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Dynamic Binding

     -     Apr 11th, 2014   -     OCAJP (SCJA), OCPJP (SCJP)   -     0 Comments

Java gave us many important concepts like Inheritance, which is used to create a hierarchy of classes. And while coding with inheritance, we encountered another concept which we call as Method Overriding. In method overriding, we have a method in the sub-class as well as in the super-class, both having the same name and return […]

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Preparation of PMP Examination – Are you prepared ?

     -     Apr 9th, 2014   -     Articles, PMP Certification   -     0 Comments

Are you ready to take your PMP exam? As you know currently there is a revolution of PMP Credential and it isimperative for a project manager to get PMP certified. If you are having this credential, it shows that you know the best methodologies and the best practices of project execution Are you mentally prepared […]

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Project Life Cycles in Project Management

     -     Apr 8th, 2014   -     PMP Certification   -     0 Comments

Project management is a daily routine of the management. Planning, organization and controlling project activities are management routine. The project management defines the roles and responsibilities of the project team clearly. Every project has its own life. The sequential phase is different for every project – from project idea to its closure. Each phase is […]

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Project Management: Power of Documentation and following Processes

     -     Apr 7th, 2014   -     PMP Certification   -     0 Comments

Advantages of following Processes: When I read PMBOK first time I was not convinced by some of the processes and thought it is really hard to apply some of them in the real world. But after completing all the knowledge areas and coming back to those areas, my way of thinking got changed. Although there […]

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What is Inheritance

     -     Apr 4th, 2014   -     OCAJP (SCJA), OCPJP (SCJP)   -     0 Comments

In our day to day life, we use a word inherit which simply means-‘to receive from an ancestor by legal succession or will’. We use this term generally in case where a child inherits his/her parents’ properties or where a parent-child relationship exists. This process of inheriting the properties is referred as inheritance. Similarly, in […]

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What Is SWOT Analysis In Project Management?

     -     Apr 3rd, 2014   -     Uncategorized   -     0 Comments

Strategic planning is very significant for the success of the organization.  Systematic strategic planning is defined as the processes that are involved in achieving the goals of the organization. It includes two components – strategic thinking and tactical planning. Strategic thinking focuses on setting objectives, vision and mission, while tactical planning defines strategies for implementing […]

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Generics and Polymorphism

     -     Apr 2nd, 2014   -     Articles, Oracle Java Certifications   -     0 Comments

In the previous two articles related to Generics we learned about generics usage and concepts. In this article, let us focus on the aspect of polymorphism and how generics support polymorphism. In general, polymorphism applies to the base type of the collection. For example, the following code creates an ArrayList which can hold Integers. Note […]

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How To Make The Right Project Selection?

     -     Apr 1st, 2014   -     PMP Certification   -     0 Comments

Selection of a project is important for the organizational success. There are a lot of things that have to be managed well. A weak selection of the project is followed by its weak implementation and hence a project failure.  There are some factors that affect the project and will guide a project to its completion.  […]

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Java Virtual Machine

     -     Mar 31st, 2014   -     OCAJP (SCJA)   -     0 Comments

Whenever we are asked what makes java different from other programming languages, the first answer that pop-up in our mind is “Java is platform independent”, and Java Virtual Machine is simply held responsible for this. But have we ever thought that what actually was the need of platform independence and how java is platform independent? […]

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How to differentiate between a negative and positive Stakeholders ?

     -     Mar 26th, 2014   -     PMP Certification   -     0 Comments

Stakeholders are the individuals and organizations who are actively involved in the project or whose interest may be positively or negatively affected as a result of project execution. Stakeholders have varying level of responsibility and authority when participating in a project which can change over the course of project lifecycle. They may have a positive […]

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