrepreneur. He had co-founded 7 companies over his 16+ years of career. Other than his interest in technology, he is a respected philanthropist, a musician and also a collector of gems and minerals.

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Evan Kirstel – B2B Thought Leader, Influencer, 

Evan KirstelWith 30 years of experience, Evan has helped B2B tech brands like AT&T Business, Intel, Qualcomm, 3M, Telefonica, HPE, Samsung and Ericsson. He is currently working on building an influencer network of fellow B2B thought leaders to help brands achieve massive visibility and scale across the social media landscape in areas like Mobile, Blockchain, Cloud, 5G, IoT and more. He is a globally recognized thought leader in IoT, Cloud Data Security, Health Tech, Digital Health and many more.

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Sven Ringling – Director Germany and Digital HR Consultant at Adessa Group, Speaker, Author

Sven RinglingDigital transformation is Sven’s passion. Over his 25 years of career, he has learned that people, process and technology are inseparable. He works with organizations in EMEA on their digital transformation journey. Currently SAP HXM Solutions Advisor at Orbis AG and prior to that, he was a Director Germany and Digital HR Consultant at Adessa Group.

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Prof Bill Buchanan – Professor at Edinburgh Napier University, Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE), A Serial Innovator

Bill BuchananProf Bill believes in the power of education and supports innovation from every way possible. He has published over 30+ academic books, and over 300+ academic research papers. He has won ”Outstanding Contribution to Knowledge Exchange” award and was included in the FutureScot “Top 50 Scottish Tech People Who Are Changing The World.” His areas of expertise are blockchain, cryptography, trust and digital identity. He currently leads the Blockpass ID Lab and the Centre for Cybersystems and Cryptography. 

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Kashyap Kompella – CEO and Chief Analyst at RPA2AI Research, Best Selling Author, Columnist

Kashyap KompellaAt PRA to AI (PRA2AI) Kashyap advises global corporations, venture capital/private equity firms and govt agencies on AI Investments, Enterprise AI, & AI Ethics. Having 20 years of experience as an industry analyst, P&L leader, management consultant, Kashyap is an advisor to leading companies and start-ups across US, Europe and Asia-Pac. He is an author of the bestseller “Practical Artificial Intelligence” and also a columnist at Business Line, Info Today (US), Speech Tech (US), and has often contributed to Forbes.

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Helen Yu – Founder, CEO of Tigon Advisory Corp and Board Director of Global Cybersecurity Association, Fortune 500 Advisor, Keynote Speaker, IBM Top 10 Global Thought Leader in Digital Transformation, Top 50 Women in Tech

Helen YuHelen’s expertise ranges from digital transformation, AI, cloud computing, Cybersecurity, IoT and Marketing and she has been recognized as a global thought leader in all these areas. She is without a doubt one of the top women in the tech field. Helen’s new book “Ascend Your Start-up: Conquer the 5 Disconnects to Accelerate Growth” will be released on May 25 of this year. From Helen’s 15 years of first-hand experience in tech start-ups, readers will learn the 5 fundamental growth disconnects that trap start-ups in the cliffside, keep them from reaching the summit and touching the sky. Ascend Your Start-up also empowers founders and CEOs to self-reflect and grow, posing a thoughtfully architected set of 26 essential questions you can ask yourself in order to scale your business.


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Rashim Mogha – Executive Vice President and GM at Skillsoft and Founder at eWOW, Author of Amazon Best-Seller FastTrack Your Leadership Career, Keynote Speaker

Rashim MoghaRashim is passionate about creating business value by empowering and enabling leaders. Her exceptional ability to drive and execute business strategies has helped the customers adapt to changes and earn multi-billion dollar revenue. In her career as a global leader, she has inspired many to dream big, innovate, learn how to find solutions, and create and execute their plans. Her book Fast-Track Your Leadership Career: A Definitive Template for Advancing Your career! (Women Taking Charge) is a best-selling book on Amazon and definitely a must read!

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Rajashree Rao – Head of AI Innovation Hub, Partnerships & Ecosystem (APAC) at R² Data Labs at Rolls-Royce, Global Thought Leader, Keynote speaker

Rajashree RaoOver her 20 years of career, Rajashree is a mentor in next-gen technologies such as AI, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Robotics, Industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT, Blockchain, and Smart Cities/Nation across industry verticals. She has been recognized as a global industry thought leader, a visionary, and advisor. Currently she works as the Head of AI Innovation Hub, Partnerships & Ecosystem (APAC) at R² Data Labs at Rolls-Royce and also acts as an Advisory Board of Indian Institute of Technology, Ropar.

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Lee Atchison – Thought Leader, Industry Cloud Expert, Owner at Atchison Technology

Lee AtchisonOver his 34 years of career, Lee is committed to architecting and building high scale, cloud-based, service oriented, SaaS applications. He has a specific expertise in building highly available systems. His experience in leading multiple organizations has inspired him to write the book “Architecting for Scale” and it was published by O’Reilly Media. With an expanded focus on modern architecture paradigms such as microservices and cloud computing, this practical guide provides techniques for building systems that can handle huge quantities of traffic, data, and demand—without affecting the quality your customers expect.

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Thomas Koulopoulos – Chairman and Founder at Delphi Group, Author, Keynote Speaker, Podcaster, Inc Columnist

Thomas KoulopoulosThomas has founded and co-founded a few organizations during his career. Currently he is concentrating his time at Delphi groups which is a Boston-based Think Tank Focusing on Business, Social and Economic Implications of the Digital Future. He has published 13 books including Reimagining Healthcare, Revealing the Invisible, The Gen Z Effect, Cloud Surfing, The Innovation Zone, Smartsourcing: Driving Innovation and Growth through Outsourcing, Corporate Instinct, Smart Companies: Smart Tools, and The X-economy.

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Dennis Kennedy -Director, Center for Law, Technology & Innovation at Michigan State University; Consulting Innovator, Author, Speaker, Podcaster

Dennis KennedyDennis is well-known for promoting innovation and the use of technology in law practice, and is known as an infotech and digital transformation lawyer. Dennis is one of the first lawyer bloggers in the industry. His website is a must read for anyone who’s interested in law as well as technology.


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Ruby Nahal – Cloud Architect, DevOps Engineer, AWS Certified x 7

Ruby NahalRuby is an all rounder infrastructure engineer with 10 years of experience but she is primarily an AWS Cloud Engineer and Solution Architect. Her love for DevOps made her learning journey go high over the years. She is a trusted solution to AWS well-architected frameworks such as cost-optimization, scalability, reliability, performance efficiency, security, and operational excellence.


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Omid Mahboubi – Founder and Executive Director at MENA Cloud Alliance, Cloud Evangelist, Influencer

Omid MahboubiDuring his 19+ years of career, Omid has become an entrepreneur that many look upto. Currently he works as an Executive Director at MENA Cloud Alliance, still he finds time to observe and share his views and opinions on all new technology advancements. 



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Nitin Kumar – Executive Chairman at Ligl, CEO, Strategist, VC Investor

Nitin KumarHaving 23+ years of experience in the field, Nitish leadership was first recognized in 2020 by CEO Today magazine as the “Master of the Pivot” and by CIO Bulletin as “Top 10 CEOs to Watch” and CEO World as “Most Influential Exec”. He had held CEO positions in cybersecurity, AI Ops, and Legal Tech. Currently he is working as an Executive Chairman at Ligl


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David H Deans – Trainer, Menton, Technology Media Telecom Analyst, Consultant, Columnist, Digital Multi-Platform Practitioner, Commercial Transmedia Storyteller, Ex-CIO, Ex-CTO, Ex-CISO

David H DeansDuring his 45+ years of experience in the industry, David has took a long way from consulting, to content strategist, then to industry analyst, brand ambassador, start-up founder coach, HTML coder, SaaS growth hacker with C-suite influence on CxO and LoB personas and full stack developers and enterprise architects. His Cloud DevSecOps App Skills includes IBM, AWS, Google, Azure (Kubernetes multi-cloud.) He is unstoppable when it comes to researching and learning new technologies.

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Julia Norton – Social Media Technology Influencer and a Cloud Thought Leader

Julia NortonJulia is an IT professional with extensive experience in IT support in mid sized companies and government, ranging from supporting users nationally to in house IT support. She is expert in the proactive management of systems, software testing, analysis and compliance of software and the implementation of IT systems and her insights and opinions are a must read.



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Vladimer Botsvadze – CEO at Botsvadze Marketing Solutions, Top 20 IoT Influencer by IoT Premier League, Marketing Thought Leader, Global Speaker, Fortune 500 Consultant, Startup Advisor, Professor, Member of CMO Council

Vladimer BotsvadzeVladimer is recognized as one of the Top 50 Global IoT and Cloud Influencers by Rise.Global. He is one the top influencers who has shaped how the world delivers and consumes technology today. He helps executives drive technology innovation and he is one of the most influential people in this space. He also an active member of CMO Council, IoT Council, IoT Premier League, Global Entrepreneurship Network, XR4ALL, Amsterdam Economic Board – Amsterdam Smart City, Sydney Startup Hub, and D&AD. 

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Kayne McGladrey – Global Cybersecurity Thought Leader, Cybersecurity Expert, Spokesperson, Strategy and GRC Practice Lead

Kayne McGladreyHaving 28+ years of experience in the field, Kayne’s expert approach on how to uphold that social contract by managing risks and deterring and denying threat actors is appreciated by many companies. One of his priorities is to inspire under-represented communities to pursue careers in cybersecurity. His simplification of complex concepts to non-tech audiences has given him more reach on his social platform. His blogs are must read for both technical and non-technical people who are interested in cybersecurity

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Gabor A. Pinter – Certified Thought Leader, BEKO Services Leader, Founder of Mind Mate, ex-IBM CEE Strategy & Design Partner, SDCoE lead

Gabor PinterGabor was in IBM Global Advisory Boards & Councils and also an IBM Certified in consultancy. That has helped him achieve 4 Thought Leader level competencies such as Client partnering, Building mutual trust, Embracing challenges and Collaborating globally. He is a founder of Mind Mate Inspiration and its Thought Leadership community which prioritizes on givebacks, pro-bono mentoring, other’s success. He has invented the concept of MMI’s Innovation Development Framework. Currently he is working as Head of Business Development & Information Technology Services at BEKO Engineering Ltd.

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David Sanders – CEO at TransformIQ LLC, Thought Leader, Advisor, Expert in Digital Transformation

David SandersDavid’s unique combination of management consulting, outsourcing, and entrepreneurial experience have turned him to a well accomplished senior executive. He is an expert in all aspects of Digital Transformation that focuses on the technology requirements, integration and implementation in support of large Digital Transformation programs. He is also an advisor to senior executives of multiple companies with a focus on technology strategy, selection, implementation and ongoing support. Currently he is working as a CEO at TransformIQ LLC.

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Daniel Newman – Principal Analyst, Founding Partner at Futurum Research, Forbes and MarketWatch Contributor, TEDx Alum, 7x Best-Seller, DigitalTransformation Speaker

Danier NewmanDaniel is an entrepreneur focused in the Technology and Digital Space. Founder, Partner and Operator of 4 companies ranging from the roles of a Principal Analyst at Futurum Research, a Technology and Analysis firm to the CEO of Broadsuite Media Group and President of Digital Agency V3B. His love for technology has made him passionate about intertwining technology with humanity to reach its full potential. Being a regular contributor at Forbes and MarketWatch, his social media influence is so commentable.

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Troy McSimov – President at Technology Spa, LLC, Cloud Expert, Cloud Thought Leader

Troy McSimovTroy has held a wide variety of positions in different industries during his 20+ years of career and currently he works as the President at Technology Spa providing advisory services in risk management, IT operational transformation, and cloud strategy for our customers globally. He has earned so many certifications including ITIL v3 – IT Service Management, CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional, CRISC – Certified Risk Information Systems Controls, CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor, MCSE – Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, SMC – SCRUM Master Certified, AWS CSA – AWS Certified Solutions Architect, AWS Specialty – AWS Certified Security.

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Astrid van Dorst – CEO at CloudAnalysts, 7x Cert Salesforce Consultant, Solutions Architect

Astrid van DorstAstrid has a proven track record in successful company technology transformations as a Business, Marketing Consultant and Salesforce Solutions Architect. She is an expert in tackling business challenges and migrations to Salesforce for 20+ years. Together with her team at CloudAnalysts, Astrid designs real, actionable solutions that lead to better Engagement and Customer-centric communication and marketing.

Astrid predicted that in 2021 ‘cloud computing’ would be so normal that no one would be talking about it, but instead of technologies within that field, such as AI. No one could have predicted the pandemic, but it turned out, she was right. “The world has moved to AI-optimised, ultra-personalised moments-that-matter in customer journeys, at scale.” “BCG coined the ‘segmentation of one’-notion. Today, we’re in the ‘segmentation of one moment’-era.”

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Matt Koopmans – Founder and Director at Aurelian Group, Ex-Microsoft, Thought Leader

Matt KMatt has 25 years of experience as a leading business applications and bringing success to companies in using software. From many implementations at customers ranging from very small to very large, Matt contributed to various implementation methodologies. He realizes that the leading factor for success is not the software, nor the methodology, but it is the simplicity that drives the customer to truly own the solution which enables lasting success. Instead of looking at maximum features, it is about maximising value – 80% of the value of a business system is generated by 20% of its features. Currently he works as the director of Aurelian Group.

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Stephanie Atkinson – CEO and Founder at Compass Intelligence, LLC, B2B Thought Leader, Influencer

Stephanie AtkinsonStephanie has 20+ years of experience in the field of technology and she has provided strategic insights, key trends, market intelligence, industry modeling/forecasting, and advisory services to technology companies, enterprise executives, and government leaders across the globe. She founded Compass Intelligence, a leading tech advisory and market research firm based in Texas and recently founded vMarque.com serving SMBs with branding and marketing.


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Evan Kohn – CMO at Qatalog, Keynote Speaker, Author, Thought Leader

Evan KohnEvan is currently working as CMO at Qatalog, which builds infrastructure for modern works. As a growth driver for technology ventures, Evan has built a reputation in digital marketing. He was the creator of an AI deployment methodology used by Fortune 500 firms called PypePro. Evan has appeared in Wall Street Journal,  Forbes, Newsweek, TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and many more. His recent keynote speeches include Experia Summit 5 Steps To Increase Customer Satisfaction With Conversational AI and DEC VII International Congress on Customer Experience 2020.

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Arvind Sivaramakrishnan – Chief Information Officer, Enterprise Digital Transformation Expert, Digital Technologies Expert, Management Consultant

Arvind SivaramakrishnanPrimary domains of expertise for Arvind is Healthcare IT. Being a Digital IT expert and Digital Transformation expert, he easily manages large IT enterprises to drive business effectiveness by adopting effective Digital Technologies. Currently he works as a CIO at Apollo Hospitals. He has worked with the innovation of the revolutionary app that has changed the overall game for Apollo hospitals.


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Navin Manaswi – Founder & CEO at WoWExp, Augmented Reality e-Commerce Pioneer, Thought Leader and Influencer on Artificial Intelligence, Mentor, Author

Navin ManaswiNavin is the founder of WoWExp, which transforms the Industry with Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. It concentrates on building the selected pool of talents in AR/VR + AI Space. He has authored two books named Deep Learning with Applications Using Python and a book on GAN (Advanced Deep Learning.)


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Bob Larrivee – CIP, ECMm, BPMm, Thought Leader, Futurist, Speaker, Author, Strategist

Bob LarriveeBob is a well recognized expert in the application of advanced technologies and process improvement to solve business problems and enhance business operations. During his career, Bob has led many projects and authored hundreds of eBooks, Industry Reports, Blogs, Articles, and Infographics. He has also served as host and guest Subject Matter Expert on a wide variety of webinars, Podcasts, Virtual Events, and lectured at in-person seminars and conferences around the globe.

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Rob May – Managing Director at ramsac, Ambassador for CyberSecurity IoD, Vistage Speaker, Author, Liveryman, Patron for Employability, Keynote Speaker and Leadership Fellow at Society of Leadership Fellows

Rob MayRob works as a MD at ramsac which provides IT support and cybersecurity services in order to get the very best out of your technology while implementing, managing and supporting secure, resilient, flexible IT solutions. He is an expert in providing strategic IT input, proactive management, jargon-free IT support and solutions that help organisations grow efficiently and securely.


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Yathish Nagavalli – Global Thought Leader, Independent Consultant and Expert in Telecom, 5G , IoT, Cloud, Blockchain & Enterprise Architecture

Yathish NagavalliYathish is a dynamic leader with proven leadership experience in the ICT industry with fortune 500 companies delivering innovation, architecture of key technologies, platforms and products, building high impact teams, enterprise wide transformations and CXO evangelism. He is a globally recognized Thought Leader with strong technical, business and customer engagement experience along with good communication, negotiation, organizational and interpersonal skills.


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Jaideep Khanduja – Chief Technology Officer at AccioMango Pvt Ltd, Founder & Director, Mentor, Blogger, Chief Editor, Writer.

Jaideep KhandujaJaideep works as a CTO at AccioMango which helps their clients secure their infrastructure and environment so they can deliver their products and services without compromising efficiency. He currently concentrates on Security Strategy and Compliance, and in resolving complex business problems and utilizing unique IT solutions.


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Sourabh Tiwari – CIDO at Confidential, Technology Evangelist, Thought Leader

Sourabh TiwariBeing a CIDO with 19+ years of experience, Sourabh is responsible for Group IT Strategy & Digitalization at Confidential. He drives tech based solutions to drive Revenue Maximization, Cost Optimization & Productivity improvements, including solutions like analytics based tactical actions to drive sales on the ground, opportunity identification and execution to improve penetration, coverage & mix, E2E planning and supply execution solutions etc.

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Ralf Ladner – Editor in Chief, Managing Director at CES, Netzpalaver

Ralf LadnerRalf is the Editor in Chief at Netzpalaver which is the IT and social media portal with in-depth news, articles, interviews and backgrounders on disruptive Technologies such cloud, data center, security, infrastructure and telecommunications. It also covers technologies ranging from Security, Data Center, Cloud-Computing, Unified Communications, Telecommunications, and Network Infrastructure.

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Kai Grunwitz – CEO and Country Managing Director at NTT Germany, Thought Leader, Speaker, Author

Kai GrunwitzKai works as a CEO and MD at NTT which concentrates on NTT Security Business in EMEA in cooperation with NTT Group Companies. He manages Security Services PreSales and Consulting Services. 25 years in this field has given him a highly impacted career in conceptualizing, developing and driving business strategies on behalf of dynamic enterprises.


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Avrohom Gottheil – Founder at AskTheCEO Media, Tech Influencer, B2B Influencer, Keynote Speaker

Avrohom GottheilAvrohom is the founder of AskTheCEO which provides a breadth of services for high and emerging technology companies to amplify their marketing, boost their engagement and reach, and be seen as thought leaders in their industry. His area of expertise ranges from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud and Cybersecurity.



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Tom Raftery – Global VP, Futurist, and Innovation Evangelist at SAP

Tom RafteryTom is an Innovation Evangelist and an international keynote speaker. He hosted The Climate 21 and Digital Supply Chain podcasts. He is also known as the Global VP for SAP. Prior to joining SAP, he had worked for a number of companies at Group IT Manager/CTO level, and as an Industry Analyst. He is also a regular Guest Lecturer at the International Instituto San Telmo Business School in Seville.


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Kevin Delaney – Senior Writer/Podcast Producer at Cisco Global Comms, Strategist, Storyteller, Public Speaker

Kevin DelaneyKevin recognizes the most fascinating developments of our time as the transformation of business through technology. He is passionate about telling that story. Whether creating articles, podcasts, video scripts, or in-depth research papers, he mixes his decades of journalistic experience with a firm foundation in facts, expert insights, and data. The end result is content that enlightens and empowers business decision-makers on the front lines of digital disruption.

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Ratan Jyoti – Chief Information Security Officer at Ujjivan Small Finance Bank, Cybersecurity Social Media Thought Leader

Ratan JyotiRatan is expertised in assisting organizations in digital innovation and digital security. He is an aythor, tech influencer, Risk and Governance Leader. His field of expertise ranges from Security Operations Leadership, Cybersecurity & Digital Resiliency, Legacy Security Transformations, Full Stack & Cloud Security, Information Security KPI’s, Security Policies & Compliance, Fraud Prevention, Transition & Transformation.


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Michael Gale – Chief Marketing Officer at Wind River, Forbes host of Futures in Focus podcast, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Thinkers 360 global top 10 AI Influencer

Michael GaleHis book “The Digital Helix: Transforming Your Organization’s DNA to Thrive in the Digital Age” is one of the best selling books of The Wall Street’s Journal and on Amazon. He hosted the Forbes Insight’s Futures in Focus podcast and he is a constant contributor to Forbes. Currently he works as the CMO at Wind River.


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Nicholas E – Chief Digital & Innovation Officer at Thinkers360, Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Consultant, 10x Author & Speaker

Nicholas ENicholas is a senior executive helping companies with their technology-enabled business strategy leveraging opportunities for innovation, transformation, sustainability, digital disruption and operational excellence. He is an award winning consultant and one of most recognized digital transformation and IT thought leaders.

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Tim O’Reilly – Founder and CEO, O’Reilly Media, Public Speaker

Tim O'ReillyTim is a founder and CEO at O’Reilly Media. He is a technical book publisher who learned that the right way to market a book was to market the technologies behind them. As a result, he and the company played a crucial role in evangelizing the world wide web, the perl programming language, linux, open source, xml, web services. Expanded into online publishing, conferences, magazines, and early stage venture investing. He is interested in getting to know people on the cutting edge and he believes that his role is changing the future by helping to capture and spread the knowledge of innovators.

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Padmasree Warrior – Founder, President and CEO at Fable

Padmasree WarriorPadmasree is passionate about technology, entrepreneurship and global business. She is a tireless advocate on behalf of women in technology. The vision behind her company Fable is to bring the world of stories to everyone, anywhere; to relax, share and learn. Fable’s mission is to be the world’s best mobile service for curated reading; where people can share in private groups and creators can self-publish.


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Harish Chand – Technology Enthusiast, Thought Leader, Social Media Influencer

Harish ChandHarish is a .NET Developer at MCN Solutions. He has been inspiring and sharing his thoughts on technology on both of his social media accounts and has thousands of followers. He is a thought leader that the younger generation can easily relate to.

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Dez Blanchfield – Founder at Sociaall Inc, Public Speaker, Tech Influencer

Dez BlanchfieldDez is the founder of Sociaall Inc which works exclusively with world leading brands to keep their value firmly in the hearts & minds of our global audience of C-Suite business & technology makers. They drive outcomes through integrated digital & social media. Our team design, develop, build, and execute world leading campaigns for world leading brands.

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Hiten Shah – Co-Founder & CEO of FYI (usefyi.com), Serial Entrepreneur, Tech Influencer

Hiten ShahHiten has founded multiple software companies since 2003 including Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and FYI. Currently he is the CEO of FYI. FYI is a software that allows users to organize and search their cloud as well as desktop documents in one place by connecting apps such as G Suite, Dropbox, Dropbox Paper, OneDrive, Slack, Github Gist, Asana, Box, and Trello to FYI. He is also an active advisor to and investor in startups.


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Simon Porter – Vice President Europe & Latin America at Alight Solutions, Public Speaker, Tech Influencer

Simon PorterSimon is a General Manager with broad experience in all aspects of marketing, sales, channels and deal making. His experience in enabling sales & marketing to capture the new delivery and consumption models of SaaS & Cloud as well as reaching new buyers with digital and social marketing techniques. Currently he is working as a Vice President Europe & Latin America at Alight Solutions.

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Vala Afshar – Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce, Public Speaker, Tech Influencer, Author

Vala AfsharVala is a Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce.com. Prior to this, he was a Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme Networks. He had acted as a CMO and Chief Customer Officer of Enterasys Networks where he was responsible for global marketing and customer service and support. He is a constant contributor in technology, business and leadership articles to Huffington Post, INC Magazine, and other publications.

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James Staten – Advisor at HellaStorm Inc, Ex VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester

James StatenJames has spent years helping C-Suite executives prioritize tech-driven innovations to position their firms for market leadership. He has always been a passionate and professional running race leader. His blog Cloudification – James Staten’s Blog is a must read for anyone who would love to learn and understand the changes in technology over the years.

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Jo Peterson – Vice President Cloud & Security Services at Clarify360, Tech Influencer, Cloud Expert

Jo PetersonJo is an agnostic, Metric Driven IT Optimization and Sourcing for Fortune 1000 and Holdings of Private Equity. She is currently working as the VP of Cloud and Security Services. She is also a Member of Forbes Technology Council. Her as VP of Cloud and Security Services, is to compress your IT sourcing cycle by providing smarter, faster ways to buy IT services while increasing your performance and eliminating waste. Working closely with CIOs, CISOs and their teams, Jo helps design, develop and maintain cloud technology solutions and processes that enable an organization to scale, innovate, improve staff experience, and operate efficiently and effectively.

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Women Thought Leaders of 2021


Sandy Carter – Vice President at Amazon Web Services, Tech Influencer, Thought Leader

Sandy CarterBefore the role of VP, Sandy worked as General Management, Sales, Marketing , Strategy, and Ecosystem Development. Some roles in her career have involved turnaround management and creation of new categories like SOA, Smarter Workforce, and Ecosystems. Her Blog Social Business Sandy is a must read for anyone who is interested in understanding and learning about career growth.

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Fawad Khan – Cloud & Digital Transformation Leader at Microsoft, Cloud, AI, ML, IoT & Emerging Tech Influencer, Author, Mentor

Fawad KhanFawad has 15+ years of experience in the industry and he is now a Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing strategist, author, speaker and influencer working with AI, Machine Learning, IoT and Hybrid Computing. At Microsoft, he is the engineering and PM owner of Dynamics 365 online community platform and engagement.

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Antonio Vieira Santos – Atos Social Media Business Evangelist, CxO Adviser on Digital Transformation, Co-Founder of DT Lab

Antonio Vieira SantosAntonio frequently collaborates with Siemens and he is a member of their Influencers program. His design thinking with a work out loud approach to social media and business networking is quite impressive. He is an emerging tech influencer on Digital Transformation, Accessibility and Digital Inclusion, Future of Work, Augmented Reality, Connected Home, and Security.


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Bill Mew – Founder and CEO at Crisis Team, Public Speaker, Tech Influencer, Advocate for Ethics in Tech

Bill MewBill is one of the world’s top campaigners for digital ethics and founder of The Crisis Team – a digital era crisis management firm, where working alongside the UK’s top cyber law experts. The Crisis Team helps firms mitigate against, prepare for and, if necessary, deal with the impact of data breaches.

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Chelsea L. Andrews – Co-Founder at TechMode.io, Tech Influencer, Thought Leader

Chelsea L. AndrewsChelsea works with Fortune 500 tech companies to plan and implement winning digital marketing campaigns. TechMode.io work exclusively in the tech industry and specialize in brand ambassador and B2B influencer programs, thought-leadership content creation, brand amplification and channel growth, and event production. She is one of the top women in technology and without a doubt a tech influencer that many follow.

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Stephane Bureau – Global Thought Leader, Tech Influencer, Founder of Social 4U

Stéphane BureauWith 30 years in IT, Stephane is one of the Top 100 Global Cloud Influencers 2020 and he is the Founder of Social 4U, a social media consulting services start-up, driving HPE Alliances Social Media program and bringing HPE as the 1st Social Media partner from Microsoft in Digital Marketing Excellence 2019 report from @takefiftyfive.

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Paul Colmer – Technical Account Manager at AWS, Founder and Digital Architect at Digital Colmer, Tech Influencer

Paul ColmerPaul has been empowering AWS clients through correct knowledge transfer and delivery of effective solutions. His passion is helping people develop and grow. Through compelling storytelling and shared experiences, Paul always delivers the correct business outcomes. Currently he’s working for Amazon Web Services as a Technical Account Manager. His blog digitalcolmer is  a must read for anyone interested in learning more about AWS clouds.


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Sagi Eliyahu – Co-Founder and CEO at Tonkean, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Tech Influencer

Sagi EliyahuSagi’s passion as per his LinkedIn bio is building products that people need and love by solving real problems both in their work and personal lives. He is best at solving “unsolvable” problems. Able to look at the big picture, while also zooming into the smallest technical and design details of a product. Sagi co-founded Tonkean that simplifies the orchestration of complex, enterprise-level business processes with a truly no-code platform and currently he works there as a CEO.

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Stephen M. Arndt – CIO, President at Silver Linings Technology, Technology Leader and Influencer

Stephen M. ArndtStephen is a technology leader that gives practical ideas for organizations to leverage their technology for process optimization, operational improvement, cost reduction, and innovation. He helps organizations to use technology to make life changing and positive impacts on people as well as society. At Silver Linings Technology, Stephan works as a CIO and President.

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Ohad Maislish – Co-Founder & CEO at env0, Tech Influencer

Ohad MaislishOhad started his career as a Software Developer. Now he is the Co-Founder and CEO at env0, which mainly focuses on collaborative Remote-Run Workflows Management for Cloud Deployments as well as concentrates on automated provisioning of Terraform workflows and Infrastructure as Code.

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Amir Kotler – CEO and Co-Founder at Veego Software Ltd, Expert in ISPs, IoT Devices and Services, Tech Influencer

Amir KotlerAmir is the CEO and Co-Founder at Veego, which brought in a breakthrough AI to perfect the internet experience in the connected home. With an experience of 21 years, he has served as CEO to a few companies and he is passionate about start-ups with high tech environments.

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Gil Friedrich – CEO and Co-Founder of Avanan, A Tech Influencer

Gil FriedrichGil co-founded Avanan, which is a new way to secure the cloud. As a CEO of the company, Gil ensures that with a click of a button, Avanan protects the enterprise Office365, Box, Google or any other SaaS application with best in class anti-phishing, anti-malware, Date-leakage and more. Prior to this role, Gil was a VP of Technology at ForeScout Technologies.

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Ryan Kroonenburg – Founder of A Cloud Guru, Cloud Thought Leader

Ryan KroonenburgRyan has handled different roles over the years such as Windows System Administrator, Solution Architect, AWS Architect before A Cloud Guru. He is an AWS Community Hero and an Alexa Champion. He is passionate about Serverless computing, AWS and Alexa Development.

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Jesse Stockall – Chief Architect at Snow Software, Thought Leader, Technical Champion, Tech Influencer

Jesse StockallJesse is a proven leader with 20+ years of technical industry experience. At Snow Software, he is deeply involved in architecture and design of platforms & services. He also supports the executive leadership team with technical guidance for investment and M&A activities.

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Ray McKenzie – Founder and CEO at StartingPoint, Tech Influencer

Ray McKenzieRay is the founder of StartingPoint, which is a SaaS customer experience and operations platform for service-based companies and teams. It also provides companies with a centralized solution to solve the disconnected customer experience created through the use of multiple SaaS solutions used to support customers and clients.

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Jeff Roscher – Co-Founder/President at eWorkOrders, Tech Influencer

JeffJeff helps organizations to take control of their work orders, preventive/scheduled maintenance, assets, employee, inventory, vendors, etc and save money while doing it. He is specialized in Web based CMMS, Web based Help Desk system, Web based Ticketing System, and Web based Service Request system. Currently, he is a co-founder and president at eWorkOrders.

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Don Boulia – Cloud Development, Offerings and Strategy Leader at IBM, Thought Leader, Public Speaker

Don BouliaDon is a strong communicator with amazing people management skills and client facing experiences. His expertise ranges from software development, strategist and offering leadership with deep knowledge of cloud computing, mobile, web and open source technologies.

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Daniel Berg – Chief Architect and Value Stream Platform at Digital.ai, Tech Influencer, Cloud Expert

Daniel BergDaniel had been working with IBM for over 11+ years. As a Distinguished Engineer within IBM Cloud, Daniel was responsible for the technical strategy, implementation of the containers and microservices platform available in IBM Cloud known externally as the IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. Currently, he works at Digital.ai as a Chief Architect and Value Stream Platform.

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Sai Prashanth Reddy Venumbaka – Senior Director of Product Marketing at SAP, Tech Influencer, Cloud Expert

Sai Prashanth Reddy VenumbakaSai’s goal as a senior director is to help SAP enterprise customers understand how they can benefit from using SAP Business Technology Platform for extension, integration, automation, and analytics. His expertise ranges from cloud platform, data management, database management systems, machine learning, analytics, robotic process automation, chatbots and enterprise resource planning (ERP). 

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Timo Elliott – VP, Global Innovation Evangelist for SAP, Digital Transformation Expert, Analytics, Tech Influencer

Timo ElliottTimo is an Innovation Evangelist for SAP and passionate about the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing. He has 30+ years of experience in representing business in over 58 countries around the world on themes such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and many more.

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Chip Childers – Co-Founder of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, Public Speaker, Tech Influencer

Chip ChildersChip has 20+ years of experience in large-scale computing and open source software. He is the co-Founder of the Cloud Foundry Foundation and works as an Executive Director. His expertise ranges from Technology Strategy, Strategic Planning, M&A Due Diligence & Integration, Engineering Leadership, Open Source, Standards and Product Management.

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Richard Seroter – Director of Outbound Product Management at Google, Pluralsight Tainer, Speaker, Author

Richard SeroterRichard is currently working as the Director of Outbound Product Management at Google. Prior to Google, he had worked with VMware as a Senior Director of Technical Marketing and Developer Relations. His blog named Richard Seroter’s Architecture Musings features code, thoughts and his experiences with software and services. A must read for anyone who’s interested to learn more and be up-to-date about Google Cloud.

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Abby Kearns – Chief Technology Officer at Puppet, Tech Influencer, Cloud Expert

Abby KearnsAbby has 20+ years of experience in leading numerous Fortune 500 companies and start-up companies such as Cloud Foundry Foundation, Pivotal Software, Verizon, Totality and Puppet. Currently she is working as CTO at Puppet.

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Andy Jassy – CEO of Amazon Web Services

Andy JassyJassy has led AWS since its inception in 2003 and without a doubt he is a Cloud Thought Leader. He has been working with Amazon for over 24 years. He inspires 92K+ people with his thoughts on technology.

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Mark Nunnikhoven – Vice President, Cloud Research at TrendMicro, AWS Community Hero, Cloud Expert, Public Speaker

Mark NunnikhovenMark is working as a Vice President and Cloud Research at TrendMicro. He is motivated to make Security & Privacy easier to understand. Prior to TrendMicro, he was a technology Columnist at CBC and a sr. Research Scientist at OpenDNS.

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Stephen Schmidt – Vice President, Security Engineering & Chief Information Security Officer at Amazon Web Services

Stephen SchmidtStephen started his career as a Vice President at America Information Systems and later joined the FBI. He has been working at Amazon for the past 13+ years where he started as a Director Software Engineer and now he is the Chief Information Security Officer.

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Ken Eisner – Director, Business Development, Learning Systems at Amazon, Public Speaker

Ken EisnerKen is an entrepreneurial leader with passion for scaling technology-driven innovation and disruption in the education sector. He started off his career as an assistant program manager at MBI, and now he is serving as the Director, Business Development, Learning Systems at Amazon.

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Chris Pietschmann – Microsoft MVP, Principal DevOps, IoT, and Cloud Solutions Architect and Developer, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Author

Chris PietschmannChris started off his career as a Software Development Consultant and now he takes up different designations in different organizations. He is Principal IoT and Cloud Solution Architect and Owner of Simplovation LLC, Technical Author at Hackster.io, Founder of Build5Nines.com, and also Principal Cloud and DevOps Solution Architect – DevOps Practice at Solliance.

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Thomas Maurer – Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, Public Speaker, Former Microsoft MVP, Tech Influencer

Thomas MaurerThomas engages with the community and customers around the world to share his knowledge and collect feedback to improve the Azure platform as a Senior Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. His technical blog is a must read for anyone who’s interested in learning more about Microsoft Azure certifications.

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Aidan Finn – Principal Consultant at Innofactor Norge, Tech Influencer, Cloud Expert

Aidan FinnAt Innofactor Norge, Aidan works as a Principal Consultant for Microsoft Azure cloud. He works with large customers including the government, private sector, and third-level education. Prior to that he had worked as a Managing Director at Cloud Mechanix.

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Yves Goeleven – Founder of Goeleven, Cloud and Messaging Specialist, Former Windows Azure MVP, Serial Innovator, Publish Speaker

Yves GoelevenDuring the past 20+ years of career, Yves have been building web and cloud apps. He is a cloud expert without a doubt. His areas expertise ranges from progressive web applications, event driven architecture, domain driven design, event sourcing, messaging, and Microsoft Azure.

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Nathan Totten – Senior Director, Product Management at Salesforce, Public Speaker, Tech Influener

Nathan TottenNathan has worked at Microsoft and Auth0 before starting his career at Salesforce. He is currently working as a Senior Direction, Product Management where he leads product management for the developer tools & experiences teams. His blog is a must read for anyone who is trying to learn cloud.

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Janakiram MSV – Public Speaker, Analyst, Advisor, Architect, Forbes Contributor, Cloud Thought Leader

JanakiramJanakiram has 20+ years of experience in Cloud Computing. He has worked in all major Cloud Services such as AWS and Microsoft. He writes for Forbes and The New Stack. His Blog is a must read for anyone who’s interested to attend his webinars and learn about his research.

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Magnus Martensson – Global Client Executive at IBM, Tech Influencer, Publish Speaker

Magnus MartenssonMagnus has been working in IBM as a Global Client Executive where he manages business with yearly turnover of millions worth of services and products as well as lead one of IBM Nordics largest integrated accounts.

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Tobias Zimmergren – Head of Technical Operations at Rencore, Microsoft MVP – Azure, Tech Influener, Blogger

Tobias ZimmergrenTobias has helped to plan, design, and build many cloud solutions at Rencore. He is also responsible for ensuring the operational parts of the same, along with internal technical operations and making the IT executive decisions. His area of expertise ranges from Cloud infrastructure design, resiliency and fault-tolerant development, security, solution architecture, distributed system development, and a lot more. He has achieved the Microsoft MVP award every year since 2008 and have co-hosted the Ctrl+Alt+Azure Podcast.

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Timothy Warner – Microsoft MVP, Author, Microsoft Azure Solution Architect, Cloud Expert

Timothy WarnerTimothy is a technical author and also does consulting with clients all over the world on Microsoft Azure solutions architecture. He is the Author Evangelist at Pluralsight.

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Mike Pfeiffer – Founder & CEO of CloudSkills.io, Microsoft Azure MVP, Author for Microsoft Press & Pluralsight

Mike PfeifferMike is a Cloud expert that many follow on social media platforms. He inspires many to take up a new career as well as a new certification. Prior to founding CloudSkills, Mike worked with Microsoft for about 2 years.

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Paul J Swider – Director of Philanthropy and Community Partnerships at Boston Healthcare Technology Group

Paul J SwiderRealActivity, is a Boston-based SaaS startup focusing on streamlining healthcare using the Microsoft Cloud and proprietary software technology. Paul works at RealActivity as the director of Philanthropy and Community Partnerships. His blog sessionize is a must read for anyone who is interested in Healthcare and cloud computing.

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Mark Russinovich – Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Azure, Cloud Expert, Co-Founder of Winternals Software

Mark RussinovichMark started off his career as a Software developer at small organizations. Later he joined IBM as a Research Staff Member. He co-founded Winternals Software before joining Microsoft. 

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Carsten Rachfahl – Microsoft Cloud & Data Center Management MVP, Azure MVP, Veeam Vanguard, Tech Influencer 

Carsten RachfahlCarsten is a tech influencer that everyone follows. He inspires and motivates people to get the certification they need through his social media posts. His areas of expertise range from Microsoft Cloud Computing and Microsoft Server Virtualisierung.

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Kelly Sommers – Tech Influencer, 4x Windows Azure MVP & Former 2x DataStax MVP for Apache Cassandra

Kelly SommersKelly has 43K+ followers on Twitter, where she shares her views on technology and discusses the changes in the field. She also shares her tricks to make Cloud Computing easy for everyone.

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Ashley McNamara – Tech Influencer, Developer Associate and Engineering Fellow

Ashley WillisAshley McNamara has more than 20 years of experience and has been an Azure influencer on her social media platforms. She has served several roles including startup consultant, front-end developer, developer associate, and an Engineering Fellow. Her passion for fostering Azure education and training is commendable. She is also committed to the delivery of promising resources for easing the journey of all new developers.

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Joanne Klein – Azure Cloud Expert, Tech Influencer

Joanne C KleinJoanne is an Azure influencer and she is a three-time Microsoft MVP with specialties in Office Apps and Services. She is also known for her specialization in Office 365 and SharePoint alongside Azure. Her blog covers topics related to her specialization in a simplified manner makes it a must read for anyone who is interested in Azure Cloud.

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Dave Kawula – Azure Cloud Expert, Azure Influencer

Dave KawulaIf you search for expertise in an Azure influencer, then Dave Kawula will be your topic choice. He has more than 50 Microsoft certifications to his credit, which show his wide-ranging Azure expertise. Additionally, Dave also has eight Microsoft MVP awards in his name. Most importantly, Dave is also a well-recognized member of the Azure community, which establishes his credibility further. Apart from this Twitter presence, Dave Kawula also contributes regularly to the notable blog, “Check Your Logs”.

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Stéphane Maarek – Udemy  Instructor, 9x AWS Certified, Tech Influencer

Stephane MaarekStéphane is one of the biggest influences among all cloud certification aspirants. His classes are one of the highest rated classes in Udemy.

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Ravikiran Srinivasulu – Blogger, Cloud Expert, Technical Author, Next Generation Leader 

Ravikiran SrinivasuluRavikiran is famouse for his blog ravikirans where he inspires many aspirants to achieve the certifications needed for their career change.

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Sandip Das – Next Generation Leader 

Sandip DasSandip is the Next Generation Leader of DevOps and Cloud Computing. With 32K+ followers on LinkedIn, Sandip inspires many to pursue their career in DevOps and Cloud Computing. He considers himself as a futurist and he is always motivated to research and learn new technologies as well as teach his followers too.


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Anurag Kale – Next Generation Leader 

Anurag KaleAnurag is a Cloud architect working at Stratacent and AWS community builder. Even though he is a Cloud Architect, he is into the roles of DevOps Engineer, Data Modeller and Database Developer. His blog Data On Cloud – By Anurag Kale is a must read for anyone interested in learning more about Cloud Computing.

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Subhasish G – Next Generation Leader 

Subhasish GSubhasish is a cloud solution architect of Data & AI at Microsoft. He is one among the few people who is hundred percent certified in all Azure examinations. With 20K followers on LinkedIn, he is infact a Next Generation Leader of 2021.


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Julie Elkins – Next Generation Leader 

Julie ElkinsJulie is an AWS training architect and has been training and inspiring many for more than two years. Her AWS training architect career has begun with Linux Academy and she has worked with A Cloud Guru for a while. Now, she is a Technical Curriculum Developer at Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

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Suman Debnath – Next Generation Leader 

Suman DebnathSuman is currently working at Amazon Web Services Indian division as a Principal Developer Advocate. Prior to AWS, he worked at Toshiba, Broadcom, NetApp, EMC, IBM and Hitachi where he handled roles like software engineer, solution architect, project leader and more.


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Abhishek Maurya – Next Generation Leader 

Abhishek MauryaAbhishek is a Cloud Product Associate at Whizlabs. He is the presenter of Whizlabs most requested webinars and has been helping his community by actively participating in LinkedIn conversations. He is AWS Certified in Solution Architect, Developer Associate and SysOps Administrator.


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Adrian Hornsby – Next Generation Leader 

Adrian HornsbyAdrian has almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry where he has taken up roles like software and systems engineer, backend, web and mobile developer and many more. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and community meetups. Currently he is working as a Principal Technical Evangelist at AWS.


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Goran Opacic – Next Generation Leader 

Goran OpacicGoran is the CEO of Esteh, in Belgrade Serbia. Prior to the role of CEO, he was a software architect focused on Databases and Security. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, he is now an AWS community builder inspiring and leading the new generation into the AWS community.


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Goran Vuksic – Next Generation Leader 

Goran VuksicGoran is currently working as a technical manager at Stratiteq Sweden AB. He is a Microsoft AI MVP with an experience of more than 15 years. He is a constant participant in hackathons and other competitions where his skills were recognized and awarded. His recent blog “2020 – My Year Review” is about his achievements of 2020 and it is so inspiring.


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Gunnar Grosch – Next Generation Leader 

Gunnar GroschGunnar is a senior developer advocate at AWS, Sweden. He is a regular speaker at conferences and events which talks about building reliable and robust serverless applications. He is constantly involved in the developer community by organizing User Groups and Meetups in the Nordics, and also an organizer of ServerlessDays conferences.

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Alex DeBrie – Next Generation Leader 

Alex DeBrieAlex is an independent AWS trainer and consultant. He provides training for companies as well as for individuals. He is focusing on DynamoDB and has written the book The DynamoDB. His blog “DynamoDB, explained” is a must read for everyone. 


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Bruno Amaro Almeida – Next Generation Leader 

Bruno Amaro AlmeidaBruno is currently working as the head of technology and architecture at Fortum. He has started off his career as a software engineer and has served the roles from senior management to head of technical departments. He is so passionate about digital transformation and has been involved in coaching and mentoring of Cloud, DevOps, AI and more.

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Jimmy Dahlqvist – Next Generation Leader 

Jimmy DahlqvistJimmy is currently working as a Lead Cloud Architect of IoT at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems. Prior to that he was freelancing at AWS as a Subject Matter Expert. He is passionate about serverless technologies and his blog about Cloud development, architectures, DevOps and more is a must read for everyone.

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Rohini Gaonkar – Next Generation Leader 

Rohini GaonkarRohini is currently working as a Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services, India. She has almost a decade of experience in Cloud Computing technologies and is so passionate to share her experiences on building architecture with best practices and help strengthen newbies in the industries.


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Jaana Dogan – Next Generation Leader 

Jaana DoganJaana is currently working as a Principal Software Development Engineer at Amazon Web Services. Prior to that, she was a Tech Lead and Staff Engineer at Google. She is a constant learner and her GitHub account is a must follow for anyone who’s interested in Cloud Computing.

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Lalit Kale – Next Generation Leader 

Lalit KaleLalit is a Software Architect who has 10+ years of experience in building innovative software solutions. He is an active AWS community builder.


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Allie K. Miller – Next Generation Leader 

Allie K. MillerAllie is the Global Head of Machine Learning BD, Startups and Venture Capital at AWS. Prior to AWS, she was working as the Lead Product Manager at IBM Watson. With 1M+ followers on LinkedIn, she has been recognized as the LinkedIn Top Voice of 2019 and 2020. She is a must follow for anyone who is interested in AI and Machine Learning.


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Gwyneth Peña-Siguenza – Next Generation Leader 

Gwyneth Peña-SiguenzaGwyneth is currently working as an Associate Community Training Architect at A Cloud Guru. She is an Microsoft Azure MVP and focuses on making Cloud learning more accessible and less daunting for everyone.


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Anahit Pogosova – Next Generation Leader 

Anahit Pogosova

Anahit is an AWS Data Hero and a Lead Cloud Software Engineer at Solita, one of Finland’s largest digital transformation companies. She has been architecting and building software solutions with various customers for over a decade. Anahit started with monolithic on-prem software but has since moved all the way to the cloud, nowadays focusing mostly on AWS Data and Serverless services. You can find Anahit speaking at various local and international events. She also writes about AWS on Solita developers’ blog and has been a frequent guest on various podcasts.


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Marcia Villalba – Next Generation Leader 

Marcia VillalbaMarcia is currently working as a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS. She is also a content creator at the YouTube channel named Foo Bar where she talks about Cloud Computing and serverless computing.

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Bhuvaneswari Subramani – Next Generation Leader 

Bhuvaneswari SubramaniBhuvaneswari is a self-made woman in tech who is passionate about technology, training and creative writing. She is currently working as the Director Engineering Operations at Infor where she is specialized in Cloud Computing, DevOps, and Performance Testing. She is an AWS Community Leader. She was the First Indian Woman to receive AWS Community Hero in 2019 and First Woman in the world to receive AWS DevTools Hero in 2020. She is an active speaker at AWS community events and industry conferences and her workshops, presentations, and blogs on AWS Developer Tools always stand out.


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Sridevi Murugayen – Next Generation Leader 

Sridevi MurugayenSridevi is active in organizing the AWS User Group in Chennai and a regular speaker at those community events which focus on analytics solutions using AWS Analytics services, including Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon S3, and AWS Glue. She has more than 16 years experience in the IT industry. She is infact a AWS Data Hero.


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Dhaval Nagar – Next Generation Leader 

DhavalDhaval has started off as a Java/J2EE developer and from there, he has worked in JavaScript, NodeJS, API and many more. He is the founder of AppGambit which is an AWS Consulting Partner which helps companies move to the cloud, design complicated cloud-native applications.

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Zeal Vora – Instructor at Udemy, Tech Influencer

Zeal VoraZeal is a tech influencer and also a premium instructor at Udemy with 15 courses and 150K+ students. Before beginning his career as a teacher, he was a DevSecOps Engineer.

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