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Chatbot with Dialogflow/Node.js Training Course

Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs Training Course Launched

The use of chatbots as an innovative option for addressing customer issues and improving application engagement is slowly driving the need for professional Chatbot developers. So, many learners aspiring to gain expertise in Chatbot development have continuously demanded a Chatbot-related course. Considering your demands, today, we are happy to announce the availability of the Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs training course for all users.

The selection of appropriate tools for building chatbots is also an important concern for finding lucrative job prospects. The following discussion dives into the existing status of the chatbot market and brief insights on the use of Dialogflow or Nodejs for building chatbots. However, the primary focus of this discussion would be on an outline of the topics in our new training course. You will also find insights on the value they can gain from the new Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow or Nodejs training course.

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Significance of Chatbots

Chatbots are AI-based applications that help in conversations with human users for answering specific questions or solving problems. The programming of Chatbots, according to certain specifications, ensures that they can take the necessary action in response to certain questions and issues. As a result, enterprises can save a lot of time and dedicate it to core operations, thereby improving efficiency.

According to the estimates of Salesforce, almost 69% of users prefer chatbots for faster communication with a business. As of 2019, the global chatbot market was evaluated at a total of $17.17 billion USD. Furthermore, the chatbot industry is supposed to exhibit a CAGR of 34.75% across the period from 2020 to 2025.

Subsequently, the total value of the chatbot market is expected to reach around $102.29 billion USD by the end of the forecast period.

Dialogflow in Chatbot Development

The new Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs training course is the ideal instrument to capitalize on the opportunities emerging from the virtual assistants market. Chatbots depend on AI functionalities such as natural language understanding and processing to deliver communication abilities. Dialogflow is one of the commonly used natural language understanding platforms to enable easier design and integration of conversational user interface in a web application, mobile app, interactive voice response system, bot, or device.

It provides effective and novel methods for users to interact with the conversational user interface. Dialogflow enables efficient analysis of various types of inputs from customers alongside text and audio inputs. Users can also enable functionalities for responding to customers through synthetic speech or text in the conversational user interface.

Nodejs in Chatbot Development

Another important aspect of the new Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs online course is Nodejs. Nodejs is highly crucial for the development of chatbots due to its non-blocking and event-driven I/O traits for maintaining efficiency and lightweight nature in data-intensive real-time applications throughout distributed devices.

It shows potential for the management of multiple, simultaneous connections characterized by higher throughput, thereby leading to higher scalability. Therefore, Nodejs expertise can be highly crucial for developing your credibility as chatbot developers.

Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs Training Course

Whizlabs has been committed to the facility of credible online training in various disciplines of IT since the year 2000. We have come up with the new Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs training course to provide a definitive tool to learn about Chatbots. The course is a novel attempt to help aspiring learners dive into the intricacies of chatbot development with Dialogflow. Here are some of the notable chapters covered in the new Whizlabs Chatbot with the Dialogflow/Nodejs training course.

  • Chatbots – Introduction
  • Dialogflow- 3 chapters
  • Google Assistant- 2 chapters
  • Natural Language Processing- 2 chapters
  • Dialogflow Demonstration- 2 demo
  • Google Assistant Demonstration- 2 demos
  • Natural Language Processing Demonstration- 2 demos

Now, let us point out the features that you can avail of the new Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs online course.

  • Around 3 hours and 40 minutes of training videos
  • Detailed coverage of all topics in each chapter
  • Engaging, practical exercises in each chapter
  •  Accessibility on Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PCs
  • Unlimited access to the course with lifetime validity
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Highly responsive expert support for clarifying your doubts

How will Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs Online Training Course Help You?

Whizlabs training courses have always delivered value in learning for all users. Therefore, aspiring learners would observe that the Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs training course is more than just an introductory course to chatbot development. Here are some of the interesting ways in which the new Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow and Nodejs training course will help you.

  • Simple Organization of Chapters

The striking highlight of the new Whizlabs Chatbots with Dialogflow/Nodejs online training course is simplicity. The categorical organization of chapters helps you learn critical concepts gradually before diving into the chatbot development. The average duration of each chapter in the training course is around 15 minutes. Therefore, learning about building chatbots was never so simpler, especially without Whizlabs.

  • Doubt Clearing Made Easier

The Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs training course is also critically beneficial for students who prefer personalized learning experience. The subject matter experts at Whizlabs are always ready to solve the doubts of candidates. As a result, you wouldn’t have to encounter any obstacles in your learning journey.

  • Understanding Through Practical Experience

One of the most beneficial aspects of the new Whizlabs Chatbots with Dialogflow/Nodejs online training course is a practical demonstration. The demos included in the training course can help you understand the practical applications of the concepts in the course. Learners can gain in-depth insights on different possible use cases of NLP, Google Assistant, and Dialogflow with the demonstrations.

  • No Interference in Your Other Responsibilities

The Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs training course is also helpful for learners to manage their learning schedules effectively. With the facility of unlimited access, you can build a convenient plan to ensure completion of the course with desired learning outcomes. Also, you can watch videos anytime, anywhere, even on your mobile devices. Thus, you can learn as per your convenience with the Whizlabs training course.

Want to know more about the Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs training course? Write in the Whizlabs Forum and get answers from the experts.

Ready to Learn the Know-hows of the Chatbot Development?

The Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs training course is a valuable approach for capitalizing on the opportunities in the chatbot market. Although you can find many tutorials explaining the use of Dialogflow and Nodejs for building chatbots, this training course provides comprehensiveness with the demo videos. The course strengthens not only the knowledge of chatbots and Dialogflow but also their practical implications.

Furthermore, engaging, practical exercises would help learners in building their hands-on experience in developing chatbots. The practical demonstrations and the simple structure of the course serve as the foremost highlights for learners. So, start learning Chatbot development with Whizlabs Chatbot with Dialogflow/Nodejs course!

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