About Whizlabs Exam Simulator

About Whizlabs Exam Simulator

  • Whizlabs Exam Simulator is a preparatory tool for aspirants of various certifications offered by the leading certification vendors like PMI, Oracle and Cisco. Whizlabs Exam Simulator is a software that replicates the actual online exam environment by providing a computer-based, timed testing environment. It aims to acquaint a certification aspirant with the nature and the substance of the exam before the aspirant actually takes the exam. A single exam simulator caters to just one certification exam.
  • Prepared by experts of the domain, Whizlabs Exam Simulator maps exactly to the objectives and pattern of the actual certification exam. Even the percentage distribution of objectives is same as that of the actual exam. Whizlabs has a success rate of 99.7% with nearly 400,000 professionals having tried its offerings.
  • The various components of the Whizlabs exam simulator aim at grooming you for certification success.
  • The latest version of the Whizlabs Exam Simulator incorporates new features that attempt to provide you benefits that the earlier version didn’t.
  • Whizlabs Exam Simulator comes in three different versions.
  • Whizlabs Exam Simulator recommends you an efficient exam preparation strategy.


What’s new in this version?

This version of Whizlabs exam simulator is different from the earlier version in the following ways:

  • Enhanced, more user-friendly GUI – The Graphical User Interface of the new exam simulator contains appropriate, descriptive text, wherever required. An attempt has been made to streamline your exam preparation by introducing test modes.
  • Wider support for various question types – The new Whizlabs Exam simulator supports various required question types. For instance multiple choice single response, multiple choice multiple response, fill in the blanks, text drag and drop, image drag and drop,
  • Ability to print Quick Revision Notes, and Tips N Tricks – You can now print the Quick Revision Notes, and Tips N Tricks in the new Whizlabs exam simulator.
  • Performance History- The new Whizlabs exam simulator has the capability to give full performance report for all the exams a candidate take while testing your level of preparation.
  • Enhanced exam customization – New exam customization features have been added to enable you to test yourself on various different parameters.
  • Bookmarking a question – You can bookmark a question that you may feel like revisiting.
  • Save and Resume later feature – You can save an exam while taking it and resume later at any time you feel like.
  • Send feedback feature – You can send your comments/feedback pertaining to a specific question using this feature.
  • Ask an Expert – You can use this feature to get your queries relating to the content of Whizlabs exam simulator resolved.
  • Blog – Get detail explanation and latest news on various topics of certification.


  • Simulator Features : Following are the features of Whizlabs exam Simulator –
    • Mock exams – The full version of Whizlabs exam simulator generally include Certification Mode and Learning Mode.
      • Certification Mode includes
        • Diagnostic Exam – Take this Diagnostic Exam ,which is the toughest of all the exam, first. It will help you indentify your strong areas as well as the area that you need to work upon,
        • Practice Exams – Practice Exams give you an opportunity to practice rigorously under time constraints. Additionally, the vast pool of questions will further enrich your knowledge and understanding of the exam topics.
        • Final Exam – Take the Final Exam in the end, to successfully complete your preparation for the certification exam.
        • Learning Mode includes
          • Topic wise Questions – You can have certification preparation by having various topic wise questions. There are various topics in the syllabus and each topic has different questions for practice.
          • Customized Exams – You can tailor-make an exam to suit your requirements. You can customize the exam by specifying the time limit for the exam and whether it should be based on adaptive testing or not. Furthermore, you can select the questions appearing in the exam from the Bookmarked questions, incorrectly answered questions, or a predetermined number of questions selected randomly from the mock exams. Also, you can choose the number and the difficulty levels of questions that should appear in the exam.
  • Exhaustive explanations – Whizlabs exam simulator provides detailed explanations elucidating both correct and incorrect choices. The explanations aim at reinforcing a user’s understanding of the concept underlying each question.
  • Free Technical Support from the Authors.
  • Ask an Expert – This feature provides you a way to resolve your queries related to the content of the Whizlabs exam simulator by posting the query on the forum.
  • Comprehensive reports – Besides assessing you, Whizlabs Exam Simulators also enable you to gauge your progress over the time and per exam topic/objective. This is achieved through the three types of reporting- Question Wise Reports, Objective Wise Reports, and Performance History, included in the Whizlabs exam simulator.
  • Whizlabs Blog – Get detailed explanation on various topics which help further in certification. You can also participate by leaving comments.
  • Mapping to actual exam pattern – The content of Whizlabs exam simulator maps to the pattern followed in the actual exam. This is achieved by distributing the questions across the exam objectives in the same percentage as in case of the actual exam.
  • Complete exam preparation package – Whizlabs exam simulator encompasses all the components that gear you up for the certification exam. In fact, Whizlabs exam simulator methodically prepares you for the exam.
  • Unconditional 100% Test PASS Guarantee – With a whopping success rate of 99.7% over the last nearly 10 years and an unshakable faith in all its offerings, Whizlabs offers its customers an Unconditional 100% Test PASS Guarantee on all its products. That is, in rare circumstances, if you are not able to clear the certification exam even after using the Whizlabs exam simulator, you will get a refund of the full amount that you spent on the product. 

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