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You Need To Start Somewhere, Better Start Now – Exclusive Interview With 22X Cloud Certified – Ahethaysham Ahmed

Cloud computing has proven to be a breakthrough in the storage and operation system of business. It is a term that has gained widespread use over the last few years. It has come out as a result of an exponential increase in data use and society’s transition into the digital 21st century. Almost all business and IT sector giants have adopted the cloud as the framework of their systems. 

Why do you need to start learning Cloud Computing today?

To catch the job with your dream salary. Instead of hustling to find better opportunities, you transform into the expert that the industries are actively recruiting.  

Reportlinker states that by 2023 the cloud computing market is expected to reach a whopping $623.3 billion! 

According to this report, the cloud will triple its size by 2023 and showing this shows the potential of cloud computing.

With so many opportunities lying ahead, you don’t want to miss out.

Why do you need to be a certified Cloud expert?

To ace your interview that will get you that dream-salary-job.

Having some knowledge of Cloud Computing technology without certification is like knowing how to fly a plane without a pilot license. Not just Cloud Computing certifications, any technical certification helps land a job. A person attending an interview will be judged in 10 minutes, so a certificate in Cloud Computing will help you showcase your cloud skills better.

Don’t believe us yet? Then, let’s hand over the mic to the leading industry expert

On 28 September 2021, Whizlabs interviewed the multi-cloud certified professional, Ahethaysham Ahmed. 

With 15x Azure Certified, 6x AWS Certified, and 1x GCP Certified, he is at the peak of his career of 20 years in the IT sector. He has received multiple recognitions at his workplace for being a dedicated contributor to the community and for actively inspiring hundreds of people to start their cloud journey.

During the insightful discussion, Ahethaysham Ahmed let us into his journey, his secrets of 20 years of soaring career, preparation for cloud certification, and how cloud certification led & escalated his still rising success.  

Read ahead to know how you can get started and succeed with cloud certification.

What made you start your certification journey? What role does a certification play in your career?

My certification journey started when my client decided to move to the AWS cloud from the mainframes. Certifications are crucial as they act as proof of one’s skills. It gives the necessary credentials to move into the relevant work areas. One does learn a lot while going through the courses and Practice exams. I want to mention that Whizlabs has been the only common site that I have used for almost all my exams. So I have to thank Whizlabs for that.

Can you walk us through your certification path? Which certification did you choose first and why?

Initially, I chose Azure since we had quite a few SQL databases. I got myself an Azure solution architect expert certificate in 2019.  

I then moved to AWS and started with the associate certifications. I completed all three associate certifications in October, November, and December 2019. 

Due to the covid irregularities, I moved on to Azure, and I completed about 15 of the Azure exams, and in between, I squeezed in the GCP ACE exam. 

This year, I have restarted with AWS, and I have completed three more AWS and a couple of Azure exams, bringing the total to 25 cloud exams.

Getting a desirable job can be as tricky as getting successful in your certification journey for a cloud professional. Would you like to tell us about your journey/preparation to get a job that goes well with your skills?

I have been with Mphasis for more than 17 years, and my company allowed me to find a role suitable for my new cloud capabilities. They sponsored all my certifications and guided me in all areas. One needs to plan well for a career path and choose certificates to help them secure the role they want. 

We need to work hard to acquire the required skills and get out of our comfort zone like I did when I had to learn UNIX.

Out of your 20 certifications, which one was the most difficult for you, and which one was the easiest?

AWS solution architect professional was the most challenging certification. Also, the foundation exams were much easier since I was already preparing for the next level exams. 

You have prepared for the exam while working. What was your schedule during your preparation period? What would your advice be for working exam takers?

One needs to plan and prepare for any exam, even if it’s a foundational exam and not take it lightly. We need to collect relevant documents like white papers, refer to many blogs, and go through the courses and learning materials. And the most important of all the practice exams which will fill the gaps in knowledge.

My advice is to spend 2-3 hours on weekdays and 6 hours on weekends. Based on the level of certification, plan for 2-3 months at least.  

What are the tips and tricks you would suggest for anyone who is preparing for a cloud certification?

The response to this question was full of more value and detail than we could have expected. 

Watch the video to get the seven tips roadmap to ace the certification exam, be the next-best certified cloud industry leader, and relish the thrill of a successful IT career.

In our intensive interview, Ahethaysham Ahmed revealed lots of insider information regarding the most helpful cloud certification, the essential certifications, the advanced ones, the best path to choose, the preparation strategy, and so much more. 

To learn about the above topics in detail and more, you can watch our recorded interview here:

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