AWS Developer vs AWS Architect

AWS Developer vs AWS Architect: Which Certification is Better for a Fresher?

We always try to share all the important information required for your career growth. Recently, while scrolling Quora, I found this topic – AWS Developer vs AWS Architect: Which AWS Certification is Better for a Fresher? I observed that the answers submitted for the question were not good, so I decided to cover this topic in our blog.

The demand for certifications is at an all-time high in the IT labor market. Almost every major computing giant such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have come up with their professional certifications. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is one of the prominent players dominating a major share of the IT labor market. How?

With a wide range of professional certifications for various roles on the AWS cloud, AWS commands greater attention from potential job-seekers. So, the debate on AWS Developer vs AWS Architect while choosing one as a fresher is a widespread event. Now, is it that difficult to make a choice between these two? Obviously yes! If you are exploring Amazon AWS certification for the first time, then you could face a lot of doubts. 

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After all, you are thinking about your future and a promising career, aren’t you? The following discussion would explore the differences between AWS Developer and AWS Architect certifications. Other than the difference in exam details for AWS Solutions Architect Associate vs AWS Developer Associate, the discussion would focus on important aspects. What are they?

The demand for a particular certification is evident in the average salary estimate for professionals with the concerned AWS certification. All of us know that cloud computing jobs are in high demand right now. But, which AWS certification would be the best for you as a fresher? Keep reading to find out the answer!

According to Business Insider Salary Survey, A certificate in Amazon’s AWS cloud technology can boost your salary by 26%

Why AWS Certification?

Before diving into the discussion on AWS Developer vs AWS Architect, it is important to reflect on reasons to pursue AWS certification. Let us clear some confusion regarding AWS certifications before comparing AWS Solutions Architect vs developer. Certifications provide a quantifiable impression of your fluency and capabilities for passing a certain set of tasks and abilities.

However, AWS certifications do not imply the experience of a candidate in the concerned field. Without practical experience in the cloud, the AWS certification is just proof of you passing an AWS certification test for the related skills. AWS certifications could be the right tools for landing up with new professional opportunities i.e., new jobs or promotions. If you aspire to land your dream job in AWS cloud, we recommend you to search for AWS jobs near me and find the right job for you.

Many people confuse AWS certifications as golden tickets for landing up with a job of their choice. So, you should know that an AWS certification prepares you for success in a specific field. The approach you follow in an interview plays a lot more influential role in helping you secure the job rather than depending solely on the AWS certification. If you are preparing for the AWS Solution Architect interview, it is recommended to go through top AWS Solution Architect interview questions.

Note: AWS SysOps is another important career option for freshers to start with, along with AWS Developer and AWS Architect. If you are aspiring to build a career in SysOps, you can choose to go for AWS SysOps certification.

AWS Developer vs AWS Architect Certification

You should note that comparisons of AWS Developer vs Solution Architect would show that certifications are valuable. In terms of money, yes! In terms of value, AWS certifications are more than they seem to be. The wide assortment of knowledge that candidates gain by qualifying for specific AWS certification exam plays a very crucial role.

Candidates could find abilities beyond the AWS Developer vs AWS Architect debate for developing fluency in a common “cloud” vocabulary. So, we can clearly notice that AWS certifications are important tools for taking your career to the next level. You can think of them as stepping stones for moving ahead in your career. Now, let us take our attention towards the comparison of AWS architect vs developer in the following segments of this discussion. 

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Differences in Exam Details

The first aspect for comparisons between AWS Developer vs AWS Architect is evident in the exam details. Interestingly, you would find many similarities in this comparison, albeit with differences in terms of abilities tested in the exams. For example, the exam format is similar in the AWS Solution Architect and AWS Developer certification exams.

You will find multiple-choice, multiple-answer format in the questions for the certification exams. Both the AWS associate-level certification exams are available in  Nine languages such as English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Simplified Chinese, and Spanish (Latin America). The registration fee for each of the exams is $150 USD, and the total duration of each exam is 130 minutes. 

However, the dissimilarity in the AWS Developer and Solution Architect certifications arises in terms of abilities tested in the certification exams. The AWS associate certification tests the following abilities of candidates. 

  • Demonstration of in-depth knowledge regarding architecture and deployment of applications on AWS technologies with higher security and resilience.
  • Definition of solutions using architectural design principles with reference to customer requirements.
  • Facilitating implementation guidance on the grounds of best practices throughout the project lifecycle. 

On the other hand, the second player in the AWS Developer vs AWS Architect debate i.e., AWS Developer certification, tests the following abilities of candidates.

  • In-depth understanding of core AWS services, their applications, and best practices for basic AWS architecture.
  • Fluency in development, deployment, and debugging cloud-based applications by leveraging AWS capabilities.

Planning to take AWS Certified Developer Associate exam? Here is a complete preparation guide for AWS Developer Associate exam.

Comparison of Skills and Abilities Required

Based on the elements in the abilities tested by individual certifications, the AWS architect vs developer debate shows that knowledge of basic AWS architecture is important. In addition, both the certifications imply a prominent focus on skills for the development, deployment, and management of cloud-based applications.

However, we could note that the AWS Developer certification shows higher complexity in comparison to AWS solution architect certification. How? The AWS developer certification demands skills for writing code for serverless applications and in using containers for development processes. Furthermore, AWS developer certification also demands knowledge regarding the use of AWS service APIs, SDKs, and AWS CLI for writing applications.

Best Performing AWS Free Tests

Sl NoCertificationQuestionsRatingLink to the Test
1AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner55 Practice Questions4.72 (29235)Try Now
2AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate20 Practice Questions4.72 (93418)Try Now
3AWS Certified Developer Associate25 Practice Questions4.67 (29669)Try Now
4AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate20 Practice Questions4.69 (17143)Try Now
5AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional15 Practice Questions4.71 (20740)Try Now
6AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional15 Practice Questions4.56 (10809)Try Now
7AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty15 Practice Questions4.41 (3894)Try Now
8AWS Certified Security - Specialty15 Practice Questions4.49 (8650)Try Now
9AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty15 Practice Questions4.58 (972)Try Now
10AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty15 Practice Questions4.81 (3157)Try Now
11AWS Certified Database - Specialty15 Practice Questions4.67 (1005)Try Now
12AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty20 Practice Questions4.55 (2000)Try Now

One of the notable highlights in the AWS Developer vs AWS Architect comparison is the requirement of knowledge about the CI/CD pipeline for application deployment. In addition, the AWS developer certification also needs a general understanding of cloud-native applications for writing code. 

However, there are many common elements between the AWS Developer certification exam and the AWS solution architect associate certification exam. For example, the knowledge of AWS security best practices, AWS global infrastructure, core AWS services, and key features of AWS services. 

Do these observations signify anything? Yes! The AWS Developer certification is very comprehensive in terms of the syllabus. On the other hand, the AWS solution architect certification appears generalized in its exam outline. It only focuses on the introductory topics for AWS that help in a better entry into the AWS landscape. Therefore, we can clearly state that among the AWS Developer vs AWS architect comparison, the former presents a better scope for long-term career development.

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Comparison of Demand and Popularity 

Now, the actual theme of our discussion would be the focus of the remaining segments. We started off to find out “Which AWS certification is in demand” with this discussion. Till now, the discussion showed us the importance of AWS certifications and the differences between the two concerned AWS certification course. Obviously, we found that AWS Developer certification presents better prospects for professional development. How?

The comprehensive syllabus for the AWS developer certification exam, along with the additional knowledge and experience requirements for the same, gives the answer. So, which one is better among the AWS Developer and AWS Architect certification? The only way to find out the answer to this question is a reflection on the average salary estimates for each role.

For an invoice, you need to prepare well so you can get your hands on the job. If you are preparing for the AWS Solution Architect interview, it is recommended to go through top AWS Solution Architect interview questions.

Job roles for AWS Developer Vs AWS Architect

AWS Developer

  • The main role of the AWS Developer is to set up and maintain the cloud infrastructure of applications
  • He is responsible for maintaining the current infrastructure and suggesting changes for the infrastructure.
  • He is responsible for writing Infrastructure as Code.
  • AWS Developer helps to migrate the cloud with zero downtime and scalable one.
  • Documents best strategies for application deployment and infrastructure maintenance.

AWS Architect

  • AWS solution architect is responsible to design a cloud solution using Amazon Web Services.
  • He/she works closely with the end user and designs a solution best out their needs.
  • He/she designs and deploys the cost-effectiveness and scalable cloud infrastructure.
  • AWS Architect helps to maintain and prevent security breaches and minimize downtime.
  • Design and Deploy internal applications for the organization.

Salary Estimates Speak Loudly!

As of Jan 12, 2020, the average annual pay for an AWS Solution Architect in the United States is $152,793 a year.

AWS solutions architect salary
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On the other hand, the average salary estimate for AWS Certified Developer Associate is $130,369 annually.

aws developer salary
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Let us point out one of the important factors deciding the demand for AWS certification.

The answer lies in the popularity of AWS itself. Even though an AWS certification does not always ensure higher salaries for individuals, the large-scale adoption of the AWS platform supports the better health of the job market in AWS. Therefore, completing an AWS certification could provide assurance for high-paying jobs for successful candidates.

The salary difference between the AWS Developer and Solution Architect roles is around $25000 annually on average. However, that does not provide an exact impression of the fact that AWS Solution Architect is better than AWS Developer. After getting AWS Architect Associate certification you can plan to go for the AWS Solution Architect Professional certification while after getting AWS Developer certification, you can plan to go for the AWS DevOps certification.

Choose the One According to Your Preferences

The interest of a candidate and their plans regarding professional development also play a crucial role in choosing the right option. From the looks of it, the AWS Solutions Architect job role could fetch you a better salary. On the other hand, the AWS developer job role can help you dive deeper into practical applications with AWS console.

AWS Solutions Architect jobs require prolific cognitive thinking for visualizing solutions by leveraging knowledge about AWS architecture best practices. Apart from the limited scope for practical involvement in application design, deployment, and management, AWS Solution Architect tends to be a better option for a fresher. So, if you are still looking for “Which AWS certification is in demand,” then AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification is the answer.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is an entry level certification. If you are fresher, I will recommend you to go for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam first.

Bottom Line

The need for a debate on AWS Developer vs AWS architect certifications is essential for starting an individual’s AWS journey as a fresher. However, many aspiring candidates look for one specific solution without looking at the wide range of possibilities and opportunities. Many candidates find the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam very difficult in comparison to the AWS developer associate certification exam.

However, the sole answer to AWS Developer vs AWS Architect comparisons is that you would not find the “best” reply. Both the certification exams are capable of fetching prolific salary packages for you. So, you need to outline your requirements for pursuing AWS certification to choose the exam that fits you. For example, if you want to deal primarily with AWS cloud architecture, then the AWS Solutions Architect certification is right for you.

So, make a choice as per your interest and get ahead to become AWS certified. We are aimed to help you in your certification preparation, and so offer AWS certification training courses and practice tests. Join us to get your certification on the first attempt!

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