AWS certification exams upcoming changes

Upcoming AWS Certification Exam Changes

In this blog post, we are updating the latest changes that are planned in the AWS certification exam changes. AWS keep announcing the new changes to it’s exams to make it competitive in the market. The candidates must keep update themself to be stay relevant to the changes.

Amazon AWS is currently launching new exams and related features in 2022. These may involve changes to the current AWS exams as well. Based on the recent updates, we have summarised the differences in the certifications. 

AWS Certification Exam Changes

Latest Updates on Oct 2022:

Update on AWS Certified Developer – Associate Exam

Posted: October 25, 2022

The AWS Certified Developer – Associate content outline is being updated on January 31, 2023. This update is about the result of a Job Task Analysis (JTA) and it reflects the changes in trends, the industry landscape, and the work practices of the cloud professionals. This certification showcases knowledge and understanding of core AWS services, uses, basic AWS architecture best practices, and proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications.

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Update on AWS Certified DevOps Engineer  Professional Exam

Posted: October 4, 2022

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional content outline is being updated as per official announcement of AWS. Registrations for the updated exam opens January 31, 2023. This update is the result of a Job Task Analysis (JTA) and reflects changes in trends, the industry landscape, and the work practices of cloud professionals. This certification showcases of your technical expertise in provisioning, operating, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform.

If you currently hold this AWS Certified Devops Engineer certification and need to recertify, be sure to check back in January for more information on the updated exam. In the meantime, keep an eye on the trends in the industry and hone your skills on the AWS platform. The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification is the perfect way to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in this field.

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Introduction of the Advanced Networking Beta Exam

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Certification Specialty exam is updated to align it with contemporary AWS best practices. Therefore, the overall content domains have been updated along with new topics. The following areas are focused upon in the beta exam:

  • Networks
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Network Security
  • Governance

The beta exam shall be conducted between 22nd February and 4th April 2022. The exam guide has been uploaded with contents to be studied for the exam. From test domains to topic details, everything has been provided. These details are significantly different from the previous exam guide, and have been summarized below.

Fee and Structure of the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Certification Exam

For 150 USD, the exam can be taken in English for a 50% discount on the regular price. Through the Pearson VUE and PSI, the exam can be taken worldwide. Overall, 220 minutes are allocated for exam completion in Multiple Choice- Multiple Response format, where results will be available by mid-June 2022. Immediate pass/ fail notification upon exam completion shall not be provided. The old content shall be retired completely by July 2022.

Requirements to Excel At the Exam

Everything, from network design to network security compliance, shall be tested in the updated beta exam.

Domain 1: Network Design

They are knowing the design patterns for content distribution network usage and global traffic management. Similarly, content distribution integration patterns must be excelled at as well.

You need concrete knowledge of Route 53 usage and DNS protocol management. Finally, the tested skills will be registering domains and balancing required loads between networks.

Domain 2: Network Implementation

Static and dynamic routing protocol management and a complete understanding of different implementation layers are the focus of the work. Similarly, knowing the inter-VPC and infrastructural automation requirements is also amongst the tested skills.

DNS Delegation and DNSSEC methods will now be focused on the exam due to their importance in network implementation

Domain 3: Network Management and Operations

The updated guide suggests that knowing the industrial standards in the operation and implementation of AWS networks is an important part of the beta exam. Skills related to tool analysis, packet analysis, and network verification are also crucial.

Domain 4: Network Security, Compliance and Governance

Securing inbound and outbound traffic flows during AWS implementation have been added to the newly tested contents.

However, Amazon CloudSearch, EMR, Glue, Quicksight, and Redshift are beyond the score of the beta exam.

AWS Certified Security Certification Supported Languages

Based on the recent update, AWS Certified Security Certification Languages Supported have been expanded to soon include the following:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Brazil
  • Spanish

All test delivery providers will provide these options, including Pearson VUE and PSI. All languages are available in the focused regions starting 27th January 2022.

New Exam: SAP on AWS Certification

Validating the skills in both the deployment and management of SAP environments on AWS is crucial for many firms across the globe before hiring people. To help with the process, Amazon is all set to introduce the SAP on the AWS Certification exam as early as the last quarter of 2021. The exam guide is already out, providing information on the domains you need to excel in.

The first exam can be taken as early October 2021, with the standard exam becoming regularly available from the second quarter of 2022.

Considering How the Updates Will Bring A Significant Change

Beta exams usually test exams for any new syllabus. However, they are completely valid. Therefore, people acing the Advanced Networking Beta Exam will be awarded a certification valid for three years from the day results are received. However, the beta exam will be based on the new exam guide, which tests the most recent standards and practices.

Currently, AWS offers limited beta registrations to collect statistical data about its viability. Therefore, you need to get registered to sit in the exam as soon as possible. There are no specific prerequisites for all exams listed here, which means that anyone can take part in them.

The Bottom Line

Consider these updates about new beta exams and the current AWS certifications in detail and make your arrangements accordingly. Let us know if the article was helpful.


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