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Microsoft Power Platform Developer (PL-400) Certification Preparation Guide

Microsoft Power Platform Developer (PL-400) certification intends to help candidates master the skills in designing, developing, securing, and troubleshooting diverse Power Platform solutions. The candidates who are applying for this certification must have a brief knowledge of Power Platform services, their capabilities, constraints, and boundaries.

It is a plus point to have knowledge of DevOps execution for Power Platform, for standing out in the crowd of several candidates. If you are taking up this certification, then you will need a proper preparation guide for the same. Therefore, this article intends to help you with advice and tips to master your preparatory aspects for the PL-400 examination.

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Overview of Microsoft Power Platform Developer (PL-400) Certification Exam

PL-400 examination pattern consists of MCQs and also has simulation, reordering, and building-a-tree type questions. Therefore, thorough preparation is a must for the clearance of this certification exam. The duration of the exam is 120 minutes or 2 hours, within which the candidates have to appear for all of the questions. It is an estimated time limit, as Microsoft intends not to disclose the time limit for its certification exams.

The pricing of Microsoft Power Platform Developer certification is USD 165. Moreover, this certification is valid only for three years. The exam language is currently available only in English, and the passing score for candidates is 700 marks out of 1000. The new update or notice upon the contents of this exam will be updated on 23rd June 2021.

There are few topics based upon which the questions are decided for the Microsoft Power Platform Developer certification exam. The topics and their weightage include:

  • Create a Technical Design- It has a weightage of 10 to 15%.
  • Configure Microsoft Dataverse- It has a weightage of 15 to 20%.
  • Create and Configure Power Apps- It has a weightage of 15 to 20%.
  • Configure Business Process Automation- It has a weightage of 5 to 10%.
  • Extend the User Experience- It has a weightage of 10 to 15%.
  • Extend the Platform- It has a weightage of 15 to 20%.
  • Develop Integrations- It has a weightage of 5 to 10%.

These are the topics or areas that the candidates need to master for clearing this certification with distinction. People with this certification can work with the ability to implement application enhancements, system integrations, custom user experience, custom process automation, data conversions, and custom visualizations.

Prerequisites for taking up Microsoft Power Platform Developer (PL-400) Certification

Even though there is no mandatory certification or prerequisite stated by Microsoft officially for this certification, you still need to have some conceptual knowledge about it. It is because, without some of the concepts, it will be difficult for you to clear the certification.

Therefore, the prerequisites for the Microsoft Power Platform Developer Certification are:

  • The candidates should have some experience in the field of development. It should include the application of Power Platform services, TypeScript, C#, JSON, .NET, Azure, and others.
  • Candidates should have in-depth knowledge of the potential of Power Platform services and the areas where it lacks or limits its abilities.
  • DevOps Practices with Power Platform is an important concept that the candidates need to have some idea about.

There is no mandate from Microsoft’s end for candidates to master these fundamentals. However, if you are not prepared with such concepts, then you might find it very difficult to understand the exam topics of this certification. Hence, it is advised for candidates to gain proper information about the certification and then spend their money on the registration for this certification.

To register for this certification, follow these steps:

  • Log onto the official page of the PL-400 certification exam.
  • Scroll down to see an option “Schedule Exam.”
  • You will be prompted to log onto your Microsoft account. Log in or create one to continue.
  • You can then select the exam date and make the payment to complete your registration.

Ways to Prepare for PL-400 Certification Exam

Microsoft suggests two ways of preparation for the PL-400 certification exam. One is by learning through the free preparation guide offered by Microsoft, and the other is by taking the help of instructors or professionals for utmost guidance.

The candidates who are somehow knowledgeable about the concepts associated with Microsoft Power Platform Development will find the online-free preparation guide helpful. But, there are some candidates who will need a proper mentor to understand the topics and learn about the right ways of answering them.

Online-Free Preparation Guide for PL-400

Microsoft is offering its own set of preparation modules to the candidates for free. You will get this preparation guide on their official page when you scroll down to the bottom. This preparation guide offered by Microsoft covers all the topics important for clearing this certification.

There are different modules for each of the chapter-wise distributions within this online & free guide. The dedicated chapters are here as follows:

  • Create a canvas app in power apps- 3 modules
  • Create a model-driven application in Power Apps- 4 Modules
  • Work with Power Platform Tenants, Subscriptions, Environments, and Dynamics 365 Apps- 4 Modules
  • Automate a Business Process with Power Automate- 4 Modules.
  • Create & use analytic reports with Power BI- 6 modules.
  • Integrate with Power Platform and Dataverse- 2 Modules
  • Create Components with Power apps Component Framework- 3 Modules
  • Administer Power Apps Portals- 4 Modules
  • Extend Power Apps Portals- 3 Modules

These are the chapter-wise distributions with dedicated modules to clear the fundamentals and prepare you for the certification exam.

Instructor-Led Training for PL-400

It is a paid course that will be offered by professional faculties. They will teach you about the core concepts, syllabus topics and clear doubts about the examination aspects. You just need to focus on their teaching pattern and get the knowledge that they convey to you.

In this course, they will not just guide you about the examination but will also revise the prerequisite concepts for you. If you have a glimpse of those concepts, they will help illuminate them, as they are important for you while mastering other topics.

Advices to Follow:

There are some other ways using which you can improve your practice and preparation for the PL-400 certification exam. Follow these tips and advice to ensure that your preparation aspects are enhanced for clearing this certification in one attempt:

  • Download the PDF of Microsoft PL-400 Exam questions. It intends to help you with quick preparation for your examination. Such PDFs consist of practice questions and answers for candidates to solve and validate their responses.
  • Take up the PL-400 practice test for self-assessment of your skills and expertise in diverse topics. This practice test will prepare you to deal with exam circumstances. It will allow you to complete the examination within the specified time, as suggested by Microsoft. If you find yourself to be slower, then work on improving your speed without rushing on the questions.
  • You can take up the web-based practice exam for PL-400 without the installation of any dedicated app. The web practice test facility allows the candidates to take up examinations to prepare for their test from any location. You just need the internet, and you will have your practice test ready to appear.
  • Take note of the materials that you will need in the pursuit of preparing for the examination. Talk to your mentors, of course, faculties about the same. Takedown the notes of what they guide you with, and read the reference materials offered by them to gain more knowledge of the topics. The instructors will also stress you to thoroughly prepare the most important topics and help you with a study order. So, follow them on a strict note!

Follow the above steps, and you will be all ready for appearing and clearing this certification exam in one go. There are immense career opportunities that await you on clearing this and more of these certifications.

Salary of A Power Platform Developer

The average salary of a power platform developer is $126,750 per year. It is the average salary for a fresher recruit, which will eventually increase with experience over time. As per the records are stated, the experience joining gets a salary of up to $138,450 per annum. In this field, if you are joining the ground-level position without any experience, you will be getting a pay of $102,375, which is not bad for a start. Therefore, you can conclude that Power Platform Development is a good career track for you to pick.

So, you need to make sure that your certification counts as your proof of expertise. There are many jobs associated with the Power Platform, but it demands expertise and some qualifications. You have time to take up these opportunities and gather Microsoft certifications, as they have a great weightage amongst top companies. Gather your study materials and start your preparation right away!

Final Words

So, it is a complete elaboration of how you can prepare for the PL-400 examination and approach for Microsoft Power Platform Developer certification. Follow the right preparation advice by referring to quality materials, and you will eventually thrive in your career. So, plan for the right preparation schedule and register for your PL-400 examination.

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