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Top Project Management Blogs You Should Follow

People are gradually becoming more interested in project management as an independent topic and as a possible career. This is why an increasing number of content and discussions around this subject are surfing up. But through this clutter, how easy is it to find the top project management blogs out there?

With the evolving project management trends, it becomes significant to refresh your knowledge with the latest updates. Project management blogs and resources can be a primary source of knowledge, especially if project management (PM) experts contribute to them. Finding the best ones to follow can be a difficult and time-consuming task considering their growing number.

List of Top Project Management Blogs

To help you save time while searching for the best resources and project management news, we have thoroughly analyzed more than 300 project management blogs and resources available. Only 12 top project management blogs made our final list based on the quality, frequency, and accuracy of their posts.

Here are the four top factors we used to find the best project management blogs and resources:

  • Consistency – Although there are a number of good blogs that haven’t posted content in years, we’ve only featured the active ones to make sure you’ll stay on track with the latest changes in project management.
  • Content Quality - To keep you updated with only the best content and help you avoid fake PM news or facts, we took a look at how the posts were written, who wrote them, and if the information featured was accurate.
  • Top Content  –  Through the “Worth reading” section, we highlighted the most representative and highly shared posts from each blog to help you get a taste of the blog’s topics and style.
  • Influence - We considered Moz’s Domain Authority (DA) to predict how a website can rank on Google’s SERP. Additionally, we analyzed their Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) that shows the strength of the blog’s backlink profile. Free websites don’t have this data. We also looked at their social media profiles and how active they are. This will ensure you’re following the right people and companies.

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Now, on the basis of our criteria, let’s get ahead to know about the 12 best project management blogs.

1. Girl’s Guide to Project Management

Girl’s Guide to Project Management is one of the best Project Management blogs exclusively run by Elizabeth Harrin. The project name fully justifies itself. The resources shown in this project management blog clearly shows the necessary facts used in PM blogs.

This blog’s name says it all. It’s a collection of articles on project management that has been tailored for women in the industry. The solidarity of these articles creates a hub of resources for those who want to learn about project management while teaching others what they know. It’s inspiring, witty and full of helpful advice you won’t learn elsewhere.

Elizabeth Harrin regularly updates her blog with practical tips, project management news, and honest suggestions on PM best practices and tools. You’ll also find e-books, book reviews, toolkits, and training guides to help you develop your career with less stress.

2. Mountain Goat Software Blog

It is Mike Cohn’s blog, a well-known name in the project management industry for his agile knowledge and guidance. He has divided his blogs into several helpful categories. One of those categories is something he is quite passionate about i.e. user stories. It’s a marketing tool that’s proven to be incredibly successful, and Mike is happy to show you how to do it like a pro!

Other categories include; team management, product backlogs, scrum master topics, and scrum team blogs. Mike also delves into project management software and how it can work to make your tasks easier. It’s a highly resourceful blog for beginner and veteran PMs.

Mike’s blog helps software development teams improve their work through Agile and Scrum. You’ll find how-to articles and actionable tips on these methodologies. These will give you the incentive and knowledge to implement Agile and Scrum in your own organization. The popular books of Mike Cohn are User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development, Agile Estimating and Planning, and Succeeding with Agile: Software Development using Scrum.


See great project management tutorials and watch them for quick information on how to perform everyday project management tasks. The videos are collected in various series and each series is accompanied by a bunch of resources & blogs which act as a reference for what you need to accomplish. A great resource, no matter what project management software you use.

4. Project Management Basics

PM Basics helps people to become Project Managers. It has an extensive collection of in-depth articles on the best practices of project management to help beginners develop their skills. Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy also creates educational episodes with PM tips on his YouTube channel.

Dmitriy Nizhebetskiy offers helpful advice for those who want to delve into project management. You must sign in before you get access to the content. Considering the out-of-the-box methods Dmitriy has in his arsenal, this content is well worth it. His resources are predominantly for beginners, so if you’re starting out in project management this is one of the best project management blogs for you.

5. Workzone Blog

Workzone’s blog is all about how easy project management can be and it is one of the most popular project management blogs. They cater for all sorts of companies and industries by providing easy-to-use software for seamless project management. What’s great about this blog is that it offers extremely comprehensive content.

Your industry is unique, which means you need a unique set of tips and tools to manage your projects. Workzone will cover every aspect of your project needs in detail, making this blog one of the most inclusive resources available on the web.

Workzone covers a wide range of subjects related to project management implementation including business and productivity to help all types of teams to meet their objectives.

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6. Ron Rosenhead’s Blog

With 15 years of experience, Ron Rosenhead has proven himself as one of the leaders in project management. After overcoming many challenges in the industry, he now provides much-needed advice to those in the industry who are eager to learn. Not only Ron has worked as a project manager for a decade and a half, but he also actively trains up young project managers as an active coach.

With his extensive project management experience, Ron writes mostly about project management training and strategies, benefits management, risk management, and stakeholder management. If you don’t know what these terms mean, don’t worry. Ron targets both beginners and experienced audiences through his articles.

7. ProofHub Blog

Proofhub is one of the best and highly recommended project management blogs. It helps professionals with all the information, required to complete and deliver projects on time with the right tools for project planning, collaborating with teams and clients, keeping files and documents organized.

This content on this blog introduces you with the tools, techniques, tips, and tricks along with infographics thus provides project managers with the superpower to stand ahead while working on a project. The content on this blog is so purposeful and effective to help project managers to keep an eagle eye on the overall progress of the project and thus making the project a success.

8. Capterra Project Management Blog

Capterra makes B2B software purchase easier and offers reviews and insights for decision-making. Their dedicated project management blog has a number of project management tips and information, always told in a creative way. They also provide helpful comparisons to make your buying process simpler and easier.

Capterra provides software comparisons and reviews, along with lists of tools that will help you pick the perfect business solution for your team and organization.

9. Finding Marbles

Finding Marbles is a trendsetter in the world of project management. Not only does Corinna Bauldauf and contributors have the experience to teach you, but they are continually coming up with new, catchy terms to define realities in the industry.

Finding Marbles has set out to make project management simpler and faster, creating a generation of project managers who not only meet their clients’ expectations but exceed them! With a collection of quotes and tons of advice that are actionable, this blog should be included in the list of best project management blogs.

As a Lean and Agile project management expert, Corinna Baldauf shares her knowledge to help PM professional find and fix process problems. To engage her audience, she tells real-life stories in a friendly, compelling manner.

10. PM Tips 

If you’re keen on “How To” blogs, then is for you. This blog covers a range of Project management topics that are trending at the time. Interesting questions are answered; such as, “7 Questions To Ask About Your Project Scope” and staff related queries like “how to find the right people for your team”. Pmtips is definitely an all-rounder that’s perfect for beginners and veterans in the project management game.

11. The Project Lab

The Project Lab is a great place to go if you want to see case studies on project management related topics. Statistics like these will educate you on how the industry functions and what direction you should take with your own project challenges.

Bookmark this one because it makes an excellent go-to log when you’ve run into a snag during your project management journey. From effective time management to recovering projects that have gone wrong—this blog is all about learning from your mistakes and coming out stronger.

12. Geek Manager

UK blogger, Geek Manager, Meri Williams uses slides and in-depth talks to bring its messages across. You can take in this valuable information in bite-size portions as you systematically learn some of the trade secrets in project management.

Each blog also has a short portion of content that contains several links leading to tools, statistics, and case studies. Geek manager is perfect for those who want to learn, but don’t have the patience to slog through meaningless information to find what they want.

13. Guerilla Project Management

Samad Aidane is the main contributor to this blog. This blog is not only educational but also’ thought-provoking’ in its approach to exploring better ways of enhancing the industry and dazzling clients. There are a number of resources for those who want to take their careers to the next level, as well as articles for those starting on the ground floor.

Samad will keep you glued to your screen with his reader-friendly blogs and interesting insights on how project management is evolving. Stick with him and he’ll teach you a lot.

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Final Words

So, here we cover the list of top project management blogs that will help a novice as well as professional in project management. Whether you are looking for project management tips, tools, terms, or guides, you will find everything here. If you are aspired to build your career as a project manager, these blogs will prove an important resource for you.

So, bookmark some of these most popular project management blogs and keep reading to enhance your knowledge and skills. These top PM blogs will keep you updated with every project management news and updates. These blogs will also help you in your project management certification preparation. If you are aspired to become a certified professional in the project management, check out our training courses for project management certifications and agile certifications and get ready to become certified professional.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to put in the comment section below. I’ll surely help you with the best of my knowledge.

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