AWS Influencers on Quora

Top 10 AWS Influencers on Quora

The 21st century witnessed the massive growth of some fantastic innovations which disrupt new human intervention. We witness some incredible futuristic technologies, and one of them is cloud computing. As per some recent studies, cloud computing is gradually becoming an integral part of every business. All the companies are now shifting their IT infrastructure to the cloud platforms. 

The market is filled with various cloud computing companies and services. One of the well-known names is Amazon Web Services (AWS). There is a huge demand for AWS experts in this market. However, if you are planning to make your career in this field, it will be better for you to chase the AWS thought leaders. So, the purpose of this discussion is to acquaint you with the professional AWS influencers on Quora.

You can follow these top AWS influencers on Quora to achieve your goal. Besides, with this, you can get the best job in the cloud computing industry.

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The Ultimate List of Top AWS Influencers on Quora    

The primary aim of this article is to let you know about some AWS experts on Quora. The list includes cloud visualization specialists, AWS security experts, cloud technology experts, AWS architects and more. You can easily find such influencers who are working with various cloud service providers. It is true that whenever you look for some answers, it is quite essential to find the perfect influencer. Here you will get the list of top 10 AWS influencers on Quora.

Before moving to the list of best AWS influencers on Quora, you should know about the benchmark used for creating this list. The list includes the top AWS influencers on Quora from business as well as the technology sector. They use their skills in cloud computing and create their brand. Top influencers in this domain are enlisted considering different criteria. Here we construct the list of top AWS experts or AWS influencers on Quora on the basis of:

  • Number of Followers
  • Number of Answers
  • Total Answer Views

If you are planning to become an AWS expert, then you should follow them all. Whenever you face any confusion, you can ask the best AWS influencers on Quora for solutions. They are here for that purpose only. Now, its time to jump into the list.

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The list of top 10 AWS Experts on Quora consists of these ten names –

  1. Mathew Lodge
  2. Krishna Srinivasan
  3. Michael David Cobb Bowen
  4. Moisey Uretsky
  5. Jeff Meyerson
  6. Werner Vogels
  7. Randy Bias
  8. Adrian Cockcroft
  9. Marc Weaver
  10. Samuel Silbory

1. Mathew Lodge – Tech Executive

Currently, he is working as Anaconda’s SVP Products and Marketing. It is one of the most reputed data science platforms. He poses extensive knowledge on different machine languages, data science, IaaS, dockers, containers and more. Besides, he loves photography and a professional photographer. Talking more about him, he ranked as top writers for three consecutive years, for 2016 to 2018. You can find his articles in Forbes, Newsweek, Apple News and more.

Followers – 5.3k

Answers – 1237

Answer Views – 3.3 million

2. Krishna Srinivasan – CEO at Whizlabs

He is the CEO of Whizlabs, which is a leading institute providing only study materials for cloud certification exams. With massive years of experience in Amazon Web Services, Krishna loves to teach others about different cloud platforms. He picks Quora as his platform to share his valuable knowledge with others. You will find his articles and answers on AWS very helpful. He covers topics like Amazon Web Services, AWS Certifications, AWS exam preparations and more. So, if you want to know something about AWS, get in touch with this one of the most active AWS Quora influencers.

Followers – 3.8k

Answers – 918

Answer Views – 3.6 million

3. Michael David Cobb Bowen – AWS Architect

Since the year 2007, he has been working as an AWS Partner. Moreover, he is an epistemologist, aesthete and entrepreneur. Besides, he is a published writer, and you can find his articles in Newsweek.  Keep reading its articles to know more about AWS.

David Cobb is a published writer, and his work has been published in Newsweek. His answer to the question, which clouds hosting is best for government firms is good. He gave a detailed comparison between Azure and AWS. Besides, he is famous for his answers to racism, society, and people. When it comes to following AWS influencers on Quora, you can go with Michael.

Followers – 2.4k

Answers – 4282

Answer Views – 3.9 million

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4. Moisey Uretsky – Cofounder of

Moisey builds a strong and impressive Quora profile. He is the co-founder of DigitalOcan. He prefers to write about technology, AWS cloud computing, start-up guides, and big data. Moisey loves to share his knowledge with others. He corners Top Writer awards for four consecutive years, i.e., 2015 to 2018. You can find his works in HuffPost, Forbes, and Inc. on 28th January 2016, he got Knowledge Prize.

Followers – 3.5k

Answers – 1132

Answer Views – 2.3 million

5. Jeff Meyerson – Software Engineering Daily Host

He is a blogger at Besides, he is also working as a Software Engineer. With extensive knowledge on different topics, he covers more than 900 items.

Moreover, he always prefers to answers the questions related to AWS asked by people. He always stays active on Quora. So, if you are looking for the best AWS Quora influencers, you can trust Jeff Meyerson.

Followers – 8.2k

Answers – 346

Answer Views – 1.9 million

6. Werner Vogels – CTO at

This name closely connects with the evolution of cloud computing. Yes, you heard it right. He is a mastermind behind Amazon Web Services. Currently, he is working as the vice president and the chief technology officer at Amazon. With such quality, he deserves a significant place in the list of AWS influencers on Quora. Leading technology site includes Vogels in its list of top 10 cloud experts.

Follower – 34.1k

Answers – 16

Answer views – 2 million

7. Randy Bias – Cloud Thought Leader

In this cloud computing industry, Randy Bias holds a great position as an AWS expert and influencer. Currently, he is working as the CEO of CloudScaling. Randy always stays in touch with his followers regularly. He has extensive experience and skills in cloud computing. He is a daily writer of CloudScaling blog. Feel free to ask Randy if you have any doubts about Amazon Web Services.

Followers – 1.5k

Answers – 26

Answers views – 69.2k

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8. Adrian Cockcroft – Netflix Cloud Architect

Adrian is the Amazon AWS’s Cloud Architecture strategy Vice President. Besides, he is the mastermind behind the cloud infrastructure of Netflix. While working for six years at Netflix, he redesigned the streaming services of Netflix. He joined Battery Venture after Netflix and handled different migration projects. Through his social media pages and Quora, he regularly interacts with AWS customers, solving their problems.

Followers – 1.3k

Answers – 18

Answers views – 52.7k

9. Nicolas Hargreaves – CEO of Cloud Employee

He is one of the famous AWS influencers on Quora. He poses a year of experience in the field of cloud computing. Till now, he has handled more than hundreds of projects on AWS and other cloud platforms. He is the owner of Cloud Employee, a leading software development firm.

Followers – 627

Answers – 777

Answer views – 1.5 million

10. Samuel Silbory – Platform Engineer

If you are looking for a professional Cloud Migration expert, then Samuel Silbory can be a perfect person for you. You will find his name in different lists of top cloud and AWS influencers. He has years of experience in hardware, cloud platforms, cloud optimization, and Linux. Besides, he has specialized in Kubernetes, AWS, Linux, Release Engineering. He also ear

Followers – 185

Answers – 1113

Answer views – 1.2 million

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Final Words

It is quite essential to stay in touch and follow reputed AWS influencers on Quora. The reason whenever you face some confusion related to AWS, they can help you. Apart from these top 10 influencers on Quora, you can find more active AWS influencers and follow them all. When you connect with the best AWS influencers and experts, you will get bet advice. If you want to become an AWS certified expert, then they can help you out. 

The answers submitted by these AWS influencers also act as important resources in your AWS certification preparation. We’re also aimed to help you in your AWS learning and certification preparation with our high-quality online courses and practice tests. So, check out our AWS certification training courses to become AWS certified. Also, don’t waste your time surfing here and there. Follow these top AWS influencers and try your best to learn from the AWS influencers on Quora.

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