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Krishna Srinivasan is the CEO of Whizlabs. With 15+ years of experience in technology, he is aimed to spread his knowledge and experience with the world. He is a “Tech Personality” and the innovative mind behind the success of Whizlabs. As a CEO, he focuses on the product development, future direction, and business strategy.
aws for beginners

Amazon Web Services (AWS) – An Ultimate Guide for Beginners

In this AWS training tutorial, we are going to explore AWS (Amazon Web Services) in detail with a real-time demo of AWS Console. This beginner's guide fastens your AWS exam preparation and improves your confidence to take up the real exam. Let us start learning AWS! Getting started with Amazon EC2 When you launch your application, predicting computing power required to...

AZ-140 exam questions

25 Free Questions on Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop : AZ-140

Are you looking for a trusted source for AZ-140 exam questions? You have landed at the right place. The AZ-140: Configuring and Operating Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Certification exam is for administrators and it requires you to carry a subject matter expertise in the planning, management, and delivery of a virtual desktop experience and remote apps, on Azure, for various...

google cloud certified professional data engineer certification exam

NEW Questions & Answers on Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer Exam

Are you looking for the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Exam Questions? The questions and answers provided here test and enhance your knowledge of the exam objectives. A professional Data Engineer collects, transforms, and publishes the data, thereby enabling data-driven decision making. Earning a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer certification may help you in pursuing a better career in...

SC-200 exam questions

Free Questions for Exam SC-200: Microsoft Security Operations Analyst

If you are looking for Free SC-200 exam questions and preparing for SC-200 certification exam? - Then this article helps you in the exam preparation for SC-200 (Microsoft Security Operations Analyst certification exam). As we know that threats and security vulnerabilities in cloud computing are massively increasing. Effective usage of Microsoft 365 defender and Sentinel helps us to overcome...

Highest Paying Jobs in the USA

Top 11 Highest Paying Freelance Jobs in USA

A 9-to-5 job isn’t for everyone, and as working from home becomes more common, many people are realising that they prefer the flexibility of being able to dictate their own work hours. Freelancing jobs are increasing in the numbers and especially the countries like USA, freelancers are more than other countries. When done correctly, freelance jobs can be extremely lucrative....

How to Pass Snowpro Core Certification Exam

How to Prepare for the Snowflake SnowPro Core Certification Exam?

Snowflake is a SaaS-based cloud data warehousing platform powering various enterprise data solutions. The Snowflake SnowPro Core certification exam covers core features of Snowflake along with architectural principles and best practices for implementing Snowflake solutions. An ideal exam candidate must have a thorough understanding of the following Snowflake aspects:  Loading and transforming data in Snowflake Scaling and optimizing virtual warehouses...

Google Cloud Engineer Salary

Google Cloud Engineer Salary In 2022

As more companies see the benefits of utilizing cloud-based services and applications in their daily activities and operations, the cloud technology market is booming. In this article we are going to explore more about the Google Cloud Engineer Salary trends in India and other countries. The global cloud technology industry is predicted to expand from USD 445.3 billion in 2021...

AWS Certified (SAP on AWS)

New AWS Exam: SAP on AWS certification [UPDATED]

Deploying and managing SAP workloads on AWS has become the new norm for many businesses to grow online and achieve maximum scalability. As such, Amazon has announced a new SAP on AWS certification, a specialty exam first conducted in quarter 4 of 2021. Currently, the exam will be in beta version. With this announcement, total list of AWS Certifications...

Hashicorp Consul Certification Preparation

How to Prepare for HashiCorp Consul Associate Certification Exam?

Become a HashiCorp Consul Associate Certification to substantiate your networking automation skills. The HashiCorp Certified Consul Associate Exam is one of the four product certification exams from HashiCorp Cloud Engineer Certifications, enabling cloud engineers to demonstrate their service networking expertise using HashiCorp Consul. In this article, we will write a detailed steps on how to prepare and pass the hashicorp...

Hasshicorp Vault Certification Preparation Guide

How to Prepare for Hashicorp Vault Certification?

In this blog post, we are explaining about how to prepare for the Hashicorp Vault Associate Certification exam. Also talks more about other details or topics that are required to focus on preparing for this exam. At the end of reading this blog post, you should be able to tell anyone what's required to pass the Hashicorp Vault Associate...