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Sharing My Experience of AWS Meetup, Surat (IN)

Since I started-up with Whizlabs, I would have been more focused to connect with our learners and interact with them to understand their interests and help them achieve their career goals. 

Previously, I have been doing this through emails and Linkedin only. As the face-to-face conversation gives a chance to understand each other better, that online communication can’t provide. I decided to move on from these virtual catchups to the actual meet-ups in order to meet our learners personally and interact with them to clear their doubts.

It was a wonderful experience in AWS meetup, Surat.

Whizlabs sponsored the event, that was hosted by Dhaval Nagar and Sandeep Das. I have to admit that it has been the best meet-up so far. 

It was great to meet Dhaval Nagar and Sandip Das!

Dhaval Nagar is a cloud wizard with all the 11 AWS certifications with additional GCP and Docker certifications. He is the founder of AppGambit, a web and mobile development company where he implements business strategies to convert ideas into successful products. He is also the co-founder of Jumpbyte and Eventcam. 

Sandip Das is also a cloud enthusiast at the role of senior JavaScript developer and solutions architect. He performs the role of freelance Chief Technical Advisor for multiple organizations. Besides, he plays the role of solutions architect at his own startup, Sandip’s advisory services for cloud services, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, and others. He is influencing the cloud aspirants with a strong followers base on Linkedin.

As soon as the tickets for the AWS meetup were opened, registrations started pouring in. There were 85 people who attended the meet-up.

The AWS meetup took place at SURTi iLab, Surat. We started in the morning at 10:30 AM and it went for more than 4 hours, until 3 PM. 

Unlike any other meetup, we tried not to just talk to the crowd but also engage them in the question-answer session.

We discussed on a number of points like why choose cloud career, why go for AWS certifications, AWS certification path, how to prepare for AWS certifications, study plan for business professionals, how does Whizlabs help in AWS certification preparation. 

We also discussed the opportunities available for AWS certified professionals, how to get the dream job, additional skills in demand, and others. And closed the discussion with the highly engaging question-answer session.

It was such a pleasant sight to see people collaborating and being so spontaneous. It was an overall awesome event; hope we could help the attendees by providing them a clear cloud career path. 

To make this event more interesting and appreciate the participation, we rewarded attendees with some goodies. We provided all the attendees with 1 YEAR full access to the Whizlabs’ AWS courses and labs and 15 lucky attendees got Whizlabs T-Shirts. Also, we chose one lucky participant who will get Whizlabs sponsorship for one AWS certification registration fee.

Thank you to all the participants for making this meet-up a delightful one. It was great learning and networking opportunity for me too. I made some new friends and I am sure the others did too.

I would thank Dhaval and Sandip once again for creating this opportunity for all. Definitely, I couldn’t just think of the extensive amount of energy these two own within themselves, along with the great technical knowledge and experience. It was a completely different experience, without their hard work and excellent management skills, the event could not have been completed perfectly. 

Looking forward to visiting Surat again or maybe also plan a HighTraffic Summit very soon.

Till then, I will plan on visiting more cities, just to have an amazing time with our learners and students.

Here are some glimpses of the event:

AWS Meetup AWS Meetup Surat AWS Meetup AWS Meetup Surat

I also visited the Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology, and the Veer Narmad South Gujarat University of Surat and had a discussion with professors. We’ll be providing our hands-on labs platform to the students for their cloud computing subject practicals. 

Are you the one who loves to visit different places, meet new people, and exchange knowledge. If yes, you should start joining meetups like me. If you are like-minded, connect with me on LinkedIn and share your views; I’d love to connect with you!

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Krishna Srinivasan is the CEO of Whizlabs. With 15+ years of experience in technology, he is aimed to spread his knowledge and experience with the world. He is a “Tech Personality” and the innovative mind behind the success of Whizlabs. As a CEO, he focuses on the product development, future direction, and business strategy.

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