DP-200 Exam Preparation

How to Prepare for Exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution?

Microsoft Azure has brought many new changes to its certification model. Now, the focus of Azure certifications is on specific skills that are required on the job for professionals. DP-200 certification is one of the latest role-based Azure certifications in the market. So, this article is focused on helping you in your DP-200 exam preparation.

As of January 31, 2019, Microsoft requires candidates to qualify two different exams for earning the Azure data engineer associate certification. The two exams have code DP 200 and If you want to land your dream job as an Azure Data Engineer, you must pass the DP 200 and DP 201 certification exams to achieve the Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer badge. It will enhance your chances of cracking the interview. This discussion aims to serve as a guide for DP-200 exam preparation while in the next article, we’ll also cover the guide for DP-201 exam preparation.

The discussion would cover all important details regarding the examination, such as basic information, requirements, and prerequisites for the examination. Also, the discussion would highlight the preparation steps and expert tips for the exam. So, let us start with DP-200 exam preparation right away!

Latest Update: The exam DP-200 has been expired on August 31, 2021 and the name changed to DP-203.

Exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution

DP-200 exam is a new Azure Data exam and has the title ‘Implementing an Azure Data Solution’. The DP-200 and DP-201 exams are important for becoming a Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate. The DP-201 exam has the title ‘Designing an Azure Data Solution’. However, candidates often face many difficulties for exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure data solution due to the lack of study resources. The primary source of difficulties arises from the comparatively new nature of the DP-200 certification exam.

On the other hand, the right guidance can lead candidates through each step of the exam effortlessly. The demand for data engineers is highly prominent in the context of analytics-related job roles. Furthermore, the adoption of Big Data solutions and data engineering solutions is increasing among modern organizations. The importance of DP-200 certification preparation guide is visible on the grounds of the increasing value for data engineering and analytics.

Basic Details of the DP-200 Exam Information

The foremost element after clarification on the basics of the DP-200 certification exam is the examination info. Every candidate should know the examination completely well for better DP-200 exam preparation. The first thing that you should know about DP-200 certification exam is the format of the examination.

The DP-200 exam would include around 40-60 questions and is somewhat similar to other azure certification exams. Candidates should note that the number of questions could vary for different exam instances. The exam duration is around 210 minutes out of which 180 minutes are allotted for answering questions. The additional 30 minutes are ideal for reading instructions, signing the non-disclosure agreement, and giving feedback.

The DP-200 certification exam would show the different types of questions in DP-200. The questions can include multiple-choice, case studies, multiple select questions, and build-lists. Almost 4 or 5 questions would involve case studies that would test the overall architecture skills of the candidate.

The Microsoft Azure DP-200 certification exam would also include scenario-based questions that assume particular scenarios as the foundation for the questions. The scenario questions can include multiple-choice and multiple-select formats. Also, scenario questions can refer to drag and order of multiple steps to accomplish a solution. You can also have to drag and drop answers for providing your response in case of PowerShell CMDlets, Azure CLI commands or JSON documents.

Check out the below table to have a quick look at the Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam information:

Exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution

Exam Title Implementing an Azure Data Solution
Exam Code DP-200
Associated Certification Azure Data Engineer Associate
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Exam Duration 180 Minutes (Total 210 Minutes)
Number of Questions 40-60
Exam Fee US$ 165
Exam Languages English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese

If you have already passed the DP-200 exam, follow the DP-201 exam preparation guide and get ready to clear the DP-201 exam.

Requirements for the DP-200 Exam

Requirements for DP-200 certification also serve as important elements in the DP-200 exam preparation guide.

  • The individuals aspiring for DP-200 exam should have at least one year of experience as data professionals, business intelligence professionals, or data architects.
  • Individuals should also show capabilities for delivering content from data platform technologies on Azure.

Prerequisites for DP-200 Exam

AZ-203 Practice TestsThe understanding of prerequisites also matters a lot in the DP-200 exam preparation. However, you need to know that these prerequisites are optional. Candidates need to have a certification  AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals for the DP-200 certification exam. However, you can skip the certification if you are confident about your expertise in Azure basics.

Furthermore, candidates are also recommended to have hands-on experience in data analytics. Background in definition and architecture of azure data solutions is also a recommended prerequisite for the Microsoft Azure DP-200 exam. On the other hand, candidates should note that these are recommended prerequisites and do not hamper eligibility for the DP-200 exam. 

Objectives Covered in DP-200 Exam

The next important concern in this preparation guide is understanding the domains and objectives covered in the exam. The DP-200 study guide is a reliable instrument for outlining the particular topics that you should cover for the DP-200 exam. Your DP-200 exam preparation would focus on three prominent domains. Let us discuss each domain briefly as follows.

  • Implementing data storage solutions (40-45%)

This is one of the major domains in DP-200 study guide with almost 40 to 45% of questions in the exam. The domain deals with topics such as the implementation of relational data stores and management of data security. However, the major highlight in this domain is the implementation of non-relational data stores.

  • Developing and managing data processing (25-30%)

The two important topics in this domain include the development of batch processing solutions and streaming solutions. The overall weight of this domain in the DP-200 exam is around 25 to 30%.

  • Monitoring and optimizing data solutions (30-35%)

The final domain in the exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data solution deals with monitoring data storage and data processing. This domain can form the basis of around 30 to 35% of questions in the DP-200 exam. Optimization of Azure data solutions also serves as an important highlight in this domain.

Azure certifications give you a recognition for your skills and knowledge on Azure platform. Having an Azure certification gives you many benefits, here are the top reasons to get an Azure certification.

Steps to be Followed for the DP-200 Exam Preparation

The next course of action in this discussion refers to the basic steps you need to take for your preparation. The basic assumption, in this case, is to consider that DP-200 would be a difficult exam. Therefore, your DP-200 exam preparation should aim at simplifying your overall approach.

  • AZ-400 Practice TestsVisit the official certification page

The first step in your preparation for DP-200 certification exam is to visit the official certification page. The official certification page can offer detailed information about the exam. Candidates should always understand the importance of the official certification page as a source of helpful exam information. Understanding the exam info such as duration, registration fee, and languages of the exam can help candidates prepare accordingly.

A basic mindset regarding the examination plays a huge role in defining the success of a candidate. Furthermore, the information about abilities tested in the exam is available on the DP-200 official certification page. The official certification page is also appropriate for finding out information about the available sources of learning and preparation.

  • Take note of the exam objectives

The next important step in this DP-200 exam preparation guide is the review of exam objectives. Exam objectives are very important tools to anticipate the type of questions that you can expect in the actual examination. Study the exam objectives and individual subtopics in each objective.

Also, you should find the specific weight for each domain in the DP-200 exam. As a result, you can develop a preparation schedule that focuses heavily on domains with higher weight. Review of the exam objectives also helps in giving a certain direction to your exam preparation efforts.

  • Enroll for Online Training Courses

The third important step in your preparation for the DP-200 certification exam should be Microsoft Learn. Microsoft Learn offers practical guidance along with hands-on labs to help you prepare for DP-200. Some of the recommended topics which you can find in Microsoft Learn for your DP-200 exam preparation start with Azure fundamentals.

The other courses include ‘Azure for the Data Engineer’ and ‘Implement a Data Warehouse with Azure SQL Data Warehouse.’ You can also find instructor-led or online training courses from other certification training providers to prepare for the DP-200 exam. Candidates have the option for choosing the type of learning they prefer for DP-200 preparation. You need to focus on your learning style for choosing the right training approach.

  • Hands-on Practice

As mentioned above, Microsoft Learn offers practical guidance along with hands-on labs to help you prepare for DP-200. As you may find scenario-based and another type of questions in the exam, it becomes important to understand the concepts with real-time practice. So, get your hands dirty by working on the Azure platform and be ready for the DP-200 exam.

You can create a free Azure account and get the 12 months of free services with free USD 200 credit in your account. So, all you need to do is create your free account with Azure and start using it to learn more and get familiar with the Azure platform. It will really be of great help in your DP-200 exam preparation.

  • Take Practice Tests

The final yet most crucial step in this preparation guide for the DP-200 exam refers to practice tests. Many online certification training providers offer practice tests for DP-200 exam so you can choose one or more to check your preparation level. The practice tests are a great way to support your DP-200 exam preparation.

First of all, the practice tests give a clear insight into the type of questions candidates can expect in the real exam. This is a clear advantage, especially because DP-200 is new in the market. Also, candidates could track their responses and develop new skills and strategies for time management during the actual examination.

Most important of all, practice tests offer, a comprehensive impression of the candidate’s level of preparation. The detailed evaluation of the candidate’s performance in practice tests and the comprehensive reports provide considerable help. The most prominent benefit of practice tests is in the observation of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses in the subject.

DP-200 Exam Preparation

Expert Tips for the DP-200 Exam Preparation

Before we wrap up this discussion, let us reflect on some expert tips for your preparation of the  DP-200 exam.

  • Do not panic or overthink! DP-200 is just an exam, and you can qualify it with the right amount of effort. You can always appear for another attempt at DP-200 if you don’t clear it in the first attempt.
  • Make it a habit to communicate frequently in Azure communities and online study groups. It will help you learn from the experience of those who have attempted the exam. Also, connecting with those preparing for the exam will encourage you to deal with your preparation.
  • Take care of mental and physical health thoroughly before the exam. Do not load your body and mind with the burden of the exam unnecessarily. Stay calm and relaxed at all times for better performance in the exam.
  • Be strict to your schedule because your success depends on it! Failing to keep up with the preparation schedule can end up causing lots of gaps before the final exam. So, to avoid any last-minute problems, stick to a time-table. If possible, make a study buddy or ask someone close to you for holding you accountable!

Final Words

DP-200 exam provides a gateway for the career as an Azure data engineer. So, it is inevitable for many candidates to apply for such a prestigious and rewarding job role. The final inference from the above discussion is that DP-200 exam preparation is easy with the right guidance. Candidates could use this guide as the starting point for their preparation.

However, candidates should always focus on the importance of reliable and authentic study resources, such as online courses and practice tests. Candidates should always look for reliable training providers that can adapt to their learning style and convenience. Also, check your preparation level with the DP-200 practice tests, it will make you confident enough to pass the exam in the first attempt.

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