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AWS Certification Training Courses

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the top cloud player in this cloud era; it offers scalable, reliable, and inexpensive cloud computing services. AWS provides on-demand cloud computing platforms to companies, individuals, and governments. With the highest market share in the cloud market, AWS is the most-used and most-demanded cloud platform.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications are the most valuable certifications in the cloud computing industry. Whizlabs have created the best quality AWS certification training courses (practice tests and online courses), that is frequently updated with the changes in the services launched by Amazon. Our learning platform provides you detailed reports about your performance and lists the areas you need to improve to pass AWS certifications.

Our Courses

AWS is at the top among cloud service providers. Step ahead to enhance your cloud career with one of the AWS Certifications!

AWS Certification Training Courses
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner AWS Cloud Practitioner certification demonstrates and validates your knowledge on the...
  • Duration of Videos 09:20:22
  • No. of Questions 360
  • No. of Labs 21
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate This AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam training is designed to help yo...
  • Duration of Videos 17:47:50
  • No. of Questions 760
  • No. of Labs 45
AWS Certified Developer Associate This AWS Certified Developer Associate certification exam validates your proficiency ...
  • Duration of Videos 21:21:56
  • No. of Questions 954
  • No. of Labs 58
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate AWS SysOps Administrator Associate certification demonstrates and validates your know...
  • Duration of Videos 16:02:05
  • No. of Questions 805
  • No. of Labs 42
AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Demonstrate your knowledge of designing distributed systems and applications on AWS p...
  • Duration of Videos 09:35:49
  • No. of Questions 535
  • No. of Labs 12
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Validate your knowledge in operating, provisioning, and managing distributed systems ...
  • Duration of Videos 13:39:16
  • No. of Questions 470
  • No. of Labs 42
AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (Expired on July 1, 2020) AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty exam (Available from April 13, 2020) is the ne...
  • No. of Questions 418
AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty AWS Advanced Networking Specialty certification advances your skills to design and im...
  • No. of Questions 665
  • No. of Labs 3
AWS Certified Security - Specialty AWS Security Specialty certification helps cloud security professionals to advance th...
  • Duration of Videos 07:03:07
  • No. of Questions 315
AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty Validate your ability to build, test, and publish Amazon Alexa skills with the AWS Ce...
  • Duration of Videos 07:46:56
  • No. of Questions 175
AWS Lambda and API Gateway Learn how to create, deploy, and manage Lambda functions; how to create API's with La...
  • Duration of Videos 03:00:13
AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty Prepare for the AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty exam and validate your ski...
  • Duration of Videos 09:01:31
  • No. of Questions 186
  • No. of Labs 3
Database Migration to AWS Master Class Do you want to migrate your database workloads to AWS cloud? Do you want to learn how...
  • Duration of Videos 02:43:17
AWS DynamoDB Deep Dive - Beginner to Intermediate Get started with AWS DynamoDB and learn the fundamental concepts to design a database...
  • Duration of Videos 07:12:10
AWS CI/CD Pipeline - Master Class Get started with AWS CI/CD Pipeline MasterClass and learn how to build a complete Dev...
  • Duration of Videos 06:11:30
AWS Certified Database - Specialty Prepare for the AWS Certified Database - Specialty exam and validate your knowledge o...
  • No. of Questions 155
AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty Enhance your skills of building, designing, maintaining, and securing AWS-based analy...
  • Duration of Videos 16:26:08
  • No. of Questions 215
Fullstack Serverless Application on AWS - Master Class Learn how to build a multi-service, fully production ready application on AWS with th...
  • Duration of Videos 06:08:08
Deploying Amazon Managed Containers Using Amazon EKS Amazon EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) makes it easy to run Kubernetes on AWS. Learn...
  • Duration of Videos 02:46:03
Cost Optimization in AWS AWS Cost optimization is a great challenge while working on AWS platform. Enroll into...
  • Duration of Videos 05:13:54
AWS Monitoring and Auditing Learn how to monitor and audit your AWS infrastructure with the AWS services. Enroll ...
  • Duration of Videos 04:48:52
Building a Data Lake on AWS Learn how to build a data lake on AWS using AWS services with Building a Data Lake on...
  • Duration of Videos 05:04:45
Getting Started with AWS IoT Core - Hands-On Get started with AWS IoT Core training course and learn about the components and arch...
  • Duration of Videos 02:25:02
Automating AWS with Python and Boto3 Learn how to automate AWS with Python scripts, manage AWS resources with Boto3 librar...
  • Duration of Videos 03:36:15
Amazon Comprehend deep dive with Case Study on Sentiment Analysis Amazon Comprehend is a fully managed, NLP tool for extracting insights from unstructu...
  • Duration of Videos 03:37:18
AWS IoT Core Device Provisioning Learn how to provision a device to connect it to the AWS IoT with the AWS IoT Core De...
  • Duration of Videos 02:06:44
Grow your skills with our team of certified professionals, expert support, and unique methods
Certified Professionals
Certified Professionals

Our team of certified professionals knows the minors of exam and creates courses to get you fully prepared for the certification exam.

Uniq Method
Unique Method

Unique methods along with exam-orientation helps us to create easy to learn online training content that is perfect for self-study.

Expert Support
Expert Support

Our subject matter experts ensure their 24/7 availability to resolve all the queries you have during certification exam preparation.

Why Choose Us?

Whizlabs mission is to help professionals to prepare efficiently and pass the exam with confidence. Our focus and efforts are directed toward improving every bit of content that is created for certification preparation.

  • Whizlabs practice questions are not just questions and answers, it contains the detailed explanation that justifies why an answer is correct or incorrect.
  • The questions are prepared by certified experts who are constantly looking into AWS space for any updates.
  • Frequent and regular updates to provide up-to-date content
  • Your queries are resolved by the subject matter experts
  • More focus on ensuring confidence to exam aspirants

Importance of AWS Certifications

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular and #1 market player in the cloud computing space. If you want to build your career on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, then getting a certification would be the right choice. AWS certifications are important because they

  • Validate your skills and knowledge to work on the AWS platform
  • Demonstrate your expertise to design, develop, administer, manage, and deploy applications on AWS platform
  • Provide you a global recognition and identify as a certified AWS professional
  • Differentiate you from your colleagues and peers, thus makes you stand out of the crowd.
  • AWS certification is an add-on to your resume and brings you better job opportunities
Market Demand for AWS

One of the most common queries posted by developers is that is it worth investing time and money for AWS certification training courses? There is a great amount of transformation happening across the world with new technologies. AWS is the dominant force in cloud computing.

As per Global Knowledge Study 2016,  the AWS certifications lie at the top in the list of 15 top-paying certifications with average annual salary $125,591.

The statistics clearly show that there is a huge gap between demand and supply of the AWS skills. For those who want to grow and sustain in the Information Technology, one has to realign their skills to match the current demand. 

The total estimated value of AWS is over $250 billion whereas the revenue for the first quarter in the year 2018 has reached $18 billion.

Why are AWS Certifications so Important?

According to a recent survey, in the next few years, almost 90% of our data will be stored in the cloud. The industry needs people with cloud expertise to plan, move, secure, and maintain this huge amount of data.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular and #1 market player in the cloud computing space. If you want to build your career on Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, then getting a certification would be the right choice. The certifications and training always help you to stand out in the crowd.

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