AWS Certified Database Specialty Exam

AWS Certified Database Specialty Exam Announcement

Amazon Web Services has recently announced the impending launch of the beta version for the AWS Certified Database Specialty Exam. It is one of the significant announcements among the upcoming changes in the AWS certification exams. The new exam is one of the latest inclusions among specialty certifications of AWS. The beta exam would test the outline of the new exam before it goes public.

The AWS Database Specialty new exam would come with the code DBS-C01. The exam is ideal for IT professionals involved in database-focused roles. The AWS Certified Database Specialty exam would test the abilities of candidates for a comprehensive understanding of databases. The exam would test the knowledge of candidates about concepts related to designing, access, migration, maintenance, monitoring, troubleshooting, deployment, security, and automation.

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The AWS Certified Database Specialty beta exam is suitable for testing the new AWS specialty certification exam before it is live. Every new certification exam or a new version of an existing certification exam has to go through the beta process. Interestingly, the beta exams are available at half the standard pricing of the related certification exam. Furthermore, beta exams also provide the same validity as regular AWS certification.

AWS Certified Database Specialty Beta Examination

Information about the new AWS certified Database specialty beta exam is available on the official website of AWS. Registrations for the beta exam would start soon as the beta period is all set to start on November 25, 2019.

You should note that the registrations for the beta exam would not stay open at all times. So, it is recommended to register for the beta exam as soon as the bookings open! Why? Beta exams are tools for AWS to obtain statistical information regarding the exam outline. So, when the AWS finds adequate beta exam registrations for fulfilling its capacity for statistical analysis, the registrations stop.

The new AWS Certified Database specialty exam would test the following abilities of candidates.    

  • Understanding and differentiating key features in the AWS database services
  • Analysis of needs and requirements for designing and providing recommendations for reliable database solutions by leveraging AWS services.

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Who should Take the AWS Database Specialty Beta Examination?

The latest addition among AWS specialty certifications, i.e., Database specialty, is ideal for IT professionals related to database-focused roles. The newly announced specialty certification by AWS can help you achieve the tag of AWS Certified Database Specialist. However, you should find out first whether you are suitable for the exam and the role of an AWS database specialist. Even though there are no prerequisites for AWS certifications for the need for flexibility of candidates, you cannot ignore the recommended knowledge and experience.

Please note that these entries are not mandatory requirements to appear for the AWS Database Specialty new exam. However, these points of knowledge and experience can improve your chances of qualifying the exam in the first attempt.

  • At least 5 years of practical experience and thorough conceptual knowledge regarding common database technologies
  • Minimum of 2 years of practical experience in working with AWS
  • Proven experience and expertise for working with relational and NoSQL databases located on-premises and on AWS Cloud

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New AWS Database Specialty Exam Details

The registration fees for the beta exam for the AWS Certified Database Specialty exam is not available presently. However, the pricing of the beta exam could provide some estimates regarding the price of the standard exam. The exam format would involve multiple-choice as well as multiple-response questions. On passing the beta exam, you can achieve the tag of AWS Certified Database Specialist.

Candidates do not need to qualify any associate or professional level exam for attending the beta exam. The increased flexibility goal of AWS can encourage more candidates to attempt certification exams with ease and flexibility.

Once you pass the beta exam, candidates could receive the latest entrant among AWS Specialty certifications. You will receive your scores after 90 days of termination of the beta period, i.e., January 10, 2020. The certification after qualifying the beta exam will be valid for three years.

If everything goes alright with this beta exam, we can see the new AWS Certified Database Specialty exam, among other AWS certifications in April 2020.

Registration Process for the New AWS Database Specialty Exam

The registration process for the beta exam for the new database specialty certification exam on AWS is as follows.

  • Go to the official AWS training page
  • For new users, create an AWS account. For existing users, sign in to your account using your credentials
  • After a successful sign in, click on “Certification”
  • Create a new AWS certification account by clicking on the “AWS certification account”. You can just sign in to your AWS certification account if you already have one!
  • Once you have signed into the AWS certification account, click on “Schedule New Exam” for scheduling your exam
  • Now, the page will direct you to PSI, the training vendor. Here you have to select the testing center suitable for you to take the exam.
  • Locate the AWS Certified Database Specialty beta examination option and click on it. Follow the subsequent guidelines for completing the registration.

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The New AWS Database Specialty Certification Exam

Since the AWS database specialty certification exam is completely new, there is no comparison with an older version. The beta period of the exam would start on November 25, 2019, and would last till January 10, 2020. The standard version of the exam is expected to come in April 2020. Let us take a brief overview of the domains covered in the beta exam and the weightage of each domain.



Workload-Specific Database Design


Deployment and Migration


Management and Operations


Monitoring and Troubleshooting


Database Security



Preparation Tips for the AWS Database Specialty Certification Exam

With the new beta exam, candidates should focus on the right AWS certified database specialty exam guide. The exam guide could assume the form of specific steps to prepare comprehensively for the exam, just like the ones below.

  • Take a detailed overview of the exam blueprint and objectives, along with the involved sub-topics.
  • Join the official AWS training course or any reliable online certification training provider.
  • The most interesting highlight in this AWS Certified Database Specialty exam guide would be a recommendation for a better understanding of problems. Candidates should prepare by understanding each question in detail rather than just mugging up the solutions.
  • Candidates should learn more about tricks to answer questions accurately and precisely. For example, you can learn answer elimination for multiple-choice questions to speed up your responses without compromising correctness.
  • Never undermine the power of practice tests before any certification exam.
  • The final recommendation in this exam guide for your preparations would be participation in communities and study groups. Since you will prepare for a new certification exam, peer support can be very helpful.

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Bottom Line

The AWS Certified database specialty exam is now up for launch in the beta version on November 25, 2019. The exam focuses on the basics of database technologies and their applications in the AWS landscape. So, if you aspire for AWS database specialty certification, then you should focus on practical experience in AWS as well as database technologies.

Furthermore, the candidate should also have the ability to collate the concepts from either side to address exam objectives. Candidates could find numerous difficulties in preparing for the new specialty certification exam by AWS due to a lack of specific learning resources. Therefore, AWS whitepapers and trustworthy online certification training providers like Whizlabs could come to the rescue of candidates.

Obviously, there is no preparation material available online for this newly announced certification. But if you are preparing for any other AWS certifications, we’d recommend you to enroll for our AWS certification training courses to get yourself ready to pass the exam in the first attempt.

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