AWS Certification Benefits

Top 10 Benefits of Getting an AWS Certification

The hottest trend in the information technology landscape is cloud computing. Every organization, big or small, is transferring its applications, infrastructure, and legacy systems to the cloud. As a result, cloud computing professionals are in high demand. Amazon Web Services has the lion’s share in the existing cloud services market. So, you can find many online searches every day for the AWS certification benefits.

The demand for AWS certified professionals is high in the present times. So, it is obvious for aspiring cloud computing personnel to search for reasons to pursue Amazon AWS certification. The benefits of AWS certifications can help aspiring cloud computing professionals to see the hidden opportunities in AWS career.

If you are a beginner, the AWS certified cloud practitioner certification exam is the entry point for you. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is the fundamental-level exam, intended for entry-level professional. If you want to take the AWS cloud practitioner exam, you can enroll in the AWS certified cloud practitioner practice exam and get ready for the certification.

The following discussion would outline ten different AWS certification advantages. However, the discussion will start with a basic definition of AWS and the reasons to get an AWS certification. This aspect of the discussion would prepare the foundation for describing the positive outcomes associated with an AWS certification exam.

What is AWS?

Before proceeding towards AWS certification benefits, let us know some basics about AWS! First of all, we should start with a basic definition of AWS. Amazon Web Services is a cloud platform that involves a collection of more than 100 cloud services (currently they have more than 1000 services). The cloud services help companies in using compute, security, database, storage, and many other resources.

The advantage or benefits of AWS is that companies only have to pay for the services that they use. The AWS services help companies to create complete infrastructure. The full application environments help businesses to run applications without the need for physical hardware. As a result, companies could be able to reduce their expenses alongside ensuring the scalability of operations.

Why AWS in Particular?

As discussed before, the pricing of AWS services is according to the quantity and types of resources consumed by users. You can get a superficial impression of AWS certification advantages by taking a look at the abilities provided by AWS. Users could use the abilities provided by AWS to create and launch services. The other services of AWS also provide the following abilities to users.

  • Running web and application servers on the cloud for hosting internal applications and client-facing websites.
  • Secure storage of all files and sensitive data on cloud resources with ease of accessibility. The accessibility is ideal for data backup and disaster recovery objectives.
  • Using services such as AWS Glue, AWS Kinesis, and AWS QuickSight for conducting reliable data analytics
  • Creation of managed databases based on renowned database management systems such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL, or PostgreSQL. This ability helps in the storage of information and running reports.
  • Leveraging services such as AWS CloudFront for the development of comprehensive content delivery networks. The content delivery networks can share static files to different edge locations all over the world.

Benefits of Getting an AWS Certification

Now, we have a clear impression of what AWS is and the different abilities it provides to users. We shall start our discussion on the benefits of AWS certifications after observing the reasons for the higher demand for AWS certification test. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the market leader among cloud service providers now. Why? It provides cost-effective services to organizations. The services of AWS are scalable and ideal for different business sizes.

Most important of all, AWS follows formidable security measures for safeguarding, monitoring, and maintenance of its data centers. As a result, AWS is staying at the top of the list of cloud service providers. So, the first reason to go for AWS certifications is the status of AWS. If you want to invest time and effort in learning about cloud technologies, then it’s better to choose the leader. 

Here is an insight into the Google trends that represent the increasing demand for the AWS certification:

AWS Certification Demand in Google Search Queries

Candidates have to go through comprehensive study guides and hands-on experience for securing an AWS certification. Also, AWS certifications demand re-certification every two years. The re-certification provides validation for the awareness of certified professionals about updates and trends in the AWS landscape. These reasons answer the question, “Is AWS certification worth it?”. Therefore, it is time to reflect on the benefits of different AWS certifications.

1. Preparing for the future

The first mention in AWS certification benefits relates to the increasing popularity of cloud technology. Recent research shows that almost 83% of enterprise workloads would be transferred to the cloud by 2020. As we know, AWS is the market leader among cloud service providers.

Therefore, the advantages of AWS certification can help you prepare for the upcoming trends in the IT professional job market. AWS has almost 31% of the market share and is showing gradual growth in revenue. The majority of companies would need AWS certified professionals shortly. Therefore, an AWS certification course could show your skills to potential employers and increase your appeal as a job candidate.

2. New avenues for developing professional expertise

The next entry among the top AWS certification benefits is the development of professional expertise. As discussed before, AWS certifications require a lot of study, practice, and commitment to learning AWS technologies. Furthermore, the concerns of recertification also imply the need for candidates to stay updated with the latest trends in AWS. So, you will have to show your expertise to get the certification and also invest efforts in maintaining the certification.

Most important of all, candidates could also get other AWS certifications to broaden their skill set. Every AWS professional doesn’t need to stick to a particular role. For example, you can go for AWS DevOps certification after qualifying the AWS Developer associate certification.

3. Gain an appreciation for your efforts

Another crucial mention among AWS certification benefits relates to the recognition for certified professionals. AWS certified professionals receive digital badges. These digital badges represent your certification achievement, and you can use them on social media and email signatures. The digital badges provide instant access to exclusive certification events sponsored by AWS. The digital badges also help in getting exclusive access to select AWS Summit events and AWS Certification Lounges at “AWS re Invent.”

Furthermore, you will also get invites to regional Appreciation Receptions with an AWS certification. Now, you can find your answer to “Is AWS Certification worth it?”. Any individual would love to gain so much recognition with an AWS certificate. For example, a Machine Learning professional can go for the AWS Certified Machine Learning certification, while a Data professional should go for AWS Certified Data Analytics to validate their skills and take their career one level up.

4. Display your commitment levels

You can also find AWS certification benefits in the proof of your commitment. Candidates appearing for AWS certifications tend to invest considerable amounts of time and efforts for clearing the exams. However, first of all, the candidates show their dedication to the AWS platform by choosing AWS certifications. Therefore, an AWS certification shows the commitment of a professional to the AWS platform.

The AWS certification journey is not an easy one. So, the individuals who are successful in obtaining AWS certification must have worked hard to achieve the certificate. Therefore, the certificate implies the perseverance of certified professionals. Hence, you can provide proof of your traits of commitment and perseverance with an AWS certification.

5. Limited difficulties to clear AWS certification

The advantages of AWS certification also exist in the form of its ease as compared to other certifications. AWS certifications introduced back in 2013 have come a long way in improving ease for potential candidates. Presently, you can find many resources that can help you achieve the desired certification. The support of documentations, whitepapers, and instructor-led training courses helps candidates achieve AWS certification easily.

The other types of training, such as digital and virtual training also provide hands-on experience with core services on AWS. Candidates can access various sample questions and practice tests easily to prepare for an AWS certification exam. Therefore, the flexibility in obtaining AWS certification is a benefit that many aspirants would want!

6. A better paycheck

The next benefit would refer to AWS certification salary. According to recent estimates from the Global Knowledge survey, AWS certification can improve the salary of a certified professional by almost 25.9%. The average AWS certification salary estimates for a certified professional is almost USD 113,932.

On the other hand, the average annual salary of non-certified professionals is USD 90,512. This clearly shows that AWS certification benefits can place a hefty paycheck in your hands every month. Nobody would want to miss out on the opportunity to increase their salary, would you?

Even if you are fresher, you can validate your AWS skills with the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. We recommend you to enroll in the Free AWS cloud practitioner practice exam and try out some practice questions that come in the same pattern of the exam.

7. Chances to expand professional network

As discussed before, AWS certification brings recognition to certified professionals. One of the foremost AWS certification benefits is joining the AWS Certified Global Community. Certified professionals can access the AWS Certified LinkedIn Community and network.

In addition to developing your professional network in the community, you can also find opportunities to expand the network. AWS certification training opens new roads for attending meetups, conferences, and professional gatherings. As a result, you can interact with many people and expand your network, which could have been impossible otherwise.

8. Bring in more projects!

If you are a freelancer, then AWS certification benefits can mean more projects in your kitty! An AWS certification improves the trust of clients in a freelancer’s abilities to work with AWS technology. As we discussed previously, AWS certification gives you access to digital badges. The digital badges, when used properly on social media and digital signatures, serve as a promising marketing element. So, you can use the digital badge to show your credibility to clients and achieve better opportunities for income.

9. Opportunity to become a Subject Matter Expert

The most crucial mention among AWS certification benefits is the eligibility for Subject Matter Expert (SME) program. Certified professionals can access the Subject Matter Expert (SME) program of AWS. The SME program helps candidates learn more about AWS services and feature sets. Furthermore, professionals can participate in the exam development process and other workshops as a Subject Matter Expert. So, you can gain an added credential to your resume showing your contributions to a benchmark certification program.

10. Employers also get benefits

The final entry in AWS certification benefits relates to employers. This means that employers could also gain benefits from AWS certified employees. Organizations with AWS certified professionals could participate in the AWS Partner Network (APN). Companies could apply for different tiers in the APN program according to their eligibility. Therefore, companies could be able to gain the status of an AWS partner with the help of AWS certified professionals.

As a result, companies could have access to various resources and training to provide better services and support to customers. Every tier of the partner program has different benefits that improve with each successive tier. So, companies with a higher number of AWS certified professionals are more likely to unlock the most benefits. So, it appears as companies could also gain advantages from AWS certifications, doesn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of AWS cloud practitioner certification?

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is the fundamental certification exam offered by AWS. This exam will help you to learn the basics of cloud computing and AWS. This AWS Certification exam is most useful for the managers who are managing AWS accounts those who don’t have to know more about the AWS services.

What are the benefits of AWS Certified Solution Architect certification?

AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification is the most demanded and highly paid certification exam. This exam helps you to perform a design and architect role in your projects. You will become master in the AWS services if you have passed this exam.

Is AWS solutions architect associate worth it?

Yes. This certification exam is highly recognized certification in the IT industry.

What is AWS certification salary?
Here is the snapshot of top paying AWS certifications.
AWS Certifications Salary
(Source: Globalknowledge)

Who is AWS biggest competitor?

Microsoft Azure is the biggest competitor for AWS. The third in the race is Google Cloud. Here is the latest market share report published.
Cloud Market Share Report - 2021

Is Facebook using AWS?

No. Facebook is not using AWS or Azure. They are building their own infrastructure setup to manage their applications.
Is it difficult to learn AWS?
No. It is very easy to learn AWS. You don’t need to learn any programming languages or complex technical things to become master in the AWS concepts. Having networking knowledge may be helpful, but that’s not mandatory.
What are the benefits of being AWS Certified?
  • AWS certified candidate can be able to stay updated with the lastest trends and developments
  • Improves credibility and builds the confidence related to cloud computing
  • Improves the job prospects
  • Helps the experts to build customised solutions for the clients as per their requirements

Bottom Line

On a concluding note, AWS is the future of cloud technology. AWS is one of the notable names in the cloud service provider domain with Azure and Google Cloud. So, preparing for the upcoming trends in the cloud computing job market seems like a reasonable benefit. Also, we need to look at promising opportunities for a raise in salary and access to more jobs.

Furthermore, an AWS certification also ensures the involvement of professionals in a wider AWS community. AWS certification not only establishes the credential of the AWS professional but also gives chances to expand the professional network. Other than these advantages, AWS certification also ensures continuous learning and professional development with the requirements for recertification.

Most important of all, organizations could also get the best from AWS certifications. Companies could be able to become an AWS partner by having more employees with AWS certifications.  So, with so much in store with an AWS certification, you should check out our AWS certification training courses without any delay and get ahead towards a bright career!

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