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Working with Big Data on Alibaba Cloud

Big Data, as well as Cloud Computing, are the hottest topics, trending nowadays which makes an impactful experience in most of our lives. Although both the term isn’t the same but somehow different from each other and working independently.  Big Data works on large volumes of data where it is incapable of handling one machine.

If we look in Cloud Computing then it is more than an application. It stores the data with the help of remote servers on the internet and also provides services like Saas, Paas, and Iaas. In the following sections, we will come to know about how much impact will it have on the IT industry as well as how Alibaba Big Data competes with the pre-established network of Big data companies.

Alibaba, as the leading Cloud Service Provider, offers a number of certifications. Here is the list of Alibaba Cloud Big Data Certifications available!

A decade ago any company had to build its own data center to keep all the office information safe and secure by renting a place in one of the physical data centers. But as the commencement of Big Data, it became easier for them to just store their data on the cloud and keep their work going. As the data increased, the storage also increased and financial burden decreased on the company.

Cloud Computing has been dominated by Amazon Web Services for many years but Alibaba Big Data is now growing and is giving a tuff competition to the top three cloud leaders AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

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An Introduction to Alibaba Big Data Cloud

The cloud computing arm of Alibaba group was established in 2009 who is China’s largest online retailer. Now, this has grown up to 3rd position for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) across the world. There are numerous examples by which cloud is making a difference to local establishments. The Alibaba has several cloud computing capabilities which involve data lake analytics, machine learning, etc.

For organizations nothing is more important than having data that will add value to their business. We are now surrounded by data and infact humans generate 2.5 quintillions bytes of data every day. Organizations could be in profit and take advantage with the use of big data technologies so that they could make accurate and real-time decisions.

But in today’s scenario, these companies are facing many challenges to integrating the Big data into the current existing systems which include factors like data security, scalability, budget limitations, data visualization and time of processing of data.

Big data is all about turning facts and figures into insight. What will be the big data predictions in 2019? Here are our big data predictions for the year ahead!

Big Data Solutions Offered by Alibaba Cloud

You could explore big data with Alibaba Cloud which offers several Big Data services that will help organizations across industries to understand common points to address data so that they can make the most profit out of it. There are many Big Data solutions which Alibaba Cloud offers:

1. E-Map Reduce Service

With Alibaba Cloud, Elastic MapReduce aims at providing fast data processing speed for the organizations which have huge amount of data to be processed. It makes it easy and scalable for the organization to provision distributed Hadoop Clusters. Massive data is streamlined for the data analysis in real time.

The benefits of this services are that it is cost-effective, and flexible thus permits you to scale the instances at any number of time.

2. MaxCompute

The MaxCompute service is used for large-scale data warehousing which is a general purpose and fully managed data processing platform. It makes use of various importing solutions and distributed models which enable the user to reduce the cost of production and prevent a data breach. It is also a cost-effective service with reliable data security which provides stable offline analysis services.

3. DataWorks

If you want a secure environment for the offline data development, go for the DataWorks which has powerful Open APIs so that an ecosystem for redevelopment could be created. It was initiated by Alibaba Big Data to provide data permission management and other great features.

You could just drag and drop nodes so that the workflow could be created and also you can debug your code online with the help of other developers who are already working in this project.

4. Quick BI

Quick BI is a latest business intelligent service on cloud which delivers analytic capabilities. It also has a drag and drop feature which enables the users to perform exploration and data analytics and make data-driven decisions.

You could enjoy seamless integration of Cloud Data which also supports data sources like ApsaraDB, MySQL, and other local files. With the easy drag and drop feature, it builds data portals in a quick manner.

5. DataV

DataV is a data visualization tool which features geographic information system. Through DataV, the rapid interpretation of data could be visualized to understand the patterns and trends which are all integrated into a single user—friendly interface.

Apart from above-mentioned services, Alibaba cloud with big data offers many advantages like:

  1. Enhanced data security – Apply row-level access control and manage users and organizations with the help of Quick BI.
  2. Effective cost strategy – It offers many flexible payment options like cluster payment or pay-as-yo-go with the help of Max Compute.
  3. Fast and effective decision-making tool: You could discover the value of data and opportunity with the help of Data V.
  4. Integration with other big data tools: You could integrate this with the 3rd party and open source tools like integration of E-Map reduce with Apache Spark, Apache Pig, Hadoop Map-Reduce, etc.
  5. Personalization of data favorites: You could personalize data favorites with the help of DataWorks and manage the life cycle with basic information and owner of the database.
  6. Creation of all-encompassed AI solution: Now the Big Data solutions are being integrated with the entire Alibaba ecosystem so that an all-encompassing AI solution could be created called as ET Brain.

Alibaba Cloud Big Data Certifications

For training and improving the test skills, Alibaba has set up various Alibaba Big Data Certifications which validate and demonstrate your skills to work with Big Data on Alibaba Cloud. For proving an edge over your competitors and make yourself stand out of the cloud, you should have a knowledge of these certifications.

In these certifications, the main aim is to make the candidate aware of Alibaba MaxCompute, BI tools, DataWorks and E-Map Reduce. You will stand with extra information among your peers if you possess these certificates. The details of these exams are discussed in another article. You must have a look on our List of Alibaba Cloud Big Data Certifications.

If you want a professional level certification then you must try the Alibaba Cloud Certified Professional (ACP) Big Data Certification which offers expertise in Big Data. People who are developers, architects, and data analysts are entitled to take this course.

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Final Words

So here was an introduction on how you could work with Big Data on Alibaba cloud and build a better future in Big Data with Alibaba cloud.

Have any questions/query about Alibaba Cloud Big Data? Just write in the comment section and we’ll be happy to help you. You can also write at Whizlabs Helpdesk, we will be glad to answer you.

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