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Kubernetes with AWS and Docker – Online Course Launched

Kubernetes is an open-source, extensible, and portable platform used for the deployment and management of containerized applications at scale. We’ve received a number of requests from the Cloud and DevOps professional for the Kubernetes online course and so here we bring Kubernetes training course that will help you learn Kubernetes with AWS and Docker.

Kubernetes can be considered as a micro-services platform, a container platform, a portable cloud platform and much more. Kubernetes manages clusters of Amazon EC2 compute instances and runs containers on those instances with the processes for deployment, management, and scaling. Kubernetes helps to run containerized applications with the same toolset in the AWS cloud and on-premises.

Kubernetes with AWS and Docker

Also, Docker can integrate with Kubernetes which means that the developers and operators can build applications with Docker and then can use Kubernetes and Docker Swarm both for testing and deploying those applications.

Kubernetes with AWS and Docker Online Course

Whizlabs Kubernetes online course is focused on the basics as well as advanced concepts of the Kubernetes including docker containers, nodes, replication controller, pods, services and more. Our team of subject matter experts has specifically prepared this Kubernetes online course that comprises of 4+ hours of training videos. This Kubernetes training course covers everything that is required for you to learn and work with Kubernetes. Check out the list of topics below that are covered in the Kubernetes with AWS and Docker online course:

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Overview of the Course
  • What is Kubernetes?
  • Kubernetes Architecture
  • Object ManagementModels
  • Setup a Kubernetes Cluster
  • Overview of Nodes
  • Setup Kubernetes Nodes
  • Overview of Docker Containers
  • Deploying a website on a Docker Container
  • Overview of Pods
  • Deploying Pods
  • Overview of ReplicationController
  • Deploying a ReplicationController
  • Overview of Services
  • Deploying a Service
  • Overview of Deployment
  • Scaling using Deployment and ReplicaSet
  • Rolling Deployment – Demo
  • Summary
  • Annexure: Setting up AWS Free Tier Account

How will Whizlabs Kubernetes Online Course Help You in Getting Ahead in Your Career?

It is the quality offered by Whizlabs that has made it one of the best online training and certification providers.  We at Whizlabs always focus on the best possible quality courses with our team of well-experienced professionals.  Here are some key aspects that have been taken into consideration while launching Kubernetes with AWS and Docker Online Course.

  • Detailed Explanation of Each and Every Topic 

Kubernetes online training course has been designed by a team of experienced and certified professionals. While creating the videos for the topics, a clear and detailed description is the main focus. You will also find some short-duration videos covering the different aspects of Kubernetes. Even if you don’t have much time to take complete training at a time, you can watch these short duration videos whenever you have time as per your convenience. Therefore, it is a great place to join for all who are interested to learn Kubernetes.

  • Deep Focus on the Objectives of the Course 

Kubernetes with Online Course covers the whole course content that involves the basic and advanced description of Kubernetes, Nodes, Docker Containers, Pods, Replication Controller, Services, Deployment, and more.  Therefore, it provides complete and quality knowledge on each and every topic available in the course.

  • 24/7 Customer Support and Expert Assistance

Another reason to go with Whizlabs is that at Whizlabs, you get an exclusive 24/7 customer support and expert assistance. Our team of experienced professionals makes it easy for professionals to understand the content with innovative teaching and hands-on experience. If there is any doubt or query in your mind related to any topic, you can write at Whizlabs Helpdesk and one of our Kubernetes experts will be with you soon. Also, we value our customers and our customer support team is heartily dedicated to making you fully satisfied.

  • Hands-on Practical Labs

Whizlabs understands the need for practical knowledge very well and therefore besideS Kubernetes with AWS and Docker Online Course, we also offer hands-on practical labs. Also, the real-world scenarios used by our team make it easy to understand the concepts. As labs at Whizlabs are cloud-based, these can be used from any remote location.

  • Automatic Updates to the Content

As maintaining the status of being one of the best is more difficult than getting it, we continuously strive to provide deep and practical knowledge of the latest trends to our students through the regularly updated content. Through Kubernetes with AWS and Docker Online Course, we provide a good platform and learning material to our students to understand and learn Kubernetes. As we observe even a little change in its framework or technology, we never delay updating the content. Under our best customer services, we send notifications to the students for the updated content and provide automatic access to them.

Ready to Learn Kubernetes with AWS and Docker?

So, if you are thinking to take Kubernetes with AWS and Docker Online Course, then Whizlabs is the right place for you. We are one of the most promising pioneers in the industry of online IT and certification training providers. Our well experienced and dedicated team of professionals makes it easy for the students not only to have a theoretical knowledge of the content but also the practical knowledge with real-time scenarios. Keeping the interest of customers on priority, we make it easy for you to access our resources according to your convenience.  Our 24*7 assistance and support further make things easy and supportive to you.

To get real-time experience, give our platform a try.  We will provide you exclusive practical labs experience along with the training videos. In the Kubernetes Online Training Course, to make easy for you to learn Kubernetes, we will also provide you preparation material as well as access to our resources. As our basic motive is to help our students have a bright career, we keep you frequently updated with career opportunities.

Have any query regarding Kubernetes? Write in the comment section below or you can start a discussion in Whizlabs Forum to get answers to your query.

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