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Now You Can Take Your AWS Exam Online! 

Worried about taking your AWS exam during this COVID-19 outbreak? As per the latest announcement made by AWS, now you can take your AWS Exam Online!

The world is presently experiencing one of the biggest threats to the existence of mankind in modern history. The novel coronavirus disease, COVID-19 has expanded like wildfire across nations worldwide, plunging the whole world into uncertainty. After being declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in the closing of many businesses, schools, colleges, universities, and testing centers.

Does this have any impact on the candidates who want to appear for AWS certification exams? Yes, it would but don’t worry, because a recent update from AWS states that you can appear for the AWS exam online for all certifications! Now, you don’t have to worry about taking AWS certification exams during the COVID-19 outbreak. Let us find out the details of the latest announcement by AWS for its certification exams. 

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Good News in a Dire Situation: Take Your AWS Exam Online

On March 23, 2020, AWS announced the expansion of different online-proctored exams. Previously, candidates could opt for the AWS exam online only in the case of certain certifications. However, with the new announcement, AWS will provide all of its certification exams with the facility of online proctoring. The online proctoring vendor for AWS will be Pearson VUE.

However, aspiring candidates should note that the waiting time for online-proctored exams will be longer than usual. Almost every candidate will have to apply for AWS online exam now, considering the emergency situation worldwide. As a result, the demand for taking the AWS exam online would increase considerably, thereby increasing the wait time. Candidates can learn more about online proctoring, such as how to start and the working and requirements of online proctoring through the official website of Pearson VUE.   

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Other Important Updates for AWS Certifications

As the world is dealing with the threat of COVID-19, the majority of testing centers worldwide had to be shut down temporarily. Therefore, many candidates preparing for AWS certifications had to face uncertainties regarding whether they would be able to appear for the exams or not. Earlier, candidates could take only one AWS exam online, the entry-level certification of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner.

The shutdown of testing centers also creates problems for candidates who want to reschedule their exams, recertify or use their vouchers. However, the latest update about the AWS Certification online exam provides assurance to all such candidates. Let us take a look at some of the other additions in the latest announcement by AWS regarding its exams. 

  • Extension of Exams Which Were About to Retire

With the upcoming changes in AWS certifications update is extending the retirement dates for two exams. The two exams are the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate (SAA-C01) and the AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00). Aspiring candidates could now schedule these extended AWS certification exams starting from March 30, 2020. Candidates could appear for these two exams till July 1, 2020, according to the new AWS announcement. If you want to know more about the extensions in certification exams of AWS, then you can visit the “Coming Soon” page on the official website of AWS. 

  • Extension of Dates for Recertification

AWS brings another piece of good news alongside the extension of the expiration dates of its various certification exams. Not only do candidates get the opportunity to appear for the AWS exam online now but also additional time for recertification. Candidates will soon be able to get the updated expiration dates directly in their AWS certification portal.

The most notable benefit for candidates with the extensions in the availability of AWS certifications is the extension of the availability of benefits that come with AWS certifications. Therefore, candidates aspiring for recertification of their existing AWS certifications could find flexible and simpler opportunities for extending their certification. Subsequently, they could be able to enjoy the benefits of the AWS certification for a longer period of time. 

  • Extension of Expiry Dates of Vouchers

Candidates should also note that AWS is automatically extending the expiration dates of vouchers. You can find the updated expiration dates for the vouchers purchased from Xvoucher directly on your Xvoucher account. The “voucher page” on the official AWS website can provide helpful information on accessing your account or contacting Xvoucher. 

There’s some really good news for every candidate working hard to achieve AWS certifications. However, you need to brush up your information properly before appearing for any AWS exam online

Requirements for Taking AWS Certification Exam Online

The foremost concern in appearing for online exams is the facility of a reliable exam environment. The three mandatory requirements to appear for any AWS certification online exam are as follows.

  1. A computer with a webcam, microphone, speakers or headphones, and the latest technical specifications.
  2. An isolated location within the home without any form of disturbances.
  3. A stable internet connection without having any stringent security measures.

Before scheduling for an AWS exam online on Pearson VUE, it is mandatory for candidates to conduct a system check for their computer or laptop. You can access the direct link for system checks and the output window to complete the process easily. 

system check

How to Register for the AWS Online Exam?

After completing the system check process, you have to move towards the registration process for the AWS certification online exam of your choice. Here are the steps that you can follow to register for an AWS certification exam online.

Step 1: Visit the link https://aws.training/ and sign-in with your credentials into your AWS certification portal. After signing in, you have to select the “Access Certification” tab.

AWS Certifications

Step 2: Now, you have to click on the “Go to your account” button, which will redirect you towards certmetrics.com.   

AWS Account Login                  

Step 3: On the following page, select the option for “Schedule New Exam.”

schedule AWS exam

Step 4: Then, you will find a page for scheduling the AWS certification exam that you want to take. Select the exam of your choice and then ensure that you choose to “Schedule with Pearson VUE” rather than “Schedule with PSI.”

AWS certifications list

Step 5: Finally, you will get the option to choose the exam delivery option. In this case, you have to select the “At a home or office” option and schedule a suitable appointment time.

AWS Exam Online

Are You Prepared to Appear for AWS Certification Exam Online?

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