PMP Vs PRINCE2 Certification Exams – Which one is better and why?

We are publishing series of articles on PMP topics to help the PMP exam preparation. There are two primary project management certifications in the market, Project Management Professional (PMP) and PRINCE2. Both the certifications are most popular and most of the professionals are certified on both the certifications.

Difference Between PMP and PRINCE2 Certification Exams

PMP & PRINCE2 are two well-known certifications in the field of Project Management. Both are famous, both have their own uniqueness in one way or the other. No doubt it’s difficult to make a call which one is better than other and which one should be a best choice for a person who needs certifications in the field of Project Management.

One important point which drives certifications is, it triggers the career aspects and salary for the professionals. That’s the very reason why professionals spend their time and money to acquire these certifications/credentials on their name. Let’s discuss and understand different facets of PMP and PRINCE2 in this article to have a clarity which will drive the right decisions.

Exam View

There are definitely multidimensional views on the basis of which one can choose between these two certifications but before going to that and understanding it, it’s important to understand what these two exams are all about. This comparison has two variants of PRINCE2.

  1. F- Foundation and
  2. P-Practitioner

There is another level PRINCE2 Professional which is generally not refereed when certifications are compared. Generally, when professionals are taking about PMP and PRINCE2, they refer to PRINCE2 foundation or at max PRINCE2 Practitioners.

PMP and PRINCE2 Comparison

What is common between both the certifications?

It’s important to know the similarities between two certification before going in to deeper comparisons.

general points in PMP and PRINCE2

Focus & Benefits of PMP

PMP® i.e. Project Management Professional certification is based on PMBOK® the Project Management Book of Knowledge guide. In this guide as well it’s mentioned clearly that “this standard is a guide rather than a specific methodology. One can use different methodologies and tools (e.g., agile, waterfall, PRINCE2) to implement the project management framework”. 

The focus of PMBOK guide is to provide a standard which can be referred and which answers the “How” question when Project Management is discussed. 

From PMP® exam parse as well it validates or evaluates proficiency/understanding of standard put forward by PMBOK, even though the exam is not limited to PMBOK.

Benefits of PMP®

Few of the benefits are as below and not limited to

Benefits of PMP Exam

Focus & Benefits of PRINCE2

The PRINCE2, i.e. Projects IN Controlled Environments certification, is process-based project management method that offers a systematic method for delivering a successful project with clear templates, processes, and steps. Similar to PMBOK, even PRINCE2 official manual, mentions and refers PMBOK.

The focus of PRINCE2 is a broad, high-level, general framework of project management principles. As it’s a framework and process based approach it always answers “What” about Project Management.

From PRINCE2 exam parse as well it validates or evaluates the practical knowledge from process prospective

Benefits of PRINCE2

Benefits of PRINCE2 and PMP are not different it’s similar.

Benefits of PRINCE2

Comparison between both



With this deep dive into both the certifications, two obvious questions are required to be answered and concluded. Those are:

  • Which one is better
  • Which one to opt for

Which one is better?

To mention, which one is purely personal prospective of the writer or thought processor. Both have its own uniqueness and advantages. It depends on multiple factors which one to choose like:

One has to access its geography (which certification is well known in that area), Industry (which certification is appreciated more in the industry) and local environment of the organization and industry, if s/he targeting for one certification, these questions will answer which one to target for. On a whole both the certifications has abundance of knowledge on Project Management.

Which one to opt for?

After this full discussion we can say that both the certification compliments each other but still different in its own way. Ideally the combination of both is recommended as if you have standard guide clarity and you are having a methodology clarity, you are covering the full circle.

Therefore one should target to do both if one is aspiring or already excelling in the area of Project Management. However if the aspirant/professional want to go for only one, he should access which one is better with the above mentioned criteria and go for the one which will give maximum ROI to the investment s/he will do.

Here is a useful info-graphics for PMP vs PRINCE2 certification exams.

PMP vs PRINCE2 Exams

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