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Why Should You Use Cloud Storage Everyday?

Cloud is considered one of the most secure and easiest means for data storage. Let’s check out these reasons for using Cloud Storage.

Every individual in the IT world must have come across the term ‘cloud’ at some, or the other point! However, many individuals do not have a clear idea about what the ‘cloud’ is. On the other hand, you could have used the cloud already without your knowledge. Did you watch a video on YouTube? If yes, then congratulations, you’re using cloud unknowingly! 

The problem here is that many people assume underlying processes and services in the cloud as ‘Cloud Computing’ in general. As a result, many individuals are not clear about using cloud storage properly. The following discussion would attempt at outlining the definition of cloud storage and its working. 

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However, the major highlight of this discussion would be the different advantages of cloud storage. The interesting factor about these advantages is the opportunity to learn the reasons to use cloud storage.

Definition of Cloud Storage

Before diving right into answering ‘what is cloud storage’, let us find out about the cloud-first. Many people imagine the cloud as an invisible network that provides necessary computing resources. However, fact implies that the cloud is a collection of data centers accessible through the internet. So, the cloud is a collection of networked computer hardware working together for providing various computing resources as online services.

Based on the definition of the cloud, we can answer ‘What is cloud storage’ easily. The collection of data and stashing it on hardware in a remote physical location is known as cloud storage. However, that is half the definition. The other half of the definition implies the need for accessibility for the data through any device by using the internet.

Users could send files to a data server under maintenance by a cloud provider rather than stashing the data on their hard drives. Dropbox is an ideal instance of the use of cloud storage. Complex cloud storage systems could involve multiple data servers linked with each other by a master control server.

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How does Cloud Storage Work?

For many people, cloud computing and cloud storage become confusing terms. Cloud computing is different from cloud storage in the fact that the infrastructure in cloud computing has shared processing power. Further clarity on cloud storage is possible by reflecting on how it works. The formidable components in the use of cloud storage are data centers. Data centers are massive campuses of warehouses that, in turn, house large numbers of dedicated servers and storage volumes.

The ownership of data centers lies with various cloud service providers who take responsibility for maintaining servers in running condition. The data you enter into the cloud is stored in data centers and could be physically located in different places. The physical location of storage for your data on the cloud depends largely on the location of data centers of service providers.

Furthermore, data centers employ largescale cooling systems for the prevention of overheating of storage systems in data centers. One of the formidable advantages of cloud storage is evident in the working of cloud storage. Cloud service providers make multiple copies of the data you upload to the cloud.

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Reasons for Using Cloud Storage

The service providers store these copies in various localities. As a result, cloud providers ensure that your data is not destroyed or does not become inaccessible in the event of disasters at any data center. With the ideal clarification about cloud storage and its working, we can proceed towards reasons of using cloud storage.

  • Enhanced Security

The foremost reason for which you need cloud storage solutions is security. Many people, unaware of the working of the cloud can be doubtful of this benefit in cloud storage. The internet is a playground for malicious agents such as a hacker, and you are right to worry about security. However, the efforts of cloud storage service providers always focus on consideration for dangers of the internet.

Cloud storage providers invest massive amounts of money in better and reliable servers for upholding their reputation in the market. The benefit of using cloud storage is also visible in storing your data on a separate server on the cloud. The encryption services on different cloud storage platforms help in keeping hackers at bay alongside safeguarding your crucial information.

  • Improving Flexibility for Employees

The second benefit of cloud storage responds to the question of why to use cloud storage for business. Every employee in the present time wants a proper work-life balance, which is possible through telecommuting. Almost 79% of respondents in a survey stated working outside of their office at some or the other time. Around 60% of respondents in the same survey stated that they would switch jobs if they get the facility of telecommuting.

With the help of cloud storage, you can address this need of employees effectively. For example, cloud storage services such as Google Drive give much-needed flexibility for employees. Since all the data is in cloud storage, employees have to log into a cloud portal. Then, employees could work with the data they need and log off after completing their work. As a result, employees could work with higher productivity, thereby implying more benefits for startups.            

  • Better Collaboration and Communication

Another prominent reason for which businesses need cloud storage is in the opportunity for improved collaboration and communication. In the present business environment, teamwork and collaboration are very important. Employees in every business face the need to collaborate and communicate with colleagues in different locations all over the world.

For instance, employees in different corners of the world could have to work together on the same client proposal. In such cases, cloud-based tools justify using cloud storage for businesses. You can find cloud storage tools such as Google Drive and Dropbox at your disposal for better collaboration between employees.

Furthermore, these tools also provide the opportunity to interact closely with other participants, thereby improving communication. Users could access the latest versions of any document and stay updated with the recent changes. As a result, the business could improve efficiency in workflow management without any influence of geographical location or expanse.

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  • Prevent Data Loss

One of the prominent reasons for using cloud storage is the facility for protecting your work from unexpected incidents. Most of the time, every PC user has an idea of unprecedented incidents such as power failures. However, users fail to implement any remedial measures for the same. Imagine working on an important presentation for a new project, and there is a power outage in your area. To worsen things further, your power generator is out of order!

What can you do in such a situation? Just watch your data getting lost due to actions beyond your control. Cloud storage takes away the negative impact of such incidents by providing you access to your data whenever needed. Furthermore, using cloud storage also keeps your work away from virus infections that can encrypt your work. Therefore, you could be assured of safeguarding the integrity of your work with cloud storage.

  • Reduction in Infrastructure Costs

When thinking of reasons on why use cloud storage for business, the lower infrastructure costs deserve a mention! Just think of it, a one-time payment for unlimited storage on the cloud is way cheaper than physical equipment. Businesses could save a lot of money by opting for cloud storage. If you want to set up an in-house data center, then you would most likely require thousands of dollars.

Furthermore, you would also have to deal with the costs of maintenance and repairs for the in-house data center. As a result, cloud storage services can help a business achieve considerable savings in costs for capital and maintenance. The savings could be helpful inputs in the expansion of a business. Furthermore, you should also note the benefits of security, lower latency, controlled environments, and better uptime with cloud storage services. These benefits validate the feasibility of a business’s decision to opt for cloud storage.

  • Unlimited Storage and Facility of Backups

Many individuals and businesses using cloud storage commend the massive storage space. The additional space that you get by moving your data to the cloud comes with other advantages too! For example, you do not have to purchase any more external hard disk drives, thereby saving a lot of money.

The added benefits of security for your data also work effectively for individuals with limited experience in IT security. Another favorable reason to go for cloud storage is the facility of creating backups for private files. As we have seen earlier, cloud storage providers make multiple copies of data that you upload to the cloud. So, you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

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Bottom Line

Considering the various benefits of using cloud storage, it appears like a promising option. Cloud storage is a storehouse for numerous advantages for businesses and individuals. The future of cloud storage appears very bright, especially with major names in the business world jumping on the cloud bandwagon.

The cost-effective pricing of cloud storage services would be the most influential factor in the adoption of cloud storage. The most important highlight of cloud storage is the feature of scalability. Scalability enables increasing or decreasing cloud storage for a user according to their needs. In the long run, cloud storage can be the perfect replacement for legacy systems that consume excessive resources.         

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