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AWS Certified (SAP on AWS)

New AWS Exam: SAP on AWS certification [UPDATED]

Deploying and managing SAP workloads on AWS has become the new norm for many businesses to grow online and achieve maximum scalability. As such, Amazon has announced a new SAP on AWS certification, a specialty exam first conducted in quarter 4 of 2021. Currently, the exam will be in beta version. With this announcement, total list of AWS Certifications will be 12.

Read ahead to find out more, including:

  • What Does the Examination Test and Validate?
  • Who Are the Target Candidates for SAP on AWS Certification?
  • The Main Areas of the Certification Content
  • How to Prepare for the SAP on AWS Certification?
  • Other Details About the SAP and AWS Certification

What Does the Examination Test and Validate?

The SAP and AWS certification are designed to test candidates’ high-end skills and experience in managing, migrating, and implementing SAP workloads on AWS. The following major skills will be validated:

  • Designing SAP solutions that can work on AWS cloud.
  • SAP certification and support compliance for designed solutions.
  • Implementing new SAP workloads on AWS
  • Migrating existing SAP workloads to AWS.
  • Operating SAP workloads on AWS.

Who Are the Target Candidates for SAP on AWS Certification?

The official guide suggests that people with at least five years of SAP experience and a minimum of 1-year experience with SAP on AWS are suitable candidates for the exam.

Furthermore, the following IT and SAP skills are recommended for taking the exam:

  • SAP Basis, SAP NetWeaver and SAP Hana
  • Linux and Windows-based SAP-supported operating environments.
  • SAP installation and migration tools
  • Sizing and identity management tools.

Similarly, certain AWS skills can help the candidate ace the SAP on AWS certification:

  • Core and global AWS infrastructure
  • Migration tools and multi-account scenario management techniques
  • AWS transfer services and security practices
  • Disaster recovery situation management.

The Main Areas of the Certification Content

The SAP on AWS certification covers four major domains. The following are the four domains covered in the exam.

Domain 1: Design of SAP workloads on AWS

The first domain is related to the design of SAP workloads on AWS. Here, many different skills are focused upon, including SAP connectivity strategies, VPC patterns for SAP workloads, and evaluation of the VPC sharing system. Similarly, having a deep understanding of high-availability solution options is necessary to ace this domain.

Domain 2: Implementation of SAP workloads on AWS

The second domain focuses on implementing SAP workloads on the AWS system. Here, the deployment of databases on AWS and their application are the main areas of concern. Everything, from the file system layout to the AWS network concepts, is considered in this SAP domain on AWS certification. You must also know the different AWS networking routes and concepts, along with disaster recovery configuration. Automation of AWS is also preferred in this part.

Domain 3: Migration of SAP workloads to AWS

The third domain is focused on the migration of SAP workloads to AWS, where the prime consideration is the migration process. Therefore, understanding different storage services offered by AWS and their directory specifics is crucial to ace this module. To ensure homogenous migration, candidates must be aware of AWS native and application tools for migration purposes. Such knowledge will make the SAP on AWS certification easier for the students.

Domain 4: Operation and maintenance of SAP workloads on AWS

The last domain focuses on the maintenance and operations of SAP workloads on AWS. Data protection is the prime concern in this domain, including knowledge of RTO and RPO. Similarly, patch management and Linux-based networking are crucial aspects as well. Finally, optimization and review of the architecture to ensure any bugs are removed is also crucial.

How to Prepare for the SAP on AWS Certification?

This exam is currently on beta version (Read here: Latest AWS Exam Updates), so there will not be many study materials in the market. Whizlabs is currently working on the Practice Exams and Video Course for this exam, it will be available soon.

If you would like to prepare for the beta exam, please follow the study steps presented in this section to pass the certification in the first attempt.

1. Exam Objectives

A complete certification exam guide and exam objectives is currently present on AWS’s official website, providing considerable details on the exam structure. Before preparing for the exam, ensure that you have clear idea on what’s covered in the real exam.

2. Study Materials

The most standard way of preparing for the exam is:

  • Video Course: – This will help you to understand the concepts.
  • Hands-on Labs: – Realtime labs are important for you to gain real environment exposure and have better understanding of how the concepts are applied in the real projects. If anyone having the real projects experience, it would be much easier to prepare for the exam and pass it.
  • Practice Questions: – Once you are familiar with the topics, the final step is to practice the mock exams. These practice exam questions would help you to gain more confidence to appear for the real exam.

3. Practice Exams

Whizlabs providing one of the best practice exams for the SAP on AWS Certification Exam. Please take this exam till you are scoring above 90% to pass the real exam. These practice exam questions are prepared similar to the real exam pattern.

Other Details About the SAP and AWS Certification

The total exam time is 220 minutes, with a 150 USD registration fee. This current fee is a 50% discount than the original fee of the course. The score of the first attempt shall be available by mid-June 2022. All questions are multiple-choice and multiple-response only, with no open-ended questions included in the exam.

The last date to register for the beta exam is 25th January 2022, while the first day to take the exam is 22nd February 2022. Candidates can take the exam until the 4th of April 2022 based on the current schedule.

SAP on AWS Certification Exam Details

The Bottom line

With many firms taking their workloads online through the SAP on AWS system, getting this certification can be a significant boost to your career. The certification formally recognises your SAP and AWS skills. Additionally, given that this is the first exam, you can become part of the earliest certified professionals in the field. Naturally, that increases your opportunities to secure lucrative employment. Don’t miss out on the opportunity; apply today!

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