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Oracle Announcement - 1Z0-819 Exam

Oracle Announces New Java OCP 11 Developer 1Z0-819 Exam

The reputation of Java is not a new thing in the world of technology. So, many people aspire to start a career in Java programming, thereby turning towards professional Java certifications. The Oracle Certified Professional Java Developer certification is a promising option for aspiring Java programmers. One of the interesting highlights of the Java OCP Java certification is the arrival of the new 1Z0-819 exam.

Oracle has recently announced the new exam for the SE 11 Java certification path. With this announcement, Oracle has also implied the retirement of its existing Java OCP 11 certification exams i.e., 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 certifications. The following article dives into detailed information about the new Java OCP 11 exam and what candidates can expect from the exam.

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Is the 1Z0-819 Exam Good News or Bad News?

Candidates are particularly anxious about the retirement of the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 certification exams, especially the ones who have been preparing for them for a while now. As these exams would not be available after October 1st, 2020, many candidates would definitely panic. However, there is no reason to be worried about it!

As a matter of fact, the new 1Z0-819 exam would be a combination of topics covered in the two exams. So, candidates who have been preparing for 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 exams could easily pursue one single certification to become Oracle Certified Java SE11 Developer. Therefore, the 1Z0-819 certification basically simplifies the path for aspiring Java SE11 Developers.

The new 1Z0-819 certification exam would contain multiple-choice questions and candidates would get 90 minutes for completing the exam. The single certification could now help professionals showcase their proficiency in Java software development.

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Changes in Exam Objectives

Another important concern that has emerged with the introduction of the new 1Z0-819 exam is the change in exam objectives. Candidates should be prepared well for a difficult exam because of the broader range of topics covered in the exam. Candidates should also know about the fact that 1Z0-819 certification has also excluded certain topics from the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 exams. As a result, there is no need to study the following topics for their 1Z0-819 certification preparation.

  • Execution of a basic program with the help of command line, modules being an exception
  • JDBC CallableStatement
  • Java characteristics such as backward compatibility, platform independence, and others
  • Java Assertions

Topics Covered in the Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-819 Exam

Oracle has also published the details of the exam topics in the new Java OCP 11 exam on the official certification page. A closer reflection on the topics covered in the new 1Z0-819 exam could showcase the basis of questions in the exam. Here is an outline of the domains in the new Java SE11 Developer certification.

Domain 1: Working with primitives, enumerators, text values & wrapper classes

The subtopics in this first domain of the 1Z0-819 certification exam are as follows,

  • Utilizing wrapper classes and primitives alongside operators, casting, parentheses and type promotion
  • Best practices for creating loops, switch statements and if/else statements and using them
  • Skills for creating enumerations and using them
  • Management of text through StringBuilder& Strings classes

Domain 2: Exception Handling

The second domain of the 1Z0-819 Java SE11 Developer certification tests the knowledge and skills of candidates in following subtopics,

  • Managing exceptions in Java programs through different tools such as multi-catch statements, try/catch/finally clauses and try-with-resource statements
  • Creating custom exceptions and their ideal utilization

Domain 3: Operations with Lambda expressions and Streams

The third domain in the 1Z0-819 exam would evaluate skills, knowledge, and abilities in the following subtopics,

  • Utilization of Java Streams for data operations such as filtering, processing, and transformation
  • Implementation of Functional Interfaces by leveraging the functionalities of Lambda Expressions, alongside interfaces in the Java .util.function package
  • Using Streams along with Parallel Streams for various tasks such as reduction & decomposition as well as partitioning and grouping

Domain 4: Concurrency

This domain would test the following skills and abilities of candidates in the 1Z0-819 certification exam,

  • Creation of worker threads through Callable, Runnable alongside using ExecutorService such as Java .util.concurrent API for concurrent execution of tasks
  • Development of thread-safe code and use of concurrent collections

Domain 5: Coding Security for Java SE Application Development

The important skills and knowledge aspects tested in this domain of 1Z0-819 exam are as follows,

  • Implementation of data integrity guidelines for processes such as inclusion, input validation, and injections
  • Prevention of external attacks on code through restrictions on extensibility and accessibility alongside ensuring ideal management of mutability and input validation
  • Restricting Denial of Service in Java applications

Domain 6: Localization

This domain tests candidates’ knowledge for ensuring localization in Java applications by leveraging resource bundles, Locale, Java APIs formatting messages, numbers, and dates.

Domain 7: Java Object-Oriented Approach

The most significant domain in the exam tests the following skills and capabilities of candidates,

  • Declaration and instantiation of Java objects
  • Fields and methods
  • Initialization statements
  • Constructors, variable scopes and encapsulation
  • Subclasses &superclasses
  • Polymorphism
  • Local variable type inference
  • Functional and private interfaces

Domain 8: Arrays & Collections

This domain of 1Z0-819 exam deals with the following subtopics,

  • Generic classes and methods with wildcards and diamond notation
  • Use of List, Map, Deque and Set collections
  • Sorting arrays & collections

Domain 9: Java Platform Module System

This domain of the 1Z0-819 certification exam tests the following skills and abilities,

  • Shifting to modular application design
  • Deployment and execution of modular applications
  • Declaration of modules and enabling access between them

Domain 10: Java I/O API

This domain of the 1Z0-819 certification exam tests the following skills and knowledge areas,

  • Reading and writing console & file data by using I/O systems.
  • Management of file system objects by leveraging java.nio.file API
  • Implementing serialization techniques for Java objects

Domain 11: Database Applications with JDBC

This domain of the 1Z0-819 certification exam tests the knowledge of the candidate in the following areas:

  • Connect to and perform database operations using PreparedStatement

Domain 12: Annotations

The final domain of the 1Z0-819 exam checks the knowledge of the candidate in the following area:

  • Create, apply, and process annotations

Check the 1Z0-819 Certification Exam Official Page now for more details!

So, What’s Your Plan?

On a concluding note to this article, the new Oracle certification track for Java SE11 Developer brings many changes. Firstly, the 1Z0-819 exam has simplified the certification track by eliminating the need to qualify two exams. The combination of the 1Z0-815 and 1Z0-816 exam topics in the new exam also ensures that candidates would be prepared for professional job roles.

The changes in the certification track have also removed certain objectives, thereby providing relief to aspiring candidates. The demand for Java software developers continues to increase, with Java sustaining its position as one of the popular languages for application development. In the long run, updates to the Java SE11 Developer certification track would focus on Java developers’ emerging requirements.

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