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Top 10 Cloud Influencers on Quora

There are a number of cloud experts on Quora whom you can follow and request to answer your questions. Let’s check out the list of top cloud influencers on Quora.

Cloud computing has brought massive and revolutionary changes in the IT world recently. The transfer of legacy systems, applications, and business processes to the cloud is an ideal approach to reduce costs. Also, the outcomes of efficiency are improved substantially with cloud computing.

However, the changes in the cloud computing landscape are quite evolutionary and are happening at a faster pace. So, cloud computing influencers serve as the proper sources for obtaining relevant and updated information regarding the cloud computing industry. Cloud influencers use different media channels for expressing their views.

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List of Top Cloud Influencers on Quora

Quora is a platform for sharing knowledge through questions and answers. Therefore, cloud influencers on Quora adopt a more personalized approach for addressing their followers. The following discussion would outline the top cloud influencers on Quora with brief insights into their achievements.

Our list of top cloud influencers on quora would include important details about cloud influencers on the social medium of quora. The three aspects that we’re going to highlight include the number of followers, number of answers, and the total number of answer views. So, let’s move to the list!

1. Werner Vogels – CTO at

The first position among cloud experts on Quora is ideally fit for Werner Vogels. With an active profile on Quora, Vogels interacts with his followers from time to time. Vogels is renowned for his involvement in the development of Amazon Web Services. The contributions of Vogels to the world of cloud computing are seen now with AWS as the market leader. He also has many mentions in many lists of AWS influencers on Quora. Presently, Vogels is the Chief Technology Officer and Vice President at Amazon.

Followers: 34k

Answers: 16

Answer Views: 227.4k

2. Michael Hausenblas – Kubernetes Expert, Developer Advocate at AWS

A prominent name among cloud influencers on Quora is Michael Hausenblas. He serves as a cloud developer advocate at Amazon Web Services. He also has written many books on Kubernetes which are quite popular among developers. Therefore, Michael surely deserves a spot among top cloud influencers of 2019 on Quora.

Followers: 798

No. of answers: 126

No. of answer views: 393.6k

3. Lakshmi Narasimhan Parthasarathy – Developer, Continuous Delivery Advocate

Lakshmi-Narasimhan-Parthasarathy is another notable mention among Azure influencers on Quora. He is the co-founder of ShapeBlock. He has years of experience in Kubernetes cluster. The expertise of Lakshmi Narasimhan in Microsoft Azure and cloud computing is solid proof of his capabilities as an influencer. Furthermore, his expertise in cloud platform has made him an addition to cloud influencers on Quora.

Followers: 606

No. of answers: 162

No. of answer views: 625.8k

4. Bernard Golden– Vice President, Cloud Strategy at Capital One

Bernard Golden is also one of the reputed cloud influencers on Quora. Presently, he is serving as the vice president of cloud strategy at Capital One. He is also the CEO of Navica. The proficiency of Bernard as cloud computing Quora influencers also has the support of his technological vision. The views of Bernard alongside his speeches, training courses, and books on his blog are very popular.

Followers: 341

No. of answers: 28

No. of answer views: 145.5k

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5. Adrian Cockcroft – Netflix Cloud Architect

Adrian Cockcroft is the second mention among cloud experts on Quora in this discussion. He has served as a Netflix Cloud Architect. He is the major force behind Netflix’s cloud infrastructure. The regular interaction of Adrian with his followers makes him one of the best cloud influencers on Quora. Following his stint at Netflix, he was responsible for the cloud migration journey of Battery Ventures. Presently, he has around 1326 followers on Quora.

Followers: 1.3k

Answers: 17

Answer Views: 52.7k

6. Krishna Srinivasan – CEO at Whizlabs

Krishna Srinivasan is another addition among the Cloud influencers on Quora. He is one of the cloud computing thought leaders who keep on sharing his knowledge and experience of the AWS platform on Quora. He is the CEO of Whizlabs, an online certification training provider, well-known for the cloud certifications training. Krishna Srinivasan’s knowledge and expertise in AWS cloud is a valid reason for including him as cloud influencers on Quora.

Followers – 3.8k

Answers – 918

Answer Views – 3.6 million

7. Jay Chapel – CEO and Co-Founder of ParkMyCloud

When Jay saw that there was no effective solution to the issues of cloud spend; he started ParkMyCloud. Before that he worked more than ten years with IBM Tivoli and Micromuse. The experience and skill of Jay Chapel with different cloud platforms makes him reliable for finding answers to difficult cloud platform questions.

Followers: 60

No. of answers: 190

No. of answer views: 99.1k

8. Randy Bias – Cloud Thought Leader

Randy Bias enjoys a formidable reputation among AWS experts and influencers in the present time. Randy interacts with his followers on various social media platforms. The wide range of skills of Randy in cloud computing took him to his current status. He is currently serving as the CEO of CloudScaling, and he also writes for their blog regularly. You can always depend on Randy for solving your questions regarding AWS. The sheer skills of Randy make him the best cloud influencer on Quora.

Followers: 1.5k

No. of answers: 26

No. of answer views: 69.4k

9. Ian Moyse – Board Member at Eurocloud

Ian Moyse is the next addition to the list of cloud influencers on Quora. Ian Moyse is known for his thought leadership in cloud computing, IoT as well as SaaS. Ian interacts with his followers through his blog titled “Cloud Matters.” Furthermore, he also posts guest blogs on renowned platforms such as Oracle, Equinix, Cloudtech, Miller Heiman, etc. Ian Moyse is presently working as the sales director for Natterbox, a cloud-based telephony service.

Followers: 129

No. of answers: 43

No. of answer views: 13.9k

10. Duncan Epping – Principal Architect Working for VMware Technical Marketing 

Duncan Epping is another one of the best cloud influencers on Quora. Duncan is highly popular for his expertise in storage and availability as well as virtualization and the cloud. With five patents in the storage and availability domain, Duncan stands out as one of the top cloud influencers on Quora. One of the notable highlights about Duncan is that he is the first design expert with VMware certification.

Followers: 267

No. of answers: 4

No. of answer views: 3.5k

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Final Words

The influential thought leaders outlined in this discussion have built their reputation over the years. Presently, the world is aligning with digital transformation in almost every sector. The importance of influencers is also increasing considerably because of the need for innovative approaches to deal with digital transformation.

Thought leaders on Quora can interact personally with businesses and individuals for providing credible responses to queries. The list of cloud computing influencers on platforms like Quora is not limited only to ten. You can find many other thought leaders on cloud computing on Quora. However, the discussion provided the names of some of the best in the business, and their credentials don’t lie.

So, if you’re aspired to build a successful career in cloud computing, just follow these influential people and get answers to your queries from them. You can also check our cloud computing training courses, that are prepared by industry experts to help you get certified and become a recognized cloud professional.

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