Message from CEO

Message from CEO – July, 2019

Dear Readers,

Whizlabs is growing and I want to address you – our community and users – directly to share some context about where we are currently and where we’re headed. This is my first letter to all who trust Whizlabs and have faith in us.

We have been working tirelessly for the last two years to improve the learning experience of Whizlabs users. We have grown from just a few users enrolment each day to over many hundred in the span of just 2 years. We’ve faced so many challenges to reach this stage. 

What motivates us is the story of millions of aspirants who have accomplished their career goals with our training courses. We have recently launched our website reviews system ( to make customer feedback transparent to all. We are overwhelmed with the great feedback about our courses, LMS design, and expert support.

We’re dedicated to provide high-quality training content to our users and help them become certified. Our aim is to give you a better learning experience where you could achieve 100% satisfaction. We have plans to add some more features to Whizlabs learning platform that will further improve the user’s learning experience. 

However, we also receive feedback from those who are not able to succeed with our courses; we deeply regret them. We are striving to improve our expert support and provide our users with a better learning experience.

We are listening to your feedback/concerns at or you can directly reach me at We are just a few keystrokes away from you. We feel more than happy to help you in achieving your career goals!

There is a lot to come from Whizlabs in the next couple of months. Stay tuned for further updates, I’ll keep you posted.


Krishna Srinivasan

About Krishna Srinivasan

Krishna Srinivasan is the CEO of Whizlabs. With 15+ years of experience in technology, he is aimed to spread his knowledge and experience with the world. He is a “Tech Personality” and the innovative mind behind the success of Whizlabs. As a CEO, he focuses on the product development, future direction, and business strategy.

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