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Be Authentic and Be Transparent – Ian Moyse – Exclusive Interview With Our Cloud Thought Leader

Whizlabs has announced 150+ Cloud Thought Leaders and New Generation Leaders of 2021 recently. Ian Moyse, the Chief Revenue Officer at OneUp Sales is one among the cloud thought leaders that everyone must follow. Some of his must read write-ups are 5 Pillars of InnovationThe 20/20 Vision of Cloud, and Making Smart Cloud Choices in Uncertain Times. Ian Moyse was more than excited for the interview when we reached out to him and his enthusiasm to inspire his followers makes him one of the best cloud thought leaders.

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Let’s go through his answers and get to know him a little more today!

1. What was your first job?

My 1st proper full time employment was as a programmer/analyst at IBM working on System 36 & 38 with CICS and GDDM in their test laboratories. A great environment with robotics and innovation going on all around.

2. How will you describe your journey to become a successful professional in Cloud Computing?

I fell into the Cloud Computing sector around 15 years ago, not by proactively selecting, but that a role came up that just happened to be in the Cloud SaaS security space. I have never looked back and have embraced Cloud and all its variants and enabling power ever since.

3. When did you actually realize true love for Cloud Computing?

The more I realised the benefits of cloud; multi-tenancy, scale, flexibility, speed of updates, innovation, market reach (both in geographic terms and size of company it supports) it opened my eyes as to the future ahead of us. Cloud powers innovation, and has driven the growth of AI, IOT, VR, Big Data, Mobility and more.

4. Walk us through your journey of first ever certification in the field of cloud computing? How did you make that decision?

I was invited to be the first in the UK to take COMPTIA’s cloud certification and have since achieved both Amazon and Salesforce certifications. I now focus on a business level view of transformation and the art of the possible through use of varying cloud form factors and platforms.

5. Globally recognized cloud thought leadership comes with lots of responsibility. What is your advice for your followers?

To be authentic and be transparent. To give back before you take. I have the pleasure of being  invited to partake in speaking, panels, blogging, podcast guesting and more. This is through first contributing and helping others. I am a Schools Speaker, I have been asked for input for dissertations, for career advice and for help by ex employees and colleagues looking to move on in their careers. Wherever possible I give back and help as much as I am able and time allows. 

6. Everyone now knows that cloud computing is the future. What do you think?

It is the now. Cloud Computing has only just started in where it is taking us in terms of innovation and the possible. We live in a more affordable and portable computing world due to the cloud. Without it, where would we be during COVID. How would the video calls have happened, how would businesses have pivoted to working from home so quickly?

7. Anyone who follows you would love to become you (or better than you) at some point, and many of them will be confused on how to start or where to start. Can you share some of the obstacles you have faced at the beginning and the ways you have overcome those?

It is not an overnight thing to become a thought leader or an influencer and a flattering position to hold. There is no quick start or agenda plan to get there. I got there by accident, by contributing, by taking part and putting myself out there and forward as a speaker, as a blogger; by taking the proactive initiative and over time it started to begat back to me in opportunities to comment and invites to speak. The more you do, the better you deliver, the more opportunity and profile comes back to you. It is about consistent and persistent proactive effort.

8. A good leader is someone who never stops learning and is always willing to un-learn anything if needed. What are your valuable learnings and un-learnings during your journey to a thought leader?

To always be learning, to always engage with others; to debate, listen, learn, respect and disagree authentically, to challenge and to know that you do not know it all, you have not had every experience others have and be willing to admit your wrong, don’t know and are willing to adjust.

9. In your words, tell us the leadership skills that everyone should learn?

Be respectful, earn respect, don’t demand it through title. Earn others following through your behaviors, expertise and actions.

10. What is that one thing which motivates you to become more and more better everyday?

Being passionate about what I do, being genuinely interested in it and enjoying what I do. Add to this recognising that ‘I don’t know what I don’t know; To continue to have the opportunity to do what you enjoy, you need to remain relevant and in a position to add value. Cloud computing moves so fast you have to continue to learn and re-learn or you can fast become not a thought leader, but a thought laggard.

11. Other than personal learning, what are you currently learning in the technical field? Any new field of interest?

I am learning more and more about IOT (Internet of Things); what is possible, security issues, where it will change our lives and industries.

12. If we dare to ask, how would you rate the following cloud providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba cloud.

Magic as I call them – Microsoft, Amazon, Alibaba, Google. Each has its own merits, strengths, weaknesses and complications dependent on the relevant use cases!  No one size fits all and hence why Multi-Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud is becoming the norm. Whilst each cloud provider wants to dominate, abstraction from the cloud layer is going to become more common with the likes of IBM Redshift allowing customers to abstract the application from the compute power and alleviate long time fixed tie in to one vendor platform.

13. What area of Cloud do you work in today?

I have the pleasure again of learning a new sector being Gamification SaaS. At OneUp Sales we provide a system that quickly switches on and enables a business to turn CRM and VOIP data into tangible sales insights that drive behaviors, productivity and results. Having worked in Cloud CRM and Cloud Telephony before, this allows me to utilise that experience to help customers bring these together to make 1+1 = 5 for their business.

Thanks Ian Moyse for your valuable time! Keep inspiring!

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