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Best Performing Free Tests from Whizlabs

40+ Best Performing Free Tests from Whizlabs

This article highlights the value of certification exams, the importance of free tests, and the resources to find the best-performing free tests offered by Whizlabs. 

The demand for certified professionals across industries is increasing exponentially. Having an in-demand certification is crucial to someone who is looking for significant career growth and to increase their competency in the professional world. 

To get certified essentially means that you qualify and have acquired the skills that the certification exam intended to offer you the capabilities for the industry. Today, there are many resources available through the internet in the form of online materials, practice tests, online courses, online quizzes, and many more to start preparing. 

One of the easiest ways to ace any certification exam is to prepare systematically. A systematic approach to upskilling using the content of the certification exam is mandatory. This becomes a smooth journey with the help of curated practice tests, free tests, and then enrolling in a suitable course. Taking up free practice tests allows you to gauge your knowledge and decide the suitable course to get that desired skill. By following the aforementioned approach, it becomes clear as to what to expect in the certification exams and how to answer the questions in them.

How would a Practice Test help?

As the name suggests, practice tests provide a test environment to practice and prepare for the certification exams. To grow as a professional constant exposure is highly necessary. Fundamentally the key to upskill and prepare for the certification exams is to determine the nature of the questions. A practice test is offered to provide the aspirants with a test environment with questions that are similar to the actual certification exams. By completing these tests, you can be confident enough to anticipate the type of exam questions.

What is a Free Test?

A free test offered by Whizlabs (with over 125+ free tests for certifications including Cloud Computing, DevOps, Big Data, Project management, and many more) is a type of practice test exclusively provided to the aspirants interested in enhancing their ability to complete the exam. These practice tests are available free of cost, without the need for entering any card details, unlike the traditional subscription-based services. 

Taking up these free tests for the in-demand industry certification exams brings you confidence and a solid understanding of the exam syllabus. 

How to Find Free Tests?

Finding some of the best resources of practice tests sometimes may seem like a daunting task, in reality, that is not the case.  With hundreds of industry-standard online courses and certification programs, Whizlabs provides some of the best-performing free tests for everyone. A list of top-ranked free tests is available in the following section of this article.

The Sophistication of Certification Exams

For example, when we discuss the core areas of cloud computing it becomes evident that the scope for improvement is volatile. There is a constant surge in the quantity and quality of cloud products and services provided by some of the major players like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. This dynamic behavior is observed across other industries also. In such cases, a professional who is certified in any of the cloud technologies must be well-equipped for the upcoming transformations.

There are about 125+ free tests available on Whizlabs for different certification exams. Check the list below to know more about these free tests. 

An Elaborated List of Free Tests Offered by Whizlabs

The list is organized based on the popularity of the courses and the tests completed by the Whizlabs learners (for more information click the links provided below each of the certifications to visit the respective test pages).

If you research thoroughly the cloud certification exams have been taken up by the learners in large numbers. Undoubtedly, the demand for cloud engineers and consultants is booming. Also, the best-performing cloud-related courses and certification exams on Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud have many free tests (check the links to the free test in the list).

Before you embark on this journey to take up the free tests, read through the experience of a few learners who have completed the certification exams with the help of practice tests, courses, and free tests from Whizlabs.

Reviews and Feedback from the learners

Robert says, “I would like to see more tests and a greater variety of subjects for the questions. That said, I really like the detailed explanations in the answers.”

Ken QU says, “passed the exam today and got the architect badge. best ways to prepare for the exam after you watch all the training videos”(for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-304 Certification).

Shane says, “All very relevant questions and solutions were explained well. Also great to see that feedback on questions is answered” (for Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-104 Certification).

Best Performing Free Tests from Whizlabs

Sl No Certification Exam No of Learners No of Questions Free Test Link
1 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate 93,311 20 Try Now
2 Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-900 Certification 35,341 55 Try Now
3 AWS Certified Developer Associate 29,649 25 Try Now
4 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 29,180 55 Try Now
5 AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional 20,722 15 Try Now
6 AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate 17,131 20 Try Now
7 Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 Programmer (OCAJP 8) 14,784 20 Try Now
8 Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-104 Certification 11,971 15 Try Now
9 AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional 10,799 15 Try Now
10 Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect 10,156 20 Try Now
11 AWS Certified Security – Specialty 8,637 15 Try Now
12 Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-204 Certification 8,533 15 Try Now
13 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions (AZ-400) 7,990 15 Try Now
14 Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer 6,521 25 Try Now
15 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (AZ-500) 5,980 15 Try Now
16 Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-303 Certification 4,624 15 Try Now
17 AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty 3,893 15 Try Now
18 Docker Certified Associate 3,350 15 Try Now
19 Implementing an Azure Data Solution (DP-200) 3,195 15 Try Now
20 AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty 3,151 15 Try Now
21 Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-304 Certification 3,057 15 Try Now
22 Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer 2,807 20 Try Now
23 Designing an Azure Data Solution (DP-201) 2,044 15 Try Now
24 AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty 1,990 20 Try Now
25 Java SE 11 Programmer I [1Z0-815] 1,800 15 Try Now
26 HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate 1,128 15 Try Now
27 AWS Certified Database – Specialty 1,002 15 Try Now
28 AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty 972 15 Try Now
29 Java SE 11 Programmer II [1Z0-816] 953 15 Try Now
30 Microsoft Azure Exam DP-900 Certification 732 15 Try Now
31 Microsoft Azure Exam AI-900 Certification 652 15 Try Now
32 Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer 377 20 Try Now
33 Oracle Certified Professional: Java SE 11 Developer [1Z0-819] 308 15 Try Now
34 Microsoft Azure Exam DP-300 Certification 274 15 Try Now
35 Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Developer 260 20 Try Now
36 Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals (PL-900) Certification 187 20 Try Now
37 Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI (DA-100) Certification 143 15 Try Now
38 VMware Certified Spring Professional Certification 121 20 Try Now
39 Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900) Certification 67 15 Try Now
40 Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-220 Certification 27 15 Try Now
41 Microsoft Power Platform Functional Consultant (PL-200) Certification 25 20 Try Now


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