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Preparation Guide on PAS-C01: SAP on AWS Specialty Certification Exam

Running SAP on AWS can help improve  Sap workloads, reduce time, and scale while allowing SAP users to enjoy a flexible infrastructure. This makes it immensely important for both SAP and AWS specialists to upskill with SAP on AWS. 

Interestingly, the PAS-C01: SAP on AWS Specialty certification is the only course that will help you gain SAP skills to enhance outcomes in the AWS ecosystem.

Big-shot companies like Kellogs, Brook Brothers, Coca-Cola, Moderna, Syngenta, etc., moved to AWS infrastructure with their SAP premises and are offering significant career milestones to SAP and AWS professionals. 

This blog will run you through all the nitty-gritty of the PAS-C01 certification exam: SAP on AWS Exam  certification overview, learning outcomes, prerequisites, domains, materials available, benefits, prep strategy, etc. 

So, let’s dive in. 

What is PAS-C01: SAP on AWS Specialty Certification Exam anyway?

The AWS Certified: SAP on AWS Specialty (PAS-C01) exam is one of the newest and most popular AWS certification courses in 2023. It validates your SAP and AWS technical abilities and its hands-on experiments with implementing, designing, operating, Deploying on AWS, and moving workloads of SAP on AWS Solution infrastructure. Additionally, this exam will test your capability and skills to handle critical and technical knowledge related to SAP solutions and workloads running in the AWS Cloud: 

pas-c01 aws

  • Create an SAP solution Landscape that Runs in the AWS Cloud according to the AWS Well-Architected Framework.
  • Develop an SAP solution operating on the AWS Cloud, maintaining standards for SAP certification and support Requirements.
  • Deploy new SAP workloads  running on the AWS Cloud.
  • Move existing workloads of SAP into AWS.
  • Run SAP workloads on the AWS infrastructure.


What are the skills you will learn from the PAS-C01: SAP on AWS Specialty Certification Exam?

There is a long list of skills and abilities you will learn from the PAS-C01 certification. For starters, this AWS certification will help you gain an in-depth understanding on: 

  • Describe AWS availability zones and regions based on latency Sap Hana .
  • Establish connectivity options between AWS accounts and VPCs. 
  • Describe the AWS IAM users and roles for Migrating workloads for SAP on AWS.
  • Define correct storage selection for  Operating SAP Workloads of SAP.
  • Design highly available SAP Operating system & Database system solutions to meet availability needs. 
  • Deploy database systems and clients.
  • Configure and deploy SAP ERS apps.
  • Evaluate high-available solutions of SAP on AWS.
  • Run cluster-failover tests.
  • Configure database enqueue replication server sap  and disaster recovery solutions
  • Automate SAP installations
  • Conduct tests using SAP Hana hardware and Cloud Measurement Tools (HCMT).
  • Create cutover plans and technical AWS migration hub.
  • Use AWS native tools and SAP for migrations Services
  • Implement target SAP infrastructure through automation.
  • Configure alarms and custom metrics for SAP
  • Update AWS data provider for SAP
  • Automate patching using system manager patch manager
  • Perform SAP capacity planning
  • Reconfigure AWS services
  • Use AWS tools to monitor usage and cost

Additionally, you will also learn techniques like: 

Who should take the PAS-C01 Certification Exam?

Anyone with hands-on experience of more than five years working with SAP or one year of experience in SAP on AWS infrastructure and services can apply for the PAS-C01 exam. You must have in-depth knowledge of SAP & HANA techniques, equipment, and solutions. 

In addition to this, you should also know how to build highly-available SAP Infrastructure  solutions that run effectively and efficiently on AWS infrastructure and adhere to the norms of the AWS Cloud. The beginner’s should also follow the best practices mentioned by the AWS Well-Architected framework, SAP certifications, and support prerequisites. 

Getting the AWS Certified SAP on AWS certification can pave pathway for various career opportunities for IT professionals, which includes:

  • SAP architects
  • SAP consultants
  • Cloud architects
  • Cloud infrastructure Engineers

It can also help them to acquire recognition for their skills and expertise in the areas such as SAP and AWS, which certainly leads to better job and higher salaries.

Furthermore, if you must know how to perform technical tasks using: 

  • SAP supported databases 
  • SAP operating systems
  • Implementing and migrating SAP tools
  • AWS Global Infrastructure & Deploying SAP GUI
  • Core AWS Infrastructure services
  • AWS operations and management tools
  • Sap Deployment on AWS for Solution architectures

Why should you take the PAS-C01: SAP on AWS Specialty Certification Exam? 

For starters, companies using SAP resources, especially SAP S, 4 HANA, or RISE, are increasingly enjoying the flexible and agile nature of the AWS cloud infrastructure. They are supercharging the performance and security of SAP resources and apps while cutting costs by migrating SAP applications to AWS.

Integrating SAP into AWS is undoubtedly a typical part of digital evolution for many organizations. This brings us to the point that such organizations need professionals adept at SAP and AWS who can efficiently and easily control and secure their SAP + AWS  Cloud infrastructure. 

In other words, AWS-certified SAP on AWS specialty qualified professionals are up for countless opportunities in the future. 

Lastly, SAP on AWS specialty experts can become a valuable asset to their company as they will learn how to enhance business outcomes. Migrating SAP instances on AWS infrastructure will not only help you reduce the operating costs but also allow you to: 

  •  Scale considerably by providing more assets on SAP systems for overnight batch responsibilities or month-end closings. 
  • Launch SAP systems within minutes and reduce the go-live time of projects. 
  • Escape capacity planning as you can add as many networks, instances, solutions, storage, and processing required to the AWS ecosystem.

What you’ll learn in the PAS-C01: SAP on AWS Specialty Certification?

To excel in SAP on AWS Specialty Certification exam, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of AWS cloud services, particularly in the context of deploying and managing SAP workloads. This involves learning how to install SAP s/4 HANA on the AWS cloud, as well as designing, implementing, operating, maintaining, and migrating SAP workloads on AWS.

In addition to these fundamental concepts, it is also crucial to gain proficiency in various SAP on AWS architecture patterns, including those that address High Availability and Disaster Recovery. As part of this, you should also learn about different SAP to AWS Application migration approaches and the tools involved.

To automate the deployment of AWS infrastructure, you should learn how to use CloudFormation, which is a powerful Infrastructure as Code tool. Finally, you should familiarize yourself with various AWS Automation and DevOps tools that are commonly used in the context of SAP workloads on AWS.

Exam Format for PAS-C01 Exam

PAS-C01 exam

Prerequisites of the PAS-C01: SAP on AWS Specialty Certification Exam

To be eligible for the PAS-C01 certification exam, you need: 

  • Either five years or more of experience working with SAP solutions.
  • Or one year of professional hands on with SAP on AWS.

Additionally, here are a few recommended AWS skills you would need to acquire before applying for this certification: 

  • Disaster recovery or high availability
  • AWS migration  Evaluator tools
  • Core AWS infrastructure services
  • AWS global infrastructure
  • Multi-account and multi-region scenarios 
  • Security best practices
  • AWS transfer services
  • SAP Operations and management services 

Similarly, you need to gain familiarity with SAP abilities like: 

  • SAP Basis administration
  • SAP NetWeaver administration
  • SAP-aided operating system (Linux and Windows)
  • SAP aided databases covering SAP HANA
  • SAP router installation 
  • SAP migration Hub
  • Identity management
  • Sizing

Exam domains for SAP on AWS Specialty (PAS-C01) Certification Exam

The PAS-C01 certification exam captures 4 domains and has specific weight in the certification exam. Here’s a glance of the exam breakup: 

Domain Weightage
Designing SAP workloads on AWS 30%
Implementing SAP workloads on AWS 24%
Migrating SAP workloads to AWS 26%
Maintaining and operating SAP workloads on AWS 20%


All these domain are divided into myriad subtopics that covers: 

  • Designing SAP workloads on AWS

– Designing AWS account structure and connectivity patterns for workloads of SAP on AWS

– Designing secure solution to host SAP workloads on AWS

– Defining optimized and cost-effective premises for SAP workloads on AWS

– Designing resilient solutions for SAP workloads on AWS

  • Implementing SAP workloads on AWS

– Deploying databases for SAP workloads on AWS

– Implementing SAP applications on AWS

– Configuring disaster recovery setup for SAP workloads on AWS

– Configuring high availability for SAP workloads on AWS

– Automating implementation of SAP workloads

– Validating AWS Infrastructure to host SAP workloads

  • Migrating SAP workloads to AWS

– Determining optimal migration process for SAP workloads on AWS

– Run homogenous migration for SAP workloads on AWS

– Run heterogeneous migration for SAP workloads on AWS

– Optimizing moving of SAP workloads

  • Maintaining and operating SAP workloads on AWS

– Evaluate Efficiency, availability, and security of SAP environments on AWS 

– Utilize AWS native services to control SAP application data protection

– Conduct routine and Proactive maintenance for SAP apps on AWS

– Analyze and improve the design of SAP environments on AWS

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Study materials to refer for PAS-C01: SAP on AWS Specialty Certification Exam

You will find ample AWS resources, materials, PAS-C01 study guides, practice papers, and training programs to kickstart your preparation for the PAS-C01 certification exam. To begin with, you can subscribe to the AWS skill builder to avail the latest training, resources, and documentation to gain a better understanding of the SAP solutions and AWS infrastructure. 

Next, you will find four hours of technical-fundamental courses: SAP on AWS. It captures the technical basics and prime architectural patterns for operating SAP workloads on AWS, sizing SAP to meet performance needs, automating and securing implementations, taking architectural decisions, maintaining AWS best practices, etc.

Third, you can resort to whitepapers and FAQs to dive deeper into SAP workload migrations and implementations. The material includes: 

  • SAP Lens and AWS Well-Architected Framework
  • Disaster Recovery and High-Availability Options
  • SAP on AWS technical document
  • FAQs for SAP solutions on the AWS infrastructure

Similarly, you will find innumerable AWS docs and blogs giving a holistic approach to SAP deployments and workloads on the AWS cloud. These often cover: 

  • Guidelines for using SAP on AWS
  • SAP Launch Wizard
  • SAP HANA Troubleshooting and Backint Section
  • AWS SAP Data provider, troubleshooting and security group section
  • SAP HANA Migrating dynamic tiering
  • HANA cluster config
  • Overlay IP

Lastly, you have the AWS exam review section to know everything about the ultimate certification exam experience and analyze your theoretical knowledge. It includes: 

  • AWS Certified: SAP on AWS specialty exam guide
  • Sample questions for AWS certified: SAP on AWS specialty exam
  • AWS Certified: SAP on AWS specialty exam official practice question set

Exam tips for the PAS-C01: SAP on AWS Specialty Certification Exam

If the long list of recommended knowledge and domain details are freaking you out, please don’t be! It’s no rocket science. You just need a proper prep strategy up your sleeve to ace the exam. To help you chalk out a smart preparation process, here are a few quick PAS-C01 exam tips for you to follow: 

  • Download the SAP on AWS specialty exam guide to understand the exam objectives and domains. 
  • Prepare a calendar and allot equal days and hours to each subtopic. Don’t leave any headings or details. 
  • The exam demands at least a year’s work experience with SAP on AWS to be eligible. If you don’t have work experience, ensure you get one before applying for the exam. 
  • Similarly, ensure you are hands-on with the recommended AWS and SAP knowledge mentioned in the prerequisites list. You can start with AWS documentation and whitepapers to gain these skills. 
  • Coming to deep dive into domains, in addition to digital training and AWS whitepapers, you can also check out YouTube webinars and tutorials for SAP and AWS fundamentals and concepts like Introduction to AWS Lambda and AWS VPC Masterclass with LIVE demo
  • When you are done with gaining the recommended and domain knowledge, it’s time to assess and apply your understanding in practice. Go through AWS sample papers and question dumps and evaluate your prep level. Identify the weak spots, relearn to fill the gaps, and then attempt the sample papers again. 

Once you feel fully prepared with no errors in the tests, it’s to ace the final exam and adds a milestone to your credentials. 


How much does the PAS-C01 exam cost? 

The exam costs $300 USD.

What is the passing score for the PAS-C01 exam?

The passing marks are 750 (on a scale of 100-1000)

What is the duration of the PAS-C01 exam?

The exam is 170 minutes long. 

What does the question pattern for the exam look like?

The exam includes MCQs and multiple responses. 

What is the validity of the PAS-C01 certification exam? 

The certification is valid for three years. 

Are any prerequisites required for PAS-C01 exam? 

Five or more years of experience in SAP is required.


Hope this blog helps you understand the PAS-C01 certification exam, its objectives, and its significance in the job market. Furthermore, to level up your preparation strategy on PAS-C01 exam, you can check out Whizlabs sorted and updated resources on AWS certified SAP on AWS specialty exam. You will find: 

  • Mock tests with 130+ unique questions
  • AWS hands-on labs to gamify your practical exposure
  • AWS sandbox to experiment and validate your theoretical SAP solutions and AWS skills. 

If you have any queries on these SAP on AWS preparation guide, feel free to comment us!


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