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Future of AWS Jobs for Cloud Professionals in India

According to the recent survey, AWS certification is one of the certification that leads the highest paid industry certifications. In the recent times, Google Cloud has overtaken the top paying certification category.

Amazon Web Services, no doubt, is the leading public cloud services provider. AWS certifications are one of the most demanded certifications in the IT market. These certifications validate one’s expertise on the AWS platform and thus, open the door to get a number of AWS jobs in Amazon.

Whether you are a developer, system administrator, application architect, database admin, Big Data Analyst, or sales/purchase professional, you can build a successful career with AWS certifications. All you need for a stable AWS career is to get a relevant AWS certification and go through the top AWS interview questions, and you’ll be all ready to land a job in AWS Careers.

Remember that AWS cloud practitioner could be the entry point for you to land a job in AWS. The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam helps beginners to start their AWS career. Candidates preparing for the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification should go for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner practice exam to prepare themselves for the exam and lead a successful AWS Career path.

What are AWS Certifications?

One of the first things to focus on is the purpose of AWS certifications. Basically, AWS certifications aim at validating the cloud expertise of professionals. So, certified candidates can pursue an AWS career by showcasing their capabilities in in-demand skills.

Enterprises rely on AWS certifications for creating efficient and innovative teams for their cloud ventures based on AWS. Most important of all, AWS certifications follow a role-based model, thereby providing valid recognition for expertise in distinct cloud-based roles. You can find four different categories of AWS certifications as follows.

  • Foundational
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Specialty

Each of these certification categories, except the Foundational certification, contains different certifications suitable for specific job roles. Let us find out the certifications that you can find in each category.

The foundational AWS certification can gain you entry into the AWS Cloud landscape. The only certification in this category is the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam.

In the associate certifications category, you can find three AWS certifications. They are,

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified Developer Associate
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

The professional certifications essential for your AWS career includes the following,

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional

The specialty certifications in AWS include the following,

  • AWS Certified Data Analytics Specialty
  • AWS Certified Database Specialty
  • AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty
  • AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty
  • AWS Certified Security Specialty
  • AWS on SAP (New Exam)

So, as you can notice clearly, the different categories of AWS certifications showcase the path that you must take for your AWS career. You can start at the basic level with the foundational AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certifications. Then, you can choose the associate certification according to your skillset and career preferences.

As a result, you can gain access to many promising jobs related to AWS. Then, as you gradually gain professional experience, you can opt for professional AWS certifications. Professional certifications such as DevOps Engineer certification can help you establish a formidable career in DevOps specialization.

The specialty certifications can serve as a formidable boost to your AWS career. You can gain promising skills in particular specializations such as data analytics or security, thereby adding value to your career profile.

AWS Certification Benefits

If you are still thinking about why you should chase Amazon AWS certification then you must know the importance of an AWS Certification. AWS Certifications are quite useful to pursue. Here are the benefits of getting an AWS certification which tell you how useful an AWS certification exam can be to your career.

  • Validates AWS skills and knowledge
  • Adds possibilities to get a hike in salary
  • Makes you desirable in the job market
  • Manifest commitment to a profession
  • Increases chances of getting hired
  • Opens door for new job opportunities
  • Makes you completely geeky

Reasons to Pursue AWS Certifications

Now, let us see the reasons which can clarify your doubts regarding the demand of AWS certifications. Here are the notable benefits that you can get exclusively with AWS certifications only.

Tangible Proof of Cloud Skills

As discussed above, certifications provide a tangible instrument to validate your skills in different areas of AWS operations. In addition, you can carry ahead your AWS career along with promising levels of professional development. You can achieve professional expertise by training for each certification exam that can also strengthen you skills as an AWS professional.

Recognition in Professional Circles

Recognition is one of the foremost factors that can separate you from the rest of the crowd. Certifications ensure that you are among the preferable candidates for different AWS jobs. Most important of all, AWS certifications also earn you digital badges, which you can showcase on social medial and email signatures.

As a result, you can gain more exposure and easier access to various exclusive AWS-sponsored events. In addition, the reputation of AWS in the cloud market clearly establishes AWS certifications as one of the industry benchmarks of professional expertise.


Qualifying certifications can also provide cost-efficient measures to advance your career with AWS certification. When you qualify an AWS certification, you also earn a 50% discount for recertification or any other exam of your choice. Therefore, aspiring cloud professionals could make the most of these opportunities to achieve professional development with limited financial resources.

Advantages of Professional Networking

The value of professional networking is also one of the prominent benefits that you can get in an AWS career. You should understand the fact that professional networking is the only proven tool that delivers reliable results in terms of job search. Certifications provide your recognition in the AWS Certified Global Community.

As a result, you can access the AWS Certified Linked Community and connect with your peers. So, you can explore the different career opportunities at your disposal and the requirements to move ahead in your career. Professional networking with certified AWS professionals also helps in improving the insight of candidates on the existing cloud market. In addition, you always have the assurance of professional guidance from experts in the community.

Which AWS Certification to Get First?

So, have you been familiar with the importance of being AWS certified? If yes, you may be somewhat confused with the number of AWS certifications available. It is important to choose the right certification but the question is how to choose the right one. Here is the answer! Which AWS certification you should choose depends upon your career, job position, and expertise. If you will choose the AWS certification according to your expertise, it will enhance your knowledge, and you will get more and more opportunities to boost your career.

10 AWS Jobs You Can Get with an AWS Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications can open the door to many highest-paying jobs. It will help you get over the risk of up-down coming careers. If you are AWS certified, there are a number of job opportunities available for you. Let’s have a look at the top 10 AWS jobs you can get with AWS online training and certification.

1. AWS Cloud Architect

AWS Certified Solutions Architect is the position that is directly connected with engineers as well as clients, providing an interface with stakeholders and technical leadership. The cloud architect supplies lead implementation efforts and technical architectures assuring that the interspersion of new technologies is being adopted. The candidates can get AWS associate certification (AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate) to validate the knowledge and have a better job opportunity. All they need to do to achieve the certification is prepare well for the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam and get ahead.

If you have the knowledge of cloud computing and you are AWS Solutions Architect professional then you can become an AWS Cloud Architect.

2. SysOps Administrator

An AWS SysOps Administrator is one who is responsible for deploying, operating, and managing systems on the AWS platform. So, if you have expertise in managing and deploying production operations on AWS cloud validate your expertise with AWS SysOps administrator certification. This will enhance your capabilities to be selected in AWS jobs. Getting an AWS certification adds a credential to your resume and thus helps you get a better salary.

3. Cloud Developer

Cloud developers are responsible for the development of software applications and solutions for enterprises. So, if you have significant experience in software development with some knowledge of the AWS platform, there are so many AWS jobs for you. And getting an AWS Developer Associate certification will help you bring your career one level up as a cloud developer.

4. Cloud Sales & Purchase Manager

Do you want to be the member of an organization centered on increasing adoption of AWS? If you have significant experience AWS cloud sales/purchase, leadership skills, and technical background, a number of AWS jobs are waiting for you.

As a Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager, you will be able to grow, drive, and shape the future of an advancing creative technology. A successful candidate is recommended to have AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification that will help him to get engaged with software developers and IT architects working on AWS platform.

Best Performing AWS Free Tests

Sl NoCertificationQuestionsRatingLink to the Test
1AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner55 Practice Questions4.72 (29235)Try Now
2AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate20 Practice Questions4.72 (93418)Try Now
3AWS Certified Developer Associate25 Practice Questions4.67 (29669)Try Now
4AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate20 Practice Questions4.69 (17143)Try Now
5AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional15 Practice Questions4.71 (20740)Try Now
6AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional15 Practice Questions4.56 (10809)Try Now
7AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty15 Practice Questions4.41 (3894)Try Now
8AWS Certified Security - Specialty15 Practice Questions4.49 (8650)Try Now
9AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder - Specialty15 Practice Questions4.58 (972)Try Now
10AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty15 Practice Questions4.81 (3157)Try Now
11AWS Certified Database - Specialty15 Practice Questions4.67 (1005)Try Now
12AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty20 Practice Questions4.55 (2000)Try Now

5. Cloud DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is a senior developer who has expertise skills beyond development i.e. in network operations and system deployment. So, if you have multiple skills with deep knowledge and hands-on experience on the AWS platform, a number of AWS jobs are for you. Nowadays companies are looking for Cloud DevOps Engineers to set up a DevOps culture in the organization. And if you have validated your skills with AWS DevOps certification, your chances of getting an AWS job almost doubles.

DevOps engineer is the IT professional who handles code releases by playing multiple roles. He is responsible to work with system operators, software developers, and also the production technical team.

6. Key Account Manager, Cloud

A key account manager is responsible for the sales management of cloud storage, server, and products. He also has the responsibility to manage customer accounts in order to make the target of expedient purchase decisions. A Key Account Manager is responsible for driving adoption, revenue, market penetration, and managing a large and diverse customer base in the market.

So, are you the one who has experience in managerial, purchase or sales roles with the knowledge of AWS cloud? If yes, there are so many AWS jobs for you. Yes, AWS cloud practitioner certification will validate your skills and thus, will bring more opportunities for you. We recommend you try the AWS Cloud Practitioner practice exam before sitting in the real exam.

7. Cloud Software Engineer

If you are a software engineer programming in Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or C++ there is a great chance to grow a career with Amazon Web Services. Your capability of designing, developing, and implementing system/ software on the AWS platform can bring more opportunities to get AWS jobs. So, validate your software design and development skills with the AWS certification test and stand out of the crowd in the job market. Begin with the associate level AWS developer certification and then you can choose to go for the professional level certification exam for more growth.

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8. AWS Networking Specialist

If you have the capability to design and implement advanced AWS or hybrid networking projects, a great number of AWS jobs are waiting for you. Yes, to validate your expertise in working on cloud integration projects, all you need is an AWS certification.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty exam is for those who have expertise in networking. There is a huge demand for individuals having cloud network engineering skills with an AWS certification course. So, become an AWS certified networking specialist and get your hands on AWS jobs.

Note: CIDR is one of the important terms an AWS Network Engineer should know about. CIDR offers the benefits of effective management of available IP address space and reduces the number of routing table entries. If you are still wondering what does CIDR stand for, learn more!

9. AWS System Integrator

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the popular cloud services provider that offers essential storage, infrastructure, messaging, networking and many more services to clients across the world. At present, businesses, as well as government organizations, depend on AWS for cloud services and solutions. So, the demand for system integrators is increasing to handle troubleshooting and deployment of AWS applications.

Having a good knowledge of AWS platform, applications, cloud services, and information systems will make you eligible for this job. Get an AWS certification to demonstrate your skills to your employer and a number of AWS jobs will be opened for you.

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10. AWS Big Data Specialist

An AWS Big Data specialist is one who can design and implement big data services for deriving value from data. For this position, one must have a significant experience in data analytics. If you have a technical background in architecting and defining AWS big data services which can help organizations to analyze and maintain data then there is a big opportunity for you in AWS jobs. If you are an AWS certified big data specialist, there are more chances for you to get an AWS job.

A Quick Summary

Which Certification is Suitable for Which AWS Job Role?

Now, let us see which certification you should choose, based on your cloud computing career objectives.

  • As mentioned earlier, if you want to kickstart your AWS career, then the AWS certified cloud practitioner certification is ideal for you.
  • The AWS Certified developer associate certification is ideal for you if you want to pursue a cloud-based development role.
  • The AWS Certified SysOps administrator associate certification is ideal for you if you want to work in an operations or system admin role.
  • The AWS solutions architect associate certification is ideal for you if you have an interest in creating AWS systems.
  • The AWS solutions architect professional certification is ideal for you if you have more than one year of experience in the management and operations of AWS systems.
  • The AWS DevOps engineer certification is undoubtedly one of the credible tools for a promising AWS career. You can gain access to higher job positions with the DevOps engineer professional certification.

The specialty certifications are intended to improve the capabilities of professionals in certain skill areas. Here are the skills that you can develop with each AWS specialty certification.

  • AWS data analytics specialty- big data analysis
  • AWS advanced networking specialty- complex networking tasks
  • AWS machine learning specialty- designing, implementation, deployment and maintenance of machine learning solutions
  • AWS security specialty- security of AWS workloads
  • AWS Alexa skill builder specialty- building, testing and publishing Amazon Alexa skills
  • AWS database specialty- advanced database administration and data management tasks

AWS Jobs in Indian Cities

Note that AWS is the common skill that is in the high demand. If you prefer to stay in any of the cities like Chennai, Bangalore or Coimbatore, you will get a job in AWS. For example, two tier cities like Coimbatore also having lot’s of startup companies related to cloud consulting which is offering thousands of AWS Jobs for Cloud Professionals.

Bottom Line

Amazon is continually growing its services, and hence a number of new certifications related to different domains can be seen in the future. If you pass an AWS certification exam then any of the above-mentioned AWS jobs could be available to you. Learning AWS concepts and being AWS certified will play an important role in your career growth. AWS jobs not only make you receive a higher salary but a recognized position in your field and has a bright AWS Careers.

Whizlabs is a pioneer among the providers of online AWS certification training. If you want to build your AWS Careers cloud, start your preparation with AWS Certification Online Courses and Exam Simulators offered by Whizlabs. These courses and practice tests will prepare you for the certification exams and will help you pass the exam on the first attempt.

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