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AZ-400 online course updated

AZ-400 Online Course Updated As Per June 15, 2020 Updates

Microsoft Azure certification exams go through frequent updates for adapting to the new roles, technologies, and processes. To help candidates stay updated with the new skills tested in the certification exams, our teams keep on working on the revision and updation of our training courses. We have previously updated our AZ-400 practice tests and now we have come up with the new updated AZ-400 online course.

This new update is in response to the latest update introduced in the exam by Microsoft on June 15, 2020, and we have almost completely changed the course to align with the modified exam objectives. The updated AZ-400 training course is vital for aspiring candidates to prepare as per the updated AZ-400 exam objectives.

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So, the new updates in the AZ-400 exam present the ideal set of skills needed for Azure DevOps professionals. The following discussion showcases an outline of the revised and updated AZ-400 online course by Whizlabs. Most important of all, candidates can find the ways in which the new Whizlabs AZ-400 online course would help them.

Azure AZ-400: Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions

One of the first highlights in the new Whizlabs AZ-400 training course is the coverage of all new topics for the AZ-400 exam added recently. The AZ-400 exam, also titled as Designing and Implementing Microsoft DevOps Solutions, focuses mostly on testing the abilities of candidates for Azure DevOps roles. The exam primarily evaluates the subject matter expertise of candidates to work with people, technologies & processes for constantly delivering business value.

The rising demand for DevOps is being carried forward by the wave of digital transformation with requirements for faster delivery of software solutions. The new Whizlabs AZ-400 online course is tailored for helping aspiring DevOps professionals with a focus on all core responsibilities. The role of a Microsoft DevOps Engineer Expert would largely deal with the design & implementation of the strategy for the following aspects,

  • Collaboration
  • Infrastructure
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Testing
  • Security and compliance
  • Code and source control
  • Monitoring & feedback

Prerequisites for the AZ-400 Exam

The next important highlight of the AZ-400 exam refers to prerequisites for the exam. Candidates must use the prerequisites to test whether they are ready to take the exam or start preparing with a new AZ-400 syllabus. It is essential that candidates must have in-depth familiarity with Azure administration and Azure development.

Most important of all, candidates must have hands-on expertise in at least one of them. Microsoft Azure recommends having an associate-level certification in Azure administration or Azure development to take the AZ-400 exam.

Basic Information on the AZ-400 Exam

The AZ-400 exam for the role of Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert is available in four languages such as English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. The exam would include multiple-choice, multiple-select, and performance-based questions. Candidates can register for the Azure AZ-400 certification exam at a cost of $165 USD.

We have also updated our AZ-400 practice tests as per the new objectives of the AZ-400 exam. Check your level of preparation with the AZ-400 practice tests.

AZ-400 Exam Domains

The final highlight about the Azure AZ-400 exam that candidates should note before reviewing the new Whizlabs AZ-400 online course refers to the exam domains. Candidates have to prove their skills, abilities, and knowledge in the following areas for qualifying the AZ-400 certification exam.

  • Instrumentation strategy development
  • Creation of strategies for Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)
  • Security & compliance plans
  • Source control
  • Ensuring collaboration & communication
  • Continuous integration
  • Strategies for continuous delivery and release management

Whizlabs AZ-400 Online Training Course

Whizlabs has updated the AZ-400 training course for accommodating the new AZ-400 exam objectives. Candidates can find that all chapters of the Whizlabs AZ-400 online course updated recently, match perfectly with the domains covered in the exam. Here is an outline of the chapters you can find in the new Whizlabs course for the AZ-400 exam.

  • Introduction
  • Develop an instrumentation strategy
  • Develop a Site Reliability Engineer strategy
  • Develop a security and compliance plan
  • Manage Source Control
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration
  • Define and implement Continuous Integration- Build Automation
  • Define & implement a CD and release management- pipelines and templates
  • Define and implement a CD and release management- deployment environment

Aspiring to take the AZ-400 exam and become a Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer? Follow this comprehensive AZ-400 Exam Preparation Guide and get ready to pass the exam.

Features of Updated Whizlabs AZ-400 Online Training Course

Candidates preparing for the Azure AZ-400 certification exam could clearly notice the direct similarities between the chapters in the Whizlabs online course and the exam domains. Therefore, candidates have the assurance of accurate coverage of exam topics, which the new Whizlabs AZ-400 online course. In addition, candidates would get the following features with the Whizlabs AZ-400 training course updated recently,

  • Around 8 hours of training videos with insightful content
  • Total coverage of all exam objectives with intricate attention to each subtopic
  • A total of 64 hands-on lab exercise videos for gaining practical knowledge for scenario-based questions
  • Unlimited access to the AZ-400 training course on PC, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices
  • Round the clock customer support and premium expert support

Not mandatory but the AZ-900 exam is considered as an entry point for the AZ-400 exam. To help you in your preparation for the Azure AZ-900 exam, we offer Azure fundamentals practice exam that will get you ready for the exam.

Benefits from Whizlabs AZ-400 Online Training Course

The Whizlabs AZ-400 online course delivers advantages beyond the updates for the recent changes in the exam syllabus. Here are some unique ways in which Whizlabs training can be helpful for candidates,

  • Cost-effective Pricing

The online training course for the AZ-400 exam is available at a cost-effective price alongside providing hands-on labs. Candidates can use this opportunity to learn for AZ-400 while also ensuring the development of skills for performance-based questions.

  • Constant Support

Although customer support is a formidable strength in AZ-400 online course on Whizlabs, candidates can also avail expert support. Candidates can ask questions on Whizlabs, and subject matter experts would respond to the questions as quickly as possible.

  • Seamless Preparation:

Candidates preparing for the AZ-400 exam would barely face any difficulties in adjusting their preparation schedule with daily responsibilities. Whizlabs training courses are easily accessible on various devices, anytime, from any location. Therefore, candidates don’t have to worry about compromising with their AZ-400 certification preparations.

Have any questions about the new updates in the AZ-400 exam or the AZ-400 training course? Write in the Whizlabs Forum or put a comment below and we’ll get back to you in no time.

Start Your Preparation with the AZ-400 Online Course

On a final note, candidates could use the updated Whizlabs AZ-400 online course to take a step forward to becoming a Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert. The online course matches perfectly with the updated and revised syllabus for the AZ-400 exam. In addition, candidates can avail the common benefits of Whizlabs training courses such as access to hands-on labs.

Whizlabs makes certification training easier with the help of a team of competent and experienced professionals. The course design and content aim at engaging the students and ensuring that they are able to interact with the course. So, if you want to qualify the Azure AZ-400 exam, then go ahead and register for the updated AZ-400 online training course right now!

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