Top Project Management Tools

Top 25 Project Management Tools

Project management is one of the mandatory aspects of every industry in the present time. It is defined as the detailed process that involves initiating, preparation, executing, and closure for tasks. Project management helps in achieving the project objective with the effective use of project management tools and resources. 

Furthermore, it is essential to note that project management tools are used for the simplification and management of project activities. It is an evident fact that using the right tools for project management could help in improving the chances of success for a project. Even though the expertise of project managers comes into account, the selection of the right tools can be crucial. 

The selection of best project management tools is not usually something which you do blindly. You need to look at certain aspects to find out the best option of the latest project management tool. Some of the criteria for selecting the right tools for project management include the platform of deployment, cost, and fit with industry. 

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Other important concerns that need your attention are the flexibility of adoption and functionality in addressing your issues with project management. A clear evaluation of these aspects in project management tools concerning your requirements can lead you to the right choice. Let us find out about some of the best tools in the market for project management. 

List of Top 25 Project Management Tools

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is one of the top project management tools presently known for its versatility. The popularity of this tool is observed in its user base that includes popular names such as Taco Bell, Disney, NASA, and many others. The best advantage of this tool is the facility of powerful features in one package. 

There is no need to employ multiple project management tools when you have ProofHub at your service. The notable features of this tool include online proofing software and visualization of projects by using Gantt Charts. The advantages of online proofing help in simplifying the feedback sharing process and task management.

2. Jira

Jira is one of the notable agile project management tools which is helpful for development teams. The functionality of Jira is noticed in planning, tracking, and release of the software. The unique highlight of Jira is that it is specifically tailored for agile teams. The features provided by Jira make it one of the most suitable projects management tools for agile teams. 

It helps in the creation of stories, tracking issues, generating reports, sprint planning, and shipping updated software across teams. These features are considerably helpful for improving team performance and supporting them in the creation of their workflows. Jira is associated with Atlassian and easily integrates with various tools for supporting teams in the end to end-to-end project management. 

3. has been a recent addition to the list of most popular project management tools. With, you can avail project management features such as reporting, planning, time tracking, and others. You can easily track project development by using Charts, Kanban, or Timeline. 

Most important of all, this tool also helps in sprint planning and creation of users stories as well as assigning to team members. Also, project managers could find as one of the flexible project management tools in the market. Why? This tool provides better integration with third-party applications along with promising collaboration features. 

4. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab is the next addition among best project management tools for small scale as well as enterprise-level businesses. The tool is ideally suited for management of multiple projects alongside ensuring improved productivity. The intuitive user interface of ActiveCollab improves its credibility among other project management tools

The different features on ActiveCollab include task management, tagging shared calendar, time tracking, management of financial transactions, participation in collaborative writing. Also, you can find features such as themes, estimates of project cost, and email integrations. 

5. Office Timeline

Office Timeline is one of the Microsoft project management tools which is found as an add-in with PowerPoint. This tool can be used for creating Gantt charts and professional timelines with ease. This option can be the best among Microsoft project management tools for ensuring flexible project management irrespective of the change in project scope. Office Timeline is better than using Spreadsheets due to better visuals to deliver a good presentation. Therefore, Office Timeline could be a reliable instrument for the creation of some of the best charts and timelines using the software you know well. 

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6. Apptivo Projects

Apptivo Projects is a free project management software that can provide highly efficient project management assistance. The tool is available for free up to 3 years only with the sacrifice of certain features. The paid versions, however, do not compromise in terms of features and are suited for businesses which emphasize efficiency and punctuality. 

You can find this as one of the right project management tools for tracking milestones and resolving issues easily. This tool can be considered as a benchmark for obtaining complete control and visibility of multiple projects. It is easier to view task dependencies with Apptivo Projects. Most important of all, the integrated billing capabilities in this tool make it a favorite of project managers. 

7. Workbook

The workbook is one of the recommended project management tools for easy customization. The all-in-one solution for project management comes as a software suite with diverse features. The functionalities of Workbook also include CRM, accounting, collaboration, forecasting, and filesharing. With these features, you can be able to create projects as well as tasks easily according to your requirements. At the pricing of $19 per month for each user, Workbook also provides reliable benefit for cost-effectiveness. 

8. Trello

Trello is also accounted for as one of the most popular projects management tools for its unique approach. Since it relies on a card-based approach, you can find Trello as a board containing a list of lists. Therefore, this tool can be ideally suited for editors working with writers as the suggestions for different topics progress through different stages before publications. In simple words, Trello is suited for projects which depend on sequential progress of tasks. It also helps in obtaining a visual impression of project activities, thereby finding out the use of resources in different project tasks.

9. Assembla

Assembla is one of the top project management tools popular among software development teams. Despite the costly price tag, you can find this tool as the best alternative for data recovery features and full back-up function. Assembla provides a wide range of functionalities for software project development teams for creating unique applications or software products. 

The facility of integrating and hosting Git, Perforce or Subversion data on the cloud, sophisticated security protocols, and advanced search functions make it the best choice. Most important of all, Assembla scores perfect points among project management tools with its ability to provide a flexible environment for collaborations. 

10. Wrike

Wrike is another mention of agile project management tools in this list. This is an online tool which helps in real-time project management and is known for improving team communication. The simplicity of use with Wrike is one of the notable reasons for its popularity for mid-sized and large projects. The integration of Wrike with all types of devices could ensure that users are updated with the open as well as incomplete projects. 

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11. SharePoint

SharePoint is also accounted for as one of the project management tools suited for team collaboration. SharePoint has been acclaimed as a comprehensive tool for project management that comes with additional functionalities. You could be able to open the complete MS Project stack with SharePoint. There is no worry about integration as MS Project stack integrates effectively with SharePoint. The setback with SharePoint is the lack of cloud support. So, you need to manage it in-house.

12. Scoro

Scoro is another latest project management tool suited for creative as well as professional services. This business management software is considered as a promising alternative for structuring your projects effectively. Collaboration among teams, projects, and clients become easier at one place with Scoro. Also, the real-time overview of projects with automated reports and comprehensive organization help in achieving seamless project management experience. Furthermore, Scoro provides ease of integration with many tools such as Outlook, DropBox, and Mailchimp. 

13. Workzone

Workzone can be included as one of the pricey project management tools with a monthly charge of $200. The tool was developed for providing improved control and visibility over project management tasks. Some of the notable features in Workzone could show the reason for high pricing. Communication between teams is faster, and you also get the privilege of setting permission for different users and clients. Workzone also provides better collaboration through features for creating tasks and to-do lists as well as sharing files. 

14. Odoo

Talking about open source project management tools, Odoo can be taken into account. The free and open-source community edition helps in testing out its functionality. The enterprise version of Odoo provides a wide range of features such as the Kanban-style view for helping agile teams in tracking tasks. It provides a progress bar along with animation in its project management application for tracking project status. Odoo is recognized among other project management tools for the large community. This community can provide access to training resources and user guides. 

15. ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow is an online project management software that helps in tracking time, organization of contacts, and generating reports. The productivity of this tool for project management is observed in a wide range of features. Also, the features of this tool are easy to use for all users. Most important of all, ProWorkflow provides exceptional quality support without any cost. Users could be able to get more from the tool with the help of training and consultation support for project management. 

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16. Basecamp

Basecamp is another reliable mention of project management tools that you can find. This tool is ideally fit for a business which aims at the organization of chaos that comes with multiple projects. Basecamp could be used for effectively organizing teams and projects to ensure a better allocation of resources. Clear goal setting is one of the advantages of Basecamp as a tool for project management, thereby establishing milestones for each project. 

This ensures that all people in the organization are on the same page for every project. Basecamp also has facilities of a document repository, chat room, work tracking tool, dashboard (HQ), calendar and message board. However, there is no problem in learning about these features and using them for your project management needs. 

17. OpenProject

OpenProject is a free project management software that is known for its features for team collaboration and effective project management. The ease of use in OpenProject is also another prominent reason for its popularity. The modules in OpenProject support project management activities such as planning, time tracking, roadmap, scheduling, budgeting, bug tracking, and cost reporting. Another interesting highlight of this tool is the support for agile and Scrum features such as creating stories and task tracking. 

18. Taiga

Taiga is noted as one of the most popular open-source project management tools. The primary focus of Taiga is on agile development and Scrum with features such as epics, sprints, Kanban board, issues, backlog, and tasks. It also provides features such as wiki pages, ticket management, third-party integrations, and support for multiple projects. Taiga is one of the preferable tools for project management in public projects where it can be used free of cost. The import tools in Taiga help in easy migration from other renowned project management applications. 

19. Confluence

Confluence is another mention among renowned tools for project management suited for content development teams. Confluence is available at an economical price of $10 per month for each user up to 10 users. In the case of larger teams, the price could be lowered to $5 for every user per month. 

The development company of Confluence is the same as that of Jira and provides seamless integration with Jira. The tool is ideally suited for teams working in a central place and sharing notes, plans, multimedia documents, and product requirements. The other advantages with Confluence include pinned comments, advanced search engine, automatic versioning, and instant previews.

20. FunctionFox

FunctionFox is a reliable tool for project management adopted by creative professionals all over the globe. The tool is equipped with powerful features and is also provides ease of use. The most beneficial aspect of FunctionFox is the ability for tracking projects at all stages, starting from conceptualization. Project managers could be able to improve productivity and profits as well as reducing the administration time. 

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21. Asana

Asana is also one of the notable names in the domain of best project management tools, popular for the right reasons. The tool has been created with its programming language and has a unique UI. The pricing of Asana is one of the reasons for its popularity as it is free for teams with 15 users. However, the features would be limited in the free version. 

22. Everhour

Everhour is another addition to this list, which can grab the attention of project managers. As the name implies, this tool is specifically intended for tracking time. With a clientele spreading across 1500 businesses all over the world, it brings many features to the project manager’s table. The prominent benefit of Everhour is the easy integration with notable project management platforms such as Trello, Jira, Basecamp, and others. The easy payroll management and transparent invoicing features in Everhour help in effective employee work-time tracking.

23. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is one of the reliable project management tools that is used by users for planning projects. The tool is also helpful for maintaining track of time and generating reports and charts effectively. Zoho Projects is available as a part of the Zoho business suite. Users can be able to work on a central platform and maintain track of progress alongside collaborating effectively. The security infrastructure and cloud support with Zoho Projects and its integration with Zoho CRM make it a reliable choice for project management. 

24. Slack

Slack is one of the less recognized project management solutions present in the market. The most probable reason for which Slack is a mandatory requirement for modern project management schedules is effective communication. Slack provides a flexible and friendly user interface where communication between teams becomes nothing less than a play. The responsiveness of Slack is one of the reasons for which it can be considered as the best communication tool. 

25. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is another one of the most popular project management tools suited for teams that work on basic collaborative projects. The simple and straightforward approach of service delivery in Freedcamp is responsible for its popularity. The interface provides efficient guidance, thereby making it easier to learn about Freedcamp and use it right away!

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As we land up at the end of our discussion, it is observed that majority of the tools for project management seem effective. However, it is important to look after various factors and your project management requirements carefully to make a reasonable decision. So, you should look for features of efficient task management, email integration, guidance, and support as well as team collaboration. 

You should also prioritize features such as ease of customization, time management, reporting, scheduling, and third party integration to choose a tool for project management. As a project manager, you would want to make the most of the above discussion to deal with your projects efficiently. So, make the right choice of project management tools and use them properly.

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